Sort Of Nap

Today was just for lay around and sleep every body was so tired feel. But my brains was not shut up. I try for close my look and go asleep but mostly not do it. I am empty feel but my head is full of talk talk. 

Jack was take a nap all day too I guess be a dog is hard work. I am think Jack has a girl dog friend now because him been away a lot. Dogs like them other dogs is just the way of things. I miss him sweet face when him gone but Jack is free got no chains on.

Marko was sleep hard I hear them big snores. I make a place for him hammock and put some nice things for him stay there. I have the hear of talk in him dream. I am not know what was his say but the sound was strange like call out for someone far away. I think Marko is have hard thinks but not say about them to nobody even me. 

I am not like that I am talk too much about them thinks in my skull is hard to stay shut up about it. I try for sleep it off but my look was stay open for all the nothing in my head is talk at me so loud. I wisht for some body throw water on me and put out them think fires. I wisht my fingers in my ears would block out the sound of my brains. I wisht for get some sleep.

Tomorrow I am make a soup. It is the only do I know.