Play And Jump

Today I was jump on a old bed I find in some sand is make me go so high in the airs. I try for reach them clouds but I just miss them I guess. The squeak of it was bother Jack in him ears.

I have a think about them kids I seen play they games and member when was I a brat and a slave of Honcho Uno. Most times play a game was get you shot there but some times them guards was not watch because roll they dice and I so quiet play some hopscotch in the kitchen. It was make my feets happy then and now too.

Then I hang on my bars just stare at Fissure and look for them buzzards come back. I am wonder if them birds are all ate up I never see them no more. I hang there for the long time just have a think about nothing. Is nice for a change. 

Touch The Monkey

I walk to Cormac today for see about get some glu from the birdman Aeg but I seen them kids name of Nia and Panpot. They come over say hi Sam so I sam hi Nia and hi Panpot. Him little arm is still get better from be shot.

Them kids say at me about play a game name of Touch The Monkey. Is when one person is the monkey and run around try to touch somebody and if they do then the nother person is the monkey. They say about hide and play in Cormac sands I smile at they games.

Nia say about run up them long steps when Panpot was monkey and go up where is them so high cliffs of Cormac. Them steps is just not safe for play on them.

I have the think of it be so danger run on them cliffs and try for touch each other I am surprise no body fall and die about it. I guess them brats are not think of they fall and die. 

Then them kids say about see a boy in the far away was stand on some cliff watch them run. Him hairs was long and black and wear them furs of aminals for him clothes. 

Panpot say about run at the boy for make him monkey. But him was run from them so they think fur boy is play the game too. They chase him around on them cliffs and Panpot say him was run so fast for got little legs. 

The boy run up in them so old stone houses and sit on a high place. Nia say him make a sound like bark and sniff at the air like be a dog. I was wonder if them kids was just tell me stories who is ever hear of a dog boy I don't know.

Panpot reach for make he the monkey but fur boy was not want to be the monkey and keep away. Then Nia find a way for crawl up there so they crawl up there and see the boy. 

Nia put some candy down for make a friend but still him stay back and be fear look. Panpot try for tell the boy about they play the game together but him only sniff and worry at them.

Nia say him eyes have the look of be older than him body and tell about paw at the ground some. Nia think about maybe him claw them and every body was just stand still a while and wait for some body do some thing. 

Then the boy was growl like a dog get mad and show him teefs like bite you. Panpot say about him laugh at fur boy for him be like a dog but I am not think is nice to laugh at some body just because they is some aminal. 

Then so fast the boy jump away and climb down and run run fast. Them kids just chase after and try for make him monkey but the boy was run like a dog too. 

Then all three them brats was run down them long stairs. I shake my head at them because no body should run on stairs but them kids are never think they get hurt from nothing. 

They all run and run so far but the boy was not stop. Panpot say about get so close to him once but never was the boy be the monkey for they never touch him. 

Panpot grab at the boy but him trip in some sand and fall down and then Nia was trip on Panpot and her fall down. Fur boy just run off and never was they catch him now. Them kids was laugh and smile about they game and say about wisht fur boy was they friend. 

I am not sure I am believe they story is sound so crazy to see a dog boy but that was they say at me. I am want to meet dog boy some time I will give him bacons because Jack is love bacons. I ask if them kids want some of my new soup and they say was yes Sam we want you soup. So we walk back to my house and I was not tell them about the special ants in they soups I was keep quiet for the surprise of it. 

So Love A Kitchen

Today I am finally make some soup I get so glad about it. Marko was bring me waters from the bottom of Fissure because so nice. I put in them waters onion bits and green fungus I find when I was walk around. I add some yellow mold I got and slow cook them taste all together. But the so good was some big ants I find on my walk and put in a jar for they not bite me. I heat a pan and put in some oil and savory spice too and then open the jar and shake them ants in. They ant body so small you can make them burnt so fast is why Grammy say you pan must be already hot for cook them ants good. I was count to five like Grammy say then quick put them ants in a bowl. When my soup is done the savory crunch of them sprinkle ants on top is make you mouth and teeths so happy. 

