Bunny Food

I work on clean up the burnt of was my shop all day. Jack and me play throw a stick some too Jack is better at get over it than Sam. Mister Dirty was try make me happy feel he is nice but I was not happy feel. Was anger feel and sad feel and kick my head feel but not happy feel. Someday I am make a box for put all them feels in it then bury in some sand somewhere and forget them.

It was get dark and I wonder where is Marko all day and what him do. I wisht I could go with him where is he go but him is not want brokenhead Sam around for him work time I guess so ok. When Marko come back home was him give the so surprise of two fat bunny got for eat them so we push them bunny body on a stick and cook they yum in some fire. I have the around look then of me and Marko and Jack and Mister Dirty sit eat bunny together like all us is family. I was so alone when I became here and now is the big family and bunny meats for everybody. I smile at Marko and him smile back too and I get the feel of so so thank you inside. I am keep that feel not bury in the box. 

Glad And Sad Feels

I am feel tired from so much happen I get so many feels at once wear me out I guess. We wake up today and I make a breakfast of flatbread and bacon for Marko and Jack and Mao too. We eat and smile and Marko stick him tongue out with food in him mouth is always make me laugh. 

Then I member the burn of my shop and the sad feel again is like punch in my belly. It was the so dark night when Marko get here so we go have a look at the all burnt up shop of BUY IT GOOD. Marko shake him head and ask about mean Dan Seawwconds. I tell about him rooster hair and be a monster at me and Marko get the anger look in him face. My friend Nick was say too about kill Dan Seawwconds if him is see him so good. 

Then was so funny when Marko say about have to go to stop at N see Apo and too go The Cape for see a man live there who is name of Jellybean is what him say. So I was laugh in my coat and think Marko is silly but decide for not tell him is really Jillybean is pretty close so ok. I am not know why Marko is even know Harvey or why is Marko got to go there but I guess Marko is have him own things. So Marko go do him things and I go sit in was my shop. Then was the belly punch again and so alone too I start cry again big surprise. 

I was think of Grammy then when she say them old words of about what is great. Grammy say about them words are so old nobody know who was say them too and it is tell the true thing so folks are member it. The say is some folks is born great and some folks do they hard work and make they selfs great and some nother folks have great shove through they belly by somebody big and mean. Why are the wise says always so gloom feel I don't know. I wisht the stink sky is go away my nose is tired of smell it.

Stun Day

So sad is the day after get set on fire. Smoke was all blow away from my ruint shop get burnt but all of everything in it was smell like char sammiches. Me and Jack get the so sad feel from stay around home so we go to the Rot for have a think because there is best for do that. I was not visit my bandstand or my friend the bridge in the so long time was good to have the look at my nice places from when I first became here but also was just cry and cry for Sam. Jack have him hang low dog look too for be sad. 

I am not make my store again. I am maybe not make a sammich for the forever again. Is too much sad for work hard and have nothing when is the end. I wonder why is anybody try do anything when mean world is come burnt it up. Me and Jack are not be sucker for do that again I am swearit. Grammy was say about I swearit when her is make a new decide for she whole life she swearit. I am stay in my undersand house with my aminals and not see no one ever I swearit. Who is want to be around my so sad anyway nobody is who. Is all a wreck now and I am just another broke thing in a wreck. I was even have the think of jump from bridge for die but then I member who is give Jack him bacon so ok not jump. Just cry then. 

My face was hot and hurty from sad so much and my look was blur for the tear of them eye so see around was not good. But I seen in the far away a dot of maybe be a person so I was hold still and say Jack hold still because him get the sniff of somebody then too. For the luck of Sam is maybe someone come kill and make soup of me and Jack. I have a think of I would only make a sad taste soup.

We keep a see of the person was look like a man and him hold a pokey spear too. Him have the look of walk a long way for him slump some when him walk. I have a think of maybe if him is tired then maybe not run so fast for catch and eat Sam. I was know how get away because live here and been in them stink tunnels for hide the so many times. But I was not run hide. I was sit and watch the man walk more near. 

Then when me and Jack just watch the not know him man walk at us I get the so funny feel of be so small in the world. Them hill don't care about the tiny small world of Sam them go on be hills for the long time after I am be dead. Also them water where was I swim sometime and get the itchy is always be the water there and the stink sky too is stay and be here and not give a care of Sam Wyx. I have the think of maybe I am just blow away in some wind because be so small and have nothing for hold on to. 

Jack was sniff and sniff and him have to be the dog so him run ahead at the not know him man and give the little man woof of hey you I see you I am a dog. The man was still in the so far away of my look but him was closer now for see some better. I have a feel about maybe know him walk from seen it before and I try look so hard at the man. 

Then was like the bucket of rocks fall on my head and I seen who was the man. I was so stun feel I just stand and stand and stare for the long time too my feets was feel like stuck in some sand. I was see the man I know and love he so much for a friend and amaze at see him walk at me even if a bug was fly in my mouth then I don't care.

