Nice Walk Arounds


Marko meet me at the up ladder when I try to go outside. Him ask about are you go to the bog now for find and eat some them purple mushrooms again and I say no Marko I am just move my legs some. Him give the I don’t know look but then move over from the ladder and say about not stop me from me be me but also you be careful. Don’t let me catch you with stains on you tongue was him yell at me when I climb up to the ground.

Not so far from where is my house is the fall over building where Itch and Mel live. Marko say they was gone a while but when I walk around I seen them there and I so grin about it. Someone was decorate they house with so so many trophies I get very impressed of it.

Sam we thought you gone forever in them sands was Itch say at me and be so suprise. Mel always is not say nothing so her was say nothing but also smile about me be back. I get the good feel from people miss me when was I gone. Maybe when you been shot twice you get the idea of them simple things like see you friends make for a good feel in you heart. 

Itch and Mel is nice people in the bones and they like me. I get a lucky feel of it. Itch say about them just get back from the long walk around and was unpack now but also they got some fresh meats and good orh-ghans and say about come over for eat them later Sam so I say ok thank you I will. Then was in my hear a shout of my name behind me.

I say goodbye at Itch and Mel then go to where was the voice say my name. I get so surprise about it be the mutant name of Irk I met when I was walk back home. Him say about Sam is good to see you and funny about live so close to my house. I am not sure how was him move a big metal box down by the edge of Fissure for live inside but it was a good spot for make a house and him welcome and smile at me.

Irk talk about make him metal cave camp here four moons ago. Him say about from here is good to watch The King of Fire walk across the sky every day. And him get the good feel from the look of light on them Fissure rocks at sun go down just like I do. Also him say about Rustmouth is make people sick again so watch out so I say I will watch out. 

I guess him house is nice for a boy house. There was not much inside but him say about a old shelf on the wall was a special mutant spirit alter. I seen there some leafs and small animal bones but I was not know why was they important so I just serious nod and say nothing. 

I was so long away from this place I forget the glad feel of be here. Also my brain was scream at me about go eat some purples right now. My teeth was squeak from my jaw so tight.