Soup Is Love

I am get the glad feel when make the soup. I like to search for the good things for put in soup and so much is taste yum in broth. Grammy teach me all the ways for make soup so when I am do them now I am also member Grammy too. Even just plan the soup is give me glad feel and when I am chop things and add them in a pot I have the good think of my friends when they are eat it. I like the think of they belly full and warm from soup of Sam and is make the world a little better maybe for my friends. Also soup is make just a little food last longer time so soup is smart too. But the most best glad feel is when I am serve the soup. I give good bits to all the bowls equal and add the broth too so is just right in the bowl. When I give my friends they bowl of soup I am also give them love in the cook of it. Grammy was say about the make of so good food is because a cook is glad to make the food and love is in the taste of it and I think is true. When Sam is sad or cross I never make the soup then because who is want to eat angry soup. I think nobody is who. But I never seen nobody not enjoy love soup. Everyone is full and happy after eat soup with love in it no matter what else is in the pot.

So Funny Horsie

When I am have the think I seen everything for seeing just then is I see something new. I was run around for the look of things and even find a fuel can at last. When I was run by Cormac I seen a animal so funny I never knew it was alive before. I was walk some closer for the near look of it and I seen my friend Freya was ride the funny big horsie. I was say hi Freya and she say hi Sam and I was ask then what is you funny horsie him look like a hill with legs. Freya say about him is a desert ship but I was not see a sail so I don't know the mean of it. Sometimes I am not understand the say of Freya so much. She say him name is Doon and he make a funny hum sound with him soft nose. I was reach out to pet him fur but then Doon was spit at me and slime my face but I was lucky wear goggles so ok.

Draw of Sam from ZTAR

I have the so good feel today when my mutant friend name ZTAR is come to see me. When she was here before we were say about my wall where is write on it from lots of people like a public wall. I seen some good draws that ZTAR make when I visit she mutant house and I was so amaze because she is the so good at draw things.
So I was jump around today when she take out charcoal stick and paper. She was say Sam you are have to sit still a little while for the good draw so I was sit still but it was hard. We were talk and talk too I like ZTAR she is nice and I like the hear about mutant things too. When she get the draw all done she say here is you picture Sam and it have the perfect look of me on the paper even blue hair. I was glad of it and my friend too so I make some paste with wheat like Grammy show me and I put the new picture of Sam on my wall for people see it and be amaze too.

Frank Hilltop

I seen a Brute today him is Frank Hilltop. I come home from run around look for things and there is Frank just look at my wall with the mean feel on him. I was think first he come to eat Curry but him was just stand for stare at my wall like wait for a snack. Him is one of the mean men who hurt them dead girls and I am not want to be like them. I had the fear but not let Frank smell it on me and I say mister you are at the wrong place now and him look at me and laugh like mean. Frank was say at me Sam I know about you and maybe I squish you sometime but for now somebody is like you a lot and they tell me don't hurt Sam. Him was look funny then like want to kill me but just puff him cigar and not kill me because I guess I don't know why. Then him is give a mean look and say Sam I am watch you now and I will be over you bed when you wake up sometime. I know he was just say mean at me for to give me the fear and maybe I get some fear too even but I don't say it.
Then my friend Flit was run by and she seen I was alone with the Brute and Flit come stand by me like the good friend for fight together. We were look mean Frank in him eye and say don't you try hurt us because we are hurt you back. People are say Frank Brute is so tough and scare you but him was not tough at me and Flit maybe because machete in us hands. Frank was say then ok Sam I got told to not hurt you so I am walk away now and him did walk away like a bitty rabbit scared from him own shadow. Maybe Frank is get told by Harvey to not hurt Sam or maybe Frank is hear about how Sam is kilt Ozgram in the neck. Alls I know is Frank was threaten me then walk away. I was think Brutes are mean men for all the fear about them but I guess Frank is on somebody leash now. My goat is more mean than the Frank Brute now. I am almost laugh at Frank now but also have the fear of wake up with the look of him face at me. I am not like the kill of things but sometimes a thing is need the killing. I hope Frank walk away like baby bunny is the last look of him I have ever.

