Marko Is Good

"Sam? Sammy you in there? Nick said nobody has seen you in days."

"I found some more of that uhm… whatever kind of meat that is you put in them sammiches. Are you down there or am I talking to m'sef out here…?"

"… you got those headpains again…?"

"Are you even home, girl? Don't make me trip in here now..."

"I am down here in some dark Marko. I am not feel like be nowhere else."

"You having a bad spell then, huh?"

"I guess so I don't know yes."

"Don't you want to get up and make some soup?"


"What about Jack, he was askin people to throw that manky old bone around for him maybe you want to…?"


"Well, okden. I guess if you like the dark you can sit in it as long as you need to. I know you're hurting Sammy, but your friends will be there when you decide to poke your head out again."

"Marko I am glad feel for have you be my friend. I wisht them sad thinks and headpains leave me alone but them don't go so I am just sit here in some dark be still. I am maybe not made for be in light." 

"It's ok, Sam. I get it. There's only one thing though, and that's the thing about if you don't get out of that hammock right now Imma kick your pale, tiny ass."

"Now up that ladder fast because ass kickin is right behind you."

"Peanut, all you gotta do for me is look outside for a while. Sometimes you forget what the light looks like if you stay too long away. But that's why I'm here. Kickin your ass into the light. Cuz I love you. And cuz I'm hungry, what's for lunch?"


More Dark

I think is morning time now but I am not even have the look of outside so I don't know. My headpains is break the insides of me and even the airs on my outsides feel like hurt. I get my Mister Dirty and old rabbit I found they stay with me like friends. Mister Dirty say at me Sam why is you got so many bad feels and I say because I got the fears of every thing. Him want to know what was I fear about and I say about the feel of every thing is happen at me and I am got no choice of it. And too is fears of not even know when is things happen so I have the feel of dumb Sam walk around not know nothing. Mister Dirty say Sam what is make you not be sad and fear and I say at him I wisht my brains be cleaned out of it like scrub them stains in you clothes. But there is no do that never I know. Then was my nose get some blood and I stay so still for maybe them horror feels get bored and go away. The old rabbit was not say much. 


I shut my look for all them thoughts in my brains run so fast I am tired about just lay in bed. I have a think of the entire world be the so big mess and I am only Sam. Folks be shoot in they arms and they places burnt down and all them ghoul every where too. I am wonder why them clouds is quiet dark and moon be dim like flicks of them candle. My headpains come like is always and my insides ache where I never felt no hurts before so I stay in some dark and wait. I am not know wait for what maybe nothing. I wisht some good is happen for some body even if is not for me.