Dream Of Sky Fish

I am not even know where is start for tell about the things in my dream I am still confuse of it. Why is my brain make the so umbelievable thinks in my dream them seem so real. I am just spell it here for a story but I am not even know the mean of it all.

It start with a think about the hurt of Kaya and she sad eyes when think about them scars mean Mr. Callow make on she face. I was have the so sad feel for not find the plant for help she scars is make me more sad but then I seen him and get the so fear I become hot like the cook fire even sweat too in my not dream bed. I notice about we be in the cage under the Bar of Harvey. I seen Mr. Callow behind she back and was look like a snake coil get ready for bite at she neck. I was try yell at her about the horror she was not see but my talk was not work I don't know why. 

Then I seen Nick stand there and have a nice feel. Nick say at Mr. Callow I am maybe shoot you nother knee so always you crawl all you life like a snake and Mr. Callow just hiss through him teefs at Nick like him really is the horror snake man. 

Then is come the so crazy part even in the head of Sam is pretty off the path. Grammy always say about someone go nuts is them off the path and my dream was so that. I seen Nick was ride a big fish on him fish back like ride a pony but was a fish. It was not the big water fish like was in them waters of The Rot I seen when I swim there sometimes it was a fish can float in the airs and Nick was ride him I don't know why. Then Nick yell at Mr. Callow so loud call him sea snake and say about have a tool in him shed for cut you snake head off good. Mr. Callow was just coil and stare and poke him tongue out and wiggle it too.  

Then I don't know how but Mr. Callow get on the fish of Nick ride and them both go for a fly around The Cape on they big fly fish. I was just watch them fly like be right behind them but I am not know if I was fly there too or just seen it happen. Is very confuse for my think of it. 

Then even more so off the path was the next thing was a tree on fire by the houses of Nick and Kaya. I was feel like sit inside the big tree fire and my skin was like burn from the just think it. Then Nick was fly him big fish at the tree burn and him head get inside the burn I was so worry about him smooth face get the blisters. Then also was mean Mr. Callow fly at the burn tree and him was hiss more like the snake. Who is get burnt in a tree and hiss about it I am never understand mean folks I guess. 

I am serious think about Sam is crack she head for good sometimes. What is it mean a burnt tree and fish fly you ride them in a fire. Is nuts. The last part give me the fear because Mr. Callow fly him big sky fish right at my look and him was hiss and show him teefs. I was wake up scream and cry from the fear of it and so hot too like was really in the fire. Marko hear the yells of me and run for him help but was nothing him do about the fear because is inside me. I decide for go outside in the cool night of Fissure and stand on them cold stones help some but take the long time for my breathe be right. Jack come sit with me too on them stones because friend. 

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