Stories of Folks

So much is go on some times around here I am just get lost in the all of it. I am so distract think of them folks and they stories get in my head and make me not member the what of was I do. I am spell it here so get it out of my brains.

The mean man who shoot Pan Pot in him arm was part of them folks got religion. Them was have a wood church where do they prays and I member go to see it two times.

The one time was I have the look of they window and inside was mens talk to they gods. I member watch they serious face and always nod so much when them talk together. I member one him was round head and the nother was mutant with him green skins. Also was the so quiet one name of Gabriel and now folks say him is done the shoot of Pan Pot and some man I don't know was just plant some wheat and get shoot dead now is ghoul. How am I even know all this things about folks I don't know I just hear things they stick in my brains. 

All them mens have the one man is they leader him name of Jedidiah Stone. I have the look of him once was just stand by where is my house and make like argue at someone but was no body there. I have the think of oh boy is him on the hootch and run the nother way home. 

The two time I seen they wood church was so full of folks come for listen to they god talks. I seen them folks so I go for listen too but I was not understand much is the true of it. They god was want people give they stuff so save them from some big bad thing I don't know what. I was smile and nod for be nice at them but give my stuff for they god is not ever happen.

I learnt too about Jedidiah is the papa of my friend Kaya. They are not like each other much. Kaya is give stuff and be nice at folks but she papa is want folks give they stuffs and say about punish if you are not give. I wonder who is she mama.

The time all them so many folks was in they church was the last time for anybody be in they church. When Jedidiah was talk him god talk at folks I smelt the burn of some thing and then the church was catch fire. Folks run out for the save of they lifes and I was run out too. I member lots of folks yell at everyone but I was not know the mean of they yells. 

I hear folks say about Jedidiah was get burnt in him own god house and die. But then was I hear about him live just get burnt in him eye and body. Folks say about Jedidiah go back to him burnt church after was not on fire and dig up all things them folks give to they gods and steal all it for him own self. 

My friend Marko tell about go to the trader camp at Cormac and folks say about all them stuffs Jedidiah steal was hide some where around and a map is show you where but the map got torn up and them parts lost in some wind. Is maybe all just talk from too much hootch I don't know.

I member when I walk home after the burn of they church I seen the man name of Gabriel watch them fires and smokes from on a hill just stand and look. Maybe when you god house get burnt up you got no god left and is make you crazy sad. Maybe they was crazy already and the burn of they church was make it more bad. 

The man name of Gabriel be so quiet in they church and do all the things Jedidiah tell him do. I am not member him much except that and him serious face like right now is the so important time all the time. 

Marko tell about folks is call him the name of Briel the Fallen now. I am not know the mean of it. Maybe him fall and hurt him brains and now is shoot kids I don't know.