Just Think

My sweat was so much I climb on the roof to get air but outside was only still and warm fog. The feel was like sweat two times. In the sick I am so sleep and sore everywhere so I lay on the roof and have the look of Fissure. There are more people here and Sam was say about more people around so ok. Also is that Sam is safe in a home and not sleep in a theater or stink tunnel. Even if that was also fun maybe house is better. I was think how funny when I feel like still a brat inside but also I have a home myself so how can I be brat still. Maybe this is what growups feel like I guess. When I was a brat the growups like Grammy and Marko always seem so old and solid. But now is Sam a growup because I feel more squish than solid. So hard is the thinking sometimes I lay down my head. I hope buzzard leave me alone if I go asleep.

House Warmer

This morning I was look at the Fissure and watch a buzzard in the sky and then I seen my friend Angh. She was walk out by the Fissure and I said hi Angh and she said hi Sam is this your new house. I said it is and if you want to see inside I also have soup. So we go inside and sit on Sam’s new sofa and talk. When I first became here Angh was so nice to Sam and give me cupcakes. It was a good feel to have her in my house.

Angh said Sam I have a house warmer for giving you and it is a plant in pot. I guess I never think about have a plant in my house but I like the green of it so I put on my most good things shelf. I had to make the just so again but it look good after and so nice a gift from Angh. She also give me a nice new shirt that is good for warm times. So friend is Angh.

After Angh said goodbye Sam I was look at my house and seen there was a wall with nothing on that look funny. I member then I found some funny paper in a roll and it was big size so I make it flat on the wall and I think it look better. I don’t know what means Slower Loris but I like the top spelling it is good think. Also with faces on my wall it feel like Sam is not alone at home.

Slow Day

Still so sick with sweat and chill feel so not much make of the house. I make a soup from rat and some root I dig up. It maybe taste good but my sick so I don’t know taste. It is warm. I eat some soup and then go to my top most seat to watch the sun go down on the Fissure. So glamour is my new view. When the sun was down I go to my front door and put my toes in the sand that was warm from all day. Sand has a so good feel then.

Just So

I was make more home today besides sick that I won’t spell about. I get a so better sofa yesterday so I make a nice shelf that is good feel with the sofa and put my most good things on. I move things around on the shelf so long the sun goes down and I’m not done. Every good thing should be on a shelf in a way just so is what Grammy said. So I make the good things shelf just so. Just so is important in the home because there is where the life happens and it should be just so. I get the good feel when I work in my house to make just so. I am finding all the time things for make it better. There is lots of so good junk in the world for Sam to collect and make with.

House Proud

Sometimes Sam is so busy I forget to make the spelling here. Also is the so sick still and my lungs feel like a sack with knives and my head is like sand hippo step on it. Also dizzy cough blood tired but I could spell about sick until forever it is so horrible. So about that is enough.
I found a so nice place to live. It is the three metal box place I said about and I have add things to make it safe from ghoul and also so glamour in my house too. I like to lay on the big soft fur on my deck.
With Sam’s new house is a best look place at the Great Fissure. When is the no cloud sky I can see Cormac even.
On the one side is the house of Psycho Broke that I know from long time. He give Sam some flatbread when we first meet one day running around and he is nice. Psycho is a fighter sometimes in the fighting and he is win too. On the nother side is the place of Mouse Oh who is hide a lot but I seen her on her funny tower sometimes.
My house front door is under a big rock.
Under the rock is the vestibule is what Grammy called the place between a door and the room. My vestibule has hopscotch in it have you ever heard of that. The echo makes jumping so fun.
The look down in the vestibule make me dizzy sometimes. Maybe just from the sick but maybe not I don’t know.
I try to make the walls safe for ghoul and pirate and mean things all around. Sometimes there is sniff from things but they go away so far.
I seen a little man just today who stood on my big barrel back door. He just sniff and go away. Probably I look like so sick and he run.
The so funny thing is I can look where I was under the rust place for so long sleeping from sick. I never seen my house from when I was lay there I don’t know why.
I made a fire like Grammy said how and sometimes I catch the dinner rat right in my room. Maybe rat not come here so much when they tell around that I am eat visitor rats. Also near the fire is some good things I find but also I keep some under sand because thief.
I make also a back door under the ladder and I hang a curtain that is not so glamour but ok for nothing else.
My big barrel back door is behind the old sofa I find. Sofa is so not glamour and with big orange balls where is the sitting I don’t know why so yuck. Maybe sofa is not right for the room.
The big barrel back door is hard to go through because jump on top of barrel and then climb inside. I was think it give Sam time to run out of the nother door if mean things come in.
Also at the curtain back door is ground blood from I don’t know it was here. Maybe mean things will see so blood and not want to bother Sam for scared but also it might see blood and think a blue hair snack is inside. I wisht I had a door for real.
At the most top of my house is where the one box is open top and so far down is the dirt. I seen where is a door at the bottom but I don’t want to get stuck down there so I don’t go so far. Maybe the door is to a place under sand where Sam can be so safe. Maybe someone just put his trash door down there I don’t know.
From my most top deck I seen the whole of everything as far as my look. I so miss my friend bridge and the Rot and when my sick is over I will run and see the bridge all day. But also I have the happy feel when I walk in my house. Sometimes I walk out and in and then out the nother door and back in and all day just walk in my house. Maybe the sick is also mess with my think.

