Scruffy Boy

I go for a run around some old places of Cormac. Them sands is so nice for look at. 

I stop and have the nice see of it but then I get the feel of somebody is watch me. I seen nobody run around there with me but him sneak behind I don't know how.

I turn around slow and seen a boy was still brat age. Him clothes was skins of aminals and him long black hair was so grit and dirt I know him not take a bath much.

Then the boy crouch in some sand so I was crouch too and we still just have the look of each other. I was try for smile at him but him face was worry. 

I say nice talk at him about hullo my name is Sam so you can call me Sam and I am so glad feel to meet you. The scruffy boy was only sniff at me like I was the so dirty one. 

Him eyes have the look of be older than him body and I seen him was wonder about me like I was wonder about him. Him nose stop the sniff of me and him just stare and stare.

I get the sad feel for all them kids grow up some where with no folks to show them nothing. I am surprise feel about him not be ate by something yet I guess him home place is safe. Then I was so shock of him give a little bark at me like Jack bark once for say at me. 

Scruffy dog boy sudden was stand and walk away like someone call him name but I was hear nothing. I am relieve about him not kill me and maybe I am bring soup for him be my friend.