Horror Look

I am feel so throwup after see the fighting. Sometimes I like the look of my friends have a fight at each other in the arena and they seem like have fun too so ok. But today was so grim look at it I was get the sad feel. They nice people hack and slay and hurt for fun I don't know why. What I just seen was two people kilt themselfs at the same time so nobody is win the fight and I had the think maybe every fight ever is like this one. Just dead is all that was happens and that is happen anyways so who cares I don't know. All the people watch the fight make hoot and yell at them kilt folks and a tin man was count down they death for points or something I don't know. I was have the horror think full in my head so just get up and run home. Why is mean a fun thing to see I am have a pain about it. I run home and sit with Jack and pet him nice stinky fur. I never seen Jack be mean at nothing.

My Friend Jack

Jack and me play in the sand today he is the so good dog. He show me tricks and I laugh and rub him belly. I am like to have a friend for the run around and look for things also he is keep good company when I am make a soup. He want them rat parts that are bad in soup I don't know why I guess because dog.
He is smell funny in him mouth and ears but I think is just regular dog smell so ok. He like when I scratch him chin too and between him eyes on him nose. It make him sneeze and I say bless you Jack and he is hold him paw out like say hello. I am laugh and laugh at him.
The one thing about have a dog though is step in him nasty sometimes he make it right at the front door I don't know why. I am not know how to tell Jack to do him nasty away from my house. Maybe I show him by do it myself in the right place outside and he is get the mean of it but I don't know.
I was so lucky find a basket not too broke and I make for Jack a nice bed under my hammock where he like to sleep. Also Jack has him special stick he like to get when I throw it so he is have it by him bed for play later. I like to watch Jack run in him sleep I wonder if he is chase or run away from it in him dream. Sometimes he sleep bark and scare Gerald and Barbara. I like Jack and like to have a friend for stay with me like family. I wisht Grammy could play with Jack she would be him friend too.

Dream of Hang There

Sometimes I am wonder what is go on in my own brain. The so funny dream was in the night I had the feel of dangle my feet and then I seen I was hang from the money bars. I was so glad feel when I seen the money bars by where is my house because even when Sam was a brat I like to hang and swing. Grammy was call me monkey girl sometimes because of climb on things like money bars. I miss Grammy.
But in my dream I was hang and hang there and all that was happen is funny sky colors. I had the think of why Sam are you hang here like nothing is funny about it and then I just hang there more. I member in the fort of Honcho Uno was the old pipe stick out from the wall and I could swing and flip and jump from it only rust hands was the bad thing. But in my dream I just hang and hang and think about why and things I can do but not do them just hang.
I was hang there all night in my dream on the money bars. Is so funny because in my dreams before was crazy talk and things on fire and dead girls and more I guess I don't know all of it. But this dream was just hang there and be still with some funny colors. It was only seem funny though after I was wake up. In my dream think is was nice and not even hurt my armpits.


I was go around for the find of useful things and there is nothing to find I guess. I run and run but nothing was around to take so I was walk home and then in my hear was a doggie bark. I follow the bark bark and then I seen the doggie he was so cute. He was lay by a pile of junk and when I get close I seen him little leg is wrap in spiky wires and he is not move from it.

I walk to him close and he sniff at my hand then lick my face too. I wiggle the wires so gentle for not hurt more the doggie and I make him free. He was happy doggie then and roll around and jump and bark I was so laugh at him and pet him belly too. Him was filthy dog and smell like ears and fried corn.

I clean him little hurt leg with water and give him a drink from my hand too. Then doggie is put him little paw on me like say thank you so I say you are welcome doggie and give him skritches.

Then I say goodbye doggie be careful the wire trap and I walk to back home but in my look back doggie is follow me. He was follow all the way to my house but stay back a little like secret follow but him was not a secret so I don't know. At my house I was play with him again he is so funny and put him paw out for Sam like nice to meet you.

When I go inside my house to find a dog snack he was follow me right inside and curl up under my hammock for the nap. He was tired I guess because him sleep and sleep there. I have the look of him sleepy face and watch him legs wiggle like run in dreams. I hope doggie is stay with Sam now for the have a friend. I will call him Jack.

Curry Is Live

I was make the soup today and I go outside because so hot and I get in my hear the sound of goat. I try to see where is the goat and follow it sound to the edge of Fissure where I seen my goat Curry still alive on the cliff. I was so amaze I was think he was ate but I guess he was just go for a walk. The so worry part is Curry stand on a tiny bit of rock on the big cliff where think of fall into Fissure is make me dizzy. I yell at Curry stay there and don't kick around and I get some ropes and go the cliff above where is the goat. All I am say about get him is I was throwup after from get the fear of fall and die. Curry was so thin and I bring him back to him goat fort he was not even kick me. He was not cross too maybe the think of fall and die is make him a nice goat now. I am so glad of have my friend back I cry and pet him and we have the good feel about home together.