Back At It

After my so long walk and think I decide for get back to the work of it and write in my book and make some soup and do them good things Sam is do. So much is broke in the world but when is my write stick make them spells on them pages I get the feel of do something good. My cat friend name of Mao is also glad of it when I am sit at my desk she back stretch tall and round then lay down for she cat nap. I skritch she head and her make the cat sound of she name.

One time when was me and Marko belong to Honcho Uno there was a slave man I am not member his name. One day the man was in the slave pen and on the dirt he make some marks for spell words. He was show them nother slaves what is words and the make of them letters but Mister Callow seen him do it and come over and shoot him in him brains. Just for spell some words. No slaves was write on nothing after that. I am glad feel about be able to write my thinks and feels here and not get holes in my head for it. I get the luck feel for be alive still. Grammy tell me Sammy don't die in a hole and don't live in one neither. She old sweet words be my lantern for all the darks in the world and I am so thank you about it.  

Over and Again

One two buckle for you
Three four at the door
Five six play them tricks
Nine ten do it some more

Smile Of Mel

I go for say thank you at Itch and Mel for take so good care of Jack when was I away but Itch was gone. I bring a onion and some fish I think is still ok for eat it. Mel was nod for say thank you and put them foods on she table. 

Then I seen Mel have the look of my new clothes. Mel is so quiet I am never hear any say from her but after see my new clothes Mel make a smile about it. I was not say nothing too just put back my arms and turn my leg for she have the whole look of me. She head was nod and we have nice eyes at each other.

So soon was she face back to she always face of be worry. I am wonder what was happen for she be so quiet and fear. I get the feel of she life have some big sad about it and is not talk for the pain of it still. Maybe Mel will some time talk at me but if she stay quiet always is ok with me. I like them no talk times we understand from just be together. 

I have the so good feel about my new dress and Mel give me smile of it. I am maybe go visit some body more just for show them my new pretty.

Some New Wear Its

I was think about make a soup but then was a voice inside my brains say at me Sam is time you do something for just you. So I decide for find some new wear it things because my old clothes was make me have the look of same same Sam. I dig in them clothes I find around sometimes and things folks give me and find a nice skirt only got a few holes in. I find too a nice shirt is got big sleeves for the glamour of it and I wear all them pretties on my neck too. I was walk around a while and have the feel of some new Sam just for put on different clothes and change the look of me. Me and Jack have the look of my nice clothes and us both smile for it. Then I was hopscotch some I don't know why. Maybe I am make some soup tomorrow. 

Jack Say Hi

I walk all day and get where is my house again. I have the glad feel for just the see of it and think of get in my kitchen make some soup. Then I have the hear of my dog friend Jack bark for say hello Sam. Him little dog legs was run so fast for come see me and him happy bark a lot and run around. Him put a dog hand out for pet me like I was pet him. Jack is nice.

I skritch him neck and belly so good was make him one leg run I don't know why. 

Me and Jack sit in some sand and have the look of Fissure so mist and cool. I say at Jack all them things I seen when I was wander around places and him funny dog ears listen for the whole time. I am so lucky for have a friend.

Tall Place

I seen a place where was a so tall rock house. It stand out on the edge of them deep waters and lean some like was tired of stand up there but too stubborn for fall over. At the top was windows like you live there but then was the so tall underpart make me laugh at the think of it. Who is want to climb the so so tall ladder just to get in you house. What if you are go then forget some thing and go back and climb climb climb just to get the thing. Is a crazy way for you live. I guess is maybe safe up there from ghoul and mean folks but it was right by them big waters and some storm might knock over you house. What was they think about I don't know. I am never want to live in no tower or put any folks up there neither. Is just dumb.

Mister Sandy

I follow where waters meet dirts for the long way. All them places I walk through was broke and no folks around. I have the feel of every body be gone in the world and only Sam is left just walk around and around. Mister Dirty say Sam are you know why is you walk around yet and I say no Mister Dirty not still.

Then in my look was junk that was make into a bed. But also was on the bed a rag doll like Mister Dirty I was so amaze at the see of it. Mister Dirty was stay quiet maybe was jealous of the nother doll I don't know.

I decide for call him the name of Mister Sandy for I find him in some sand. I have the think of him lay there the long time because some grass was grow right up through him cloth body. Also was him wet and smell like some mold but not the good for eat it kind. 