Home Sick

Today I stay in my rusty box and try to be well. I wisht and wisht to be better now but still so sick. I get dizzy in the walking so I rest a lot but I make some more of home in my new place. The only finding I done was a box that went fire on me and now I make squinchy face all the time. It was warm for night so I climb to the most top chair and look at the Great Fissure is what a man I don’t know said the big hole is called. I look and look and then get bloody coughing again so I go lay down more.

Three Box Palace

The sick make me dizzy so I stay put today. The so funny thing was when I eat my last Twonkie that was so yum I look out and seen something I never seen until then. The thing was more like three things and they are big metal box things stuck funny in the sand. It was just so close to the rust place I was in but I guess the so sick made me not see. Maybe three box place is like cake that Sam cooks up only in her head I don’t know. But I go to see and it was so for real.
I guess I had a feel in the box like maybe this would be the good place for Sam to stay. I have to make safe the box because ghoul and other things that want to eat Sam but it could be a nice home if I make it more good. And nobody is live there now so good for me. Well almost true because I seen where a rat was live there and left his bad pills but I also seen where he was dead so ok mine now.

Big Decide Today

I lay around a lot so there was time of thinking. It means important to think on a thing before I do it. Sometimes a thing just sound good but then you have it and it was only wanting that was good so I know that. But still if something is in a person heart the need for follow is big and good for them. Grammy used to call those times avestment like when she gave the mean men extra bread it was avestment in protection. So it could be to do a thing that is hard now will be a good thing in the later time. I guess the one thing is I don’t know. But if I don’t try I will just live in a rust place always and die from sick. It is a big decide for Sam today but thing is that way sometimes.
So ok I am eat my last Twonkie. I think it avestment in get better.

Seeing Cake

I am in the rust place now forever I guess because sick makes me not move so much. My eyes are stuck and blur so I close them. I don’t know if eyes are open or not when I seen a so good cake and glamour drink too. I look at them a long time and think what taste and good they are but when I reach to get them they go away. It is like pretend time I guess but I believe it too. Maybe spirit of Grammy is bring Sam some good things for being sick. I wisht the cake was in my mouth.

Rust Place Again

Again I wake up in the rusty place with bugs. Cough again and nasty in my mouth too. Even I don’t know how long is Sam sleeping in the rusty place maybe days I don’t know. I try to get up but I only walk to a little hill when the sick says no Sam you better not go far. I look and look at the sand and see morning happen and it was funny nice to be there. If I get no more better ever I will just live in the rust place I guess.

Not Better Now

I was think that maybe it was better now some but when I try to run again is the so sick. I had to sleep and I went to the rusty place I found that was close. There I was so sleep and sleep.
When I wake up I seen moon in the sky and night outside when it was day before I go to sleep. I was thick in my head and not move much after I wake up even with bugs in my pants and hair again and sand. The feel is so sick still I don’t care about bug or sand.
After I was awake some I get so hot and took my coat and hood off I was stink sweat like running. Also is my lips are all crack and hurting now like old shoe on my face. So hot are my lips I was crying. Why can’t sick make a girl change blue color hair back to nice black or maybe some good thing about the sick might be but no. Just sick is bad.

Two Traps

Today I try to run again but only walk because sick. All the sick makes Sam the grump and in a mood like Grammy said Sam is in a mood and I am. When does sick stop I don’t know. My dumb nose hurt from sneeze and I wisht I was a rock or something that is not sick. On my way back to my sleep place I seen a thing that make me so laughing. The thing is a rusty trap with big teeth but the funny was the inside where is a bottle of the hootch. For the one thing I could use twine to loop the bottle and get it without trap hurt but the nother thing is Sam knows about what is the hootch and I guess the real trap is headpains after the drink of it. Smart Sam says no thank you mister two trap.


