Mister Itch

I was so have the sad man I seen in my think. Why was him not want me see him I don't know but I know most folks is want foods in they belly so I pack some flatbreads and go to where was the sad man for maybe help him face smile.

I go back for the nother see of the broke asleep house and I seen the same man was sit there watch at him fires. I was stand back some for not give him the fear. First was him get me in him look then seen it was me from before. He was nod slow him head and then take off him hat. Still in him face was the so sad feels I seen in him eyes from the far away. I am know what the so sad is like and him face sad was true.

I say at him I brung some them flatbreads for you eat it mister and him say back at me come sit by my fires. I go have the sit down then smile at him and say my name is Sam so you can call me Sam. Him smile was funny on him sad face and say at me my name is Itch. I was almost laugh my brain out inside but I was only smile and say hi Mister Itch. 

Mister Itch have a face so thin and them eyes was like they seen too much bad things. When I give some flatbreads and he smell they smells and then bite small at the crust and say thank you Sam. Then was him say I hope I was not scare you when was you seen me last night. Sometimes when is all the world in they sleeps I get the so sad feels of it all and I am not want to be in the look of nobody when I am. I was nod at Mister Itch for the know of what was him mean. 

I was also look at the so nice place was strong like rocks and have a bumpy dirt floor like been dug out for make some rooms under it. Itch was show a place with mats for sleep on them and too was a room where a middle fire is for have a talk with you friends or make a plan. It was seem safe from ghoul even I was nod at him hard work for make a nice place. 

Itch say about him live near in the so safe place but also is he make this place for folks travel though need some safe sleep or hide place. Itch say about when was him sister and him wander around they wisht for a place they stay safe. Now Itch is live safe so him make this place for some nother folks who maybe wander in them sands got no home. Mister Itch is the so nice sad man I am like him a lot. We was talk and talk and I am make him and him sister some soup right now. 

Broke Asleep House

When sun was start she go away I decide for run around in them good cold airs. I run and run then I seen where was a place I never been there before. Is a house all broke have the look of go asleep on it side. I have the guess of is just some lazy house fall over. I walk so quiet for the close see of it them stones was so wet and dark look and hard for see in them shadows. I member Grammy say about if is too dark for have the look at it maybe is not the good thing for you see it. 

Inside was a fire and places where is you sit and have a talk about it but no folks was sit there. Is maybe a broke asleep house but is also the ok place for be with you friends if you are have some friends. I seen some snail crawl on them walls and have the think of maybe come get them some time for eat them. 

But then I seen a man in some dark and I be still even my breathe was stop. The man got no shirt and in them cold airs all over but him just hold him head in him hands like have the so bad headpain. I seen too him chest and shoulder was jump jump like cry so hard but was not make no sounds. I am cry hard a lot so I know when folks in my look is do it. 

I get the sorry feel of some man sit there alone in him dark and cry so I decide for go have a good say at him. I was not want him get the fear so I kick a little rock at the wall make a click and then him eyes find where was I stand there smile at him. I say hi mister I was just run by here and seen you funny asleep house my name is Sam so you can call me Sam. The man was only sit hold him head like be still or him head fall off. Him eyes pinch like hurt from cry. I say mister is maybe you get lost or hurt you self I am help if you are need help. Him only say was the so sad whisper at me I almost cry for just the hear of it. Don't look at me. 

Just don't look at me was him only say. I know the mean of it too because them times I have the so sad feels I want to be away not be in the look of nobody like unvisible. Some sad is you don't want nobody see you have it I guess. I know him say at me was not mean just was have the sound of him hurts in him voice. I know the hear of it for have them sounds in my voice a lot too.