I have the all around look for who was lose they good doll friend. Maybe some brat some where is sad feel for not know where is she doll. I member when Mister Dirty get lost I was so sad of it. I wisht the brat was here for me give back she doll and make she big smile and have the feel of every thing is nice again. But I seen no brat just broke things and junk.

Later I seen where some body was have they lunch and leave them bones on they grill. I guess folks is around some place but I was not see them and they fire barrel was cold. I am not even know what was the thing they eat it was maybe where the I don't know meat is come from I don't know. I was not sure if them bones was maybe people. I decide for leave there.

I find a place and sit in some junk just think about the sad girl without she doll friend. So many thinks was crash in my brains them headpains come and crack my head. I have the long cry then for the brat lose she doll and for all them broke places where was folks live they happy lifes but now just is empty house bones in some sand. Maybe I am walk all the long way just for have a big cry of it all. Maybe I am tired of be sad all the times. Maybe on the grill was bones from the brat who lose Mister Sandy.

Far Out Look

Skies get dusty and I wash my face in them waters for get the grits out my eyes and the salt make them sting. I stand the long time stare out at the far look of all flat waters and get the lonely feel for be alone. I seen a maybe fish poke him wet head out the waters but him swim back down after get the look of me so I don't know.

I have the think of what is on the nother side of them so far away waters. Maybe is a nice place where is no broke things or maybe some safe place for have you family. Maybe so far away is live good like have so much for eat it and laugh all the times. Maybe them got beds so soft and sweet smells for you bath and baby dogs are all every where. 

But I got no boat for go find out so I just have the look of sun go down over some I don't know far place I hope is maybe better than here. 

Good Airs

I find a place where them big waters touch some sand so I stop and have I don't know meats from a can. I have the look of all around and seen no body or any broke things. I smelled them airs got salt in they wind and I was smile for it. I take off my shoes and walk in waters along the sands and find some shells and nice little rocks for take home. I miss my dog friend Jack I know how excite he would be here chase him stick and play. Mister Dirty ask me Sam what is you even look for out here and I say Mister Dirty the true is I don't know. Him laugh at it and say maybe you are know it when you see it. I was not answer just push my feets into them wet sand. 

What Is It Mountain

I have the look of a so funny maybe mountain I don't know. It so tall and flat on top like you have the so far look from up there and them cliffs was shape like a lady shape but no arms or head. I decide for walk and have the close look of it. 

I cross a bridge and have the think of there is so much in the world I never seen. Maybe stay in my house is not good for me because I am only see them same old things I always see. Some birds that look like real birds was fly around over the bridge and make they nasty on it. I still was see no nother folks around just me and them birds.

I walk all around the what is it mountain but no where was you climb up it. Them curve sides have the look of build it like bricks but who is build a mountain and why. I am not know the mean of it.

Funny Bird

My feets walk me to where is some mountains and I have the careful look of so far down. I was just stand have the smell of air and the hear nothing. Then in the far away I seen a big bird was fly so funny not like a buzzard. Him wings flap fast and him fly was jump all around not a slow line like them buzzards. I watch the funny bird make him crazy fly all around them mountains.

The bird was fly close for have the look of me and I get the hear of him tiny voice like click click in my ear. I seen the bird got no feathers too was look naked and him wings was like leather. Him face was more the look of rat have them big ears and got no beak. I guess I am walk so far even them birds are different. 

House Bones

My walk around is good for find new places but I was not find much salvage things there. I see a big stone village in the sands stick out like some body bury it. I have nothing in my hear so I go for a see of it. I am not even know what I am look for there but I got no nother plan I guess. 

Like every place it was broke all up and just junk was around. Some them big stone houses was so high I was wonder why they not fall down. Every thing else was.

I stand so still and look at them broke places. I was wonder if them get some thing crash into them or was they fall apart from insides. Is all broke now so I guess is not matter much.

I member when I be a slave there was a pile of dead folks Honcho Uno leave rot in the sun for scare every body else. I seen they skins get tight and bones poke out like them broke places here. Just some old bones now nothing left.

I find a place for sit down a while so I sit down a while. I don't know why I was not tired for walk so far not even my feets was yell at me about stop you walk Sam. I guess my whole self was need to go walk around. I eat some bacons then decide for walk more.