hi agin sam

hi agin sam i am writin in yor bok agin. you hav ben gon so long i am startin to wory. 
i think you wud hav fond yor gramy bi now.

You ar alwaz in mi mind no mater wut i do i just wisht you wud com home.

i hav ben takin care of jack and kepin yor kichen clen and brung watr and fir woods 
so you can start to mak soup rit away wen you git bak.

i want you to liv yor lif in yor own way so i dint folow you to go find yor gramy. 
but i ben thinkin and i just fel lik you shud be bak bi now. so i deside to go tak to the pigman.

i had to trad that pig alot of skrits but he told me wut direkshon you went. 
he sed it was hard teratory and that you shudnt hav gon out alon. he is rit to.

so i wil giv you a litl will longr but wen i cant wate no more i am comin to find you. so com bak and be ok becuz wakin arond the world lokin for you wud probly kil a old man lik me. if you ar redin this and i am gon just stay hom i will com back. i mis you peanut.