Funny Bad Luck

Morning Think

I was wake up so before sun comes up and I went out for have the look of Fissure. It was quiet and still air but also I seen dust in the far away. The sky was big over me and I was feel so small. I seen buzzard swoop down and up and wisht I took my pipe rifle outside but I was not feel like shoot things really. Most of all was the quiet I like to hear the sound of nothing is one of my feel good sounds like oven door and horsey nay and rain hit the flat rock. I close my eyes and hold so still and have a think about everything is fall apart and mean in the world but still is good to be here I wonder why. Everything is get old and stop working good like rusty machines and Grammy and everything in the world I guess even Sam too. I don't feel old and fall apart yet but sometime I will and that is just that. I was try to member enjoy the all around me now because everything is already broke and dead in the tomorrow. I was open my eyes when I have the hear of dog bark in the far away he sound like a good dog.

Hurt and Pretty

I am miss Curry so much I have a pain about it. My poor goat is in somebody belly now and I miss him even him kick me I miss. I was feel like cry again so I get my gear to go for the run around so I run around. I find some tape but mostly just run and run to forget the sad of it.

And when I get back to my house just by my wall I seen a cactus. Them are use in the cure of Rust Mouth sick and even Pigman Trader is want them but them are sharp and hurt me so is a bad plant too. I was have a look at them sharp spikes and seen the sun go down light was make the spikes glow so pretty. But touch the pretty and you get a bleed so bad.

I guess I was stand for the long time and watch sun go down and still look at the glow spikes and my wall pictures too. I was think the cactus is like a little picture of how is things here because some good from it sometimes and also bad hurt from it too. And if you have the look of them just right is so glamour it make you stop and have a good feel.

Cave Next Door

I am so amaze at the things all around I never seen but was so close to all the time. Today I was run around for the find of things and try for not think about the poor dead goat and I seen a bush I run by so many times. It is right next to my house and is grow out of some rocks and today in my look I seen where is a deepness under the bush. I go for the look closer and then I was slip and down the slide into a cave. Right next to my house a cave. And in it is so many things I am say about later but the most amaze of all is Mister Bones. Bones is sit down in a side cave and in him dead hand was a can of hootch maybe is what kilt him I don't know. He was so old web and dust I guess probably no hope for him get better soon but I was feel sorry for him dead from hootch and I put on him a so hat I get yesterday from the Pigman I don't know why. But Mister Bones was still look grim so I don't know. I spell a note and leave on the shelf with Mister Bones and say about if you find him be nice and do not smash him bones.

No More Curry

My goat is gone and blood is in him place tonight. I was walk from the Pigman Trader to home and I seen the gate of goat fort was open. I look all around but no Curry was in my look and I have the so sad feel. The sudden about it is hard I think also my friend is gone. I know is just a goat and cross a lot too but him was like part of me and now the part is gone. I was sit at the goat fort gate and cry for the long time. I was work so hard to make my friend the so safe place and still him get eat by something I don't know. I was cry about Grammy too because the lose of things I love most of all. I was take a bath after and cry in my tub like a brat I was so upset feel. I seen where Curry got cross and him little horns make a purple bruise on my leg and that was make me cry too. Him hay still smell like my friend. I was cry about Bryan too and everything in my head. I have the feel of big spike in my chest and I am gulp in air. Why is there so sad in the world at mostly nice goats.

Meat and Hopscotch

I was wake up before sun comes up and put a soup pot on for eat it tonight. I was sad in my head somewhere I guess I don't know why. I was thinking what is the reason for everything goes bad and also bad is come for everyone sooner and later. I was get cross at myself for the think of it and so decide about go for the long walk. The soup was smell nice in the morning but still I was feel grumpus so ok long walk.

I was walk and walk for the so long time. I had three flatbreads for eat on the walk so I eat one and watch a buzzard I wisht I had my pipe rifle because then dinner. I keep walk and walk then and I guess I walk to a place I don't know where. The sky was blur and so fog too and when I climb a hill I was so amaze at my look. I seen a whole city so dark and empty with so tall houses and make from stone. Also was a smell like maybe something was dead a long time. I decide to come back for poke around because time to get home now but I like the dark city I wonder why I never seen it already.