The so sick is worser now. I try to go out but only can walk and then not so much very far before I need lay down. I guess it is dumb Sam to sleep in open places but I don’t know another way. Today I crawl into a rusty hide place and when I wake up I got sand bugs in my hair and pants. I don’t think the bugs bite me but still no bugs for Sam please. I was think about some nice place to be safe and live but I don’t know. So much of the world is mean and hard where is the place for Sam I wonder. Some place where ghoul can not eat me when I sleep.

So Funny Color Dream

My head was so hot today and I lay down and not move is all. Sometimes I go asleep but I don’t know when it happens or how long sleep is. My sick must be in my head now because I had a so funny dream where everything was all glow and mixed up.
The dream I was on top of the bridge and look down on the everything of the Rot. I was so home feeling but also I was thinking I had to go somewhere new and live I don’t know why. I seen Brenda and William’s cave and waved for them but I don’t know if they seen Sam.
I could see all in the far away and I wonder what is Sam’s home is there one even. I don’t know so many places. I like to live in the tunnel and theater and places here but also what about near more people sometimes. I look out and then feeling alone from the bridge. Also what is all the so funny color about I don’t know.
Then there was a doggie and I chase him so far but he was faster than Sam. I was so sleep from running I lay in sand just there by the big plate. I don’t know why when the skulls on sticks walked over and said hey Sam you can come live with us. I said no thank you mister bones and why are you walking on sticks and one skull said she asks a lot of questions then they all laugh. I was wonder why I can talk and sleep too but I didn’t know I was really in sleep then. Why so funny when I spell it.
Also there was the little owl I seen sometimes and he was hoot and saying about something but I don’t know what it means because owl. Also in the sky was color like old metal. I was trying to give little owl flatbread when I hear a so funny sound.
It was like a song or maybe two songs play together and so funny feeling. I look behind me and I seen my friend Apo dressed like tribe woman and the songs come from the box she has. I seen owl start to lean and hop about the sounds Apo was making and then Sam too got a feel in my feet. I think about when Honcho Uno got wife number five and the so party where the dance was. I was a brat still but the dance is so nice and then I was dance again in dreaming.
Then two kitty ladies were dance too and we had the same dance we were so good. I think one of the kitty ladies is the ghoul who chase me sometimes and the nother must be her sister I don’t know. Grammy would say we dance grand and we did too.
Maybe the tired from sick is because I go so many so funny places in the head. I wonder if sick will make me live in dream forever and there will be the new home for Sam. I think the so funny color would be hard to see forever.

Sick Thinking

I think what Grammy said sometimes that it is one thing after the nother. I don’t know why all of everything is here if people are so sick and can’t laugh sometimes in happy about it all. My sick makes me think funny too so I don’t know. Grammy is right about one thing after the nother because Sam had trouble from the very day I became here. This morning I tried to go out but didn’t so I rest by where the ooze comes from under the funny rocks and felt so heavy and itch. I stop throwup at least for now but I feel like the bowl that has been poured out.
I went to be flat on the wall behind the theater to press my cheek and head on the cool rocks. I wanted to run and find things or lucky meet somebody new but the so sick said no Sam you lay down more. I would sleep more but the cough is wake me up and my eyes so full of crunchy. I was think about what if I lay right there and when the sun comes up for day time I maybe get cooked like a bacon from hot. I wonder if ghoul will want to eat bacon with blue hair. I think maybe yes.
The sun was making more day and I decide being bacon was a silly plan. I know soon the day becomes the hot part with the sun over top and I can’t be out then or probably more sick and hurt from burn. But then I look at the bridge and got happy. I like the bridge and seeing it too. I don’t know why it is funny Sam I guess but when I look at the bridge it is like a nice friend. I was pretend that my friend Bridge came to visit with soup and be nice at me because Sam is so sick and even if it was pretend times it made me feel some better.

Go Away Party

Today was so sun and it made my skin feel good like the sticker bushes I don’t know why. The so sick was still in me but the sun was saying hey Sam you need to go outside so I went outside. I was wander a while then I seen where a lot of people were standing. I don’t know why but I guess I walked up and sat in the back.
Everyone was all talk about the go away party I don’t know what it means. They said about Hambone and I think Hambone is the friend of everybody and the peoples are so sad that Hambone has to go. It was funny sad and like a party too but I don’t know what it means.
It was amaze to see all the people who live around here like Sam but I hardly seen them. Maybe like Grammy said Sam you need to get out more. All the people were nice and laughing even the look mean ones. I seen lots of people I know and even more. I not seen so many people in one place since when Honcho Uno’s fort got broken in to. I guess Hambone must be a nice friend to have so many people miss you.