The walk back had the feel of twice the walk to get there. Almost at my house I seen a man all cut and white skin. I had my machete tight when he come by me and say I am hungry are you trade me food. I was have the sorry feel so I take his tape and trade him my other flatbreads. We were talk and he say about him is a ghoul and new at being dead and also how he is want to eat meat. I say ok goodbye then because Sam is made of meat and I run back to my house but stop at the far end of Fissure for rest. When I was get to my house I seen hungry ghoul man again he was look inside the log by my front door.

I was say at him don't eat that leg in the log because is poison meat and is truth too because some man was put it there one night and have crazy in him eyes. He tell me the poison meat is for the monster but he run away and not tell me what monster. Hungry was still try to reach at the poison meat so I ask are you want a bowl of rat soup I catch them here myself so very fresh. He was look shy at me and say ok so I say ok and we walk to my house.

Hungry tell about his name is Haw Style and I am think it is the so funny name but I don't say it. Haw then eat my soup and the nother bowl too. He was tell about he miss him life and I have the so sad feel for him. I was sad about my life at sun come up and now sun overhead and I am talk to a man who has the sad feel about him be dead. I guess sad is on everybody sometimes.

Then Haw was say about Sam is nice at him but everybody else was throw rocks and swing stick at him. I can tell Haw is the very complicated man and I say I like to meet everyone who is not want to hurt me and I have a friend who is ghoulcat even. Then I was dumb Sam and didn't shut my mouth and say I also kilt a ghoul in the neck once. I was so shame feel then and sorry for say it and we both were look around at something. It was the so awkward feel.

But then I member the fun Lajka and Sam had and she was so messed up too so I say do you like hopscotch and Haw was not even know about it. I show him how the toss and hop in boxes and about the rules and I think he was forget him be dead for the time we were play it. After he was get shy again and say about time to go so I say ok and come back for soup again I like to make it for my friends. It was so good soup too I had the glad feel for sun go down.

What It Is

The Pigman Trader again offer me something strange for the trade and I don't know. Is just a plain jar with some so funny liquid inside with the paper label on. It is thick like honey but has the look of probably taste bad. The label has on it the spell of UNSTABLE then a line under it then NO FLAME. I am not know the mean of UNSTABLE. I am not think it like STABLE where are the horseys. And I don't know why is the say about NO FLAME because that is obvious in my look it is not on fire. I am wonder if someone who can not see a jar is not on fire should have the jar even. I don't know what to do with the jar of I don't know so I put it on the hearth for a think about it. Maybe I can trade the funny jar and the pistons things for something less funny but that I can use or maybe Twonkies. Or could be someone is know about what the do with them is besides put them on the hearth for wonder about it.

Dream of Marko

Marko was the good man that help me and Grammy get away from when The Fort was sacked. He is bald big man and Grammy say him is swarthy it mean him dark skin. Marko was the soldier for Honcho Uno and protect The Fort from mean things outside the big wall. He had the cross on him face of belong to Honcho Uno but he was not belong anymore like Grammy and me so I guess he got free sometime I don't know how. I member he had a nice big laugh is sound like from a barrel in him chest. He was laugh and laugh sometimes and was can't stop then he was ha ha ha so hard the bench was shake with me on it. And I was not even sit on the same bench Marko was sit on. Also he was have a smoke sometimes and I like the smell but Marko say at me Sammy don't ever you smoke like this it is not for pretty girls. I am not make up his say it was pretty girls he said I member it so good. But also was he tell about him was born in a so far away place across a dry sea of salt so maybe he was make up pretend time stories at me.

I guess I am spell about Marko now because the dream I had in my sleep. I had the look of cold sand hills and in the far away is the big water and sun go down. I have the listen of crickets and also a dog bark but I never seen the doggie. I did see a man in dark everything he was look at sun go down. He was hold the big poker stick so I was stay away but then I seen him was the face of Marko. I yell at him Marko it is Sam I am the so glad you are live. He turn around and hold him finger to him lips like be quiet and then turn for watch sun go down some more. I was wait and wait but then I don't know it made me cross I guess so I yell again at Marko and he give the same hush finger. That is all the dream I had. Except once when I was try to get attention of Marko I toss a little rock near him feet he turn around but only glare at me. Marko is nicer when I was know him then than he is in my dream. I wisht he was here to talk at some Brutes.