The man walk close closer and then I seen him have a look of me and know is Sam. Him cock head like a dog hear a funny sound and then him take away him face scarf and smile at Sam. I start to cry happy at the see of my friend but I was cry already all day so was maybe not the big deal for cry some more. But if I am have to cry I am want more the happy cry. I tell Jack is ok not bite at him because friend. Then I run jump at him big arms and hug him strong neck and kiss him bald shine head too. I sing at him a so happy song of Marko Marko Marko is here and we laugh. Him say at me hi Peanut you grow so big in just one span of season then him laugh him deep barrel laugh. Marko call me Peanut for a friend name I was even forget about him call me it. 

Was a so stun day that start so sad for the lose of my shop and end so so happy for the find of Marko. Is make me tired for just feel all the things of some days. I was talk and talk at Marko and him say about slow down you talk Peanut I am not go anywhere now we have time for talk slow and that was make me cry again for the happy of hear it. I hold him hand and Jack walk with us and my whole body was fill with warm and glad feel. I look back then I don't know why and seen my friend the bridge I was almost jump off for the die of it and I say at Marko come meet my friend the bridge and pull him hand and we run to my bridge and laugh and Jack bark him happy bark too. 

Then I make Marko be the pony like when was I a brat and play with him like ride a pony. Marko say about Peanut you get so big heavy as almost half a sack of onion and I was laugh. We walk on one side of the bridge then the nother side and Jack march with us like we make a gang. Then I take him hand and we walk to my house and I make Marko a sammich for him be travel so long. Marko was fall sleep on my sofa after eat my sammich him was walk the long long way I guess. I was just stare amaze at him sleep and then I lay down on the floor next to sofa and Jack and Mister Dirty lay with me too so near Marko. Then we sleep so good. 

Mean At Us Again

My shop of BUY IT GOOD and my so good sammich stand of Magic Beak are burnt up and gone.

Me and Jack come home late from watch for Marko and smelt it first then seen it was all on fire and the everything of inside my shop was ash and hot. We just sit in some sand and cry and I show Mister Dirty what mean is look like here. Mister Dirty ask about who is so mean them burn you store like I am even wonder who. 

Him was not leave him ugly name on my wall but I know from the horror of it is Dan Seawwconds done it. Again. I should learn it then know better but I was think the make of doors and gate was keep him mean away but was not work. When sun come up was all still smolder and burn and some ammo go off too and we only sit and cry for the so sad of it. All of me and Jack hard work been take away from us again because of this world is not let the good thing happen too long I guess. 

Also the so bad feel for no reason is like my fault. I was not burn my shop but my feel is I done the burn of it I don't know why. I am not understand why is the world so mean at Sam. Even my big fat grub and them little grub too in they nice jar was burnt. Dan Seawwconds is the monster.

Watch Around

Also today in the so stink sky is come some dust so bad itch in my nose and eye. I go around places for see maybe Marko is there but him is not anywhere I was go just sand in all the airs. I show Mister Dirty my entire run around places and tell more stories of Sam be here and how are you stay alive here too. Mister Dirty is stay so quiet I am wonder why because was so loudmouth before. Maybe is still adjust to him new life I don't know. I try to get Jack have a sniff of Marko from on Mister Dirty for go find Marko but Jack was only try for bury Mister Dirty so oh well. Jack also was not come along for run around today I wonder is him jealous of Mister Dirty or is just not like him smell maybe. Even in some so big wind with sand I am smell him smell. I decide for give him a bath.

Inside Mister Dirty

The first do thing I was do when I have Mister Dirty in my house is take him head off. Is have the funny sound I know it but is ok I take him head off so many times he is just laugh now about it. The why of take him head off is I hide small things inside Mister Dirty for have them always nobody ever take them. Them was the only things belong to just Sam was all I have then. Is just nothing things I keep in him hay body like spool from some twine Grammy give to me like award for grease the pan best of everyone. Also was a nail I take out of the big wall around fort of Honcho Uno for bend some them metal back for have the peek of outside. Also was keep inside a tiny turtle shell Marko bring for me one time and in I member I put a green leaf and wrap with some string. Inside now was a brown leaf but was mostly not broke after the so much time I am so amaze at it. Also was my tiny bone I save from the chicken was so good Grammy make it I was help too and also some wires was the first thing Marko bring from the outside for me see it. I decide for give them special wires to Apo for help me find Marko again. Also in him body was a bitty rock of so pretty color and a sharktooth candy but was squish and maybe is make somebody sick now so I am not eat it just save it inside Mister Dirty. 

After I put him head back we walk around my undersand house and be old friends together. Even for make a lunch Mister Dirty was sit with me be my friend all the times. I was tell about make my sammiches and my store of BUY IT GOOD too. There is so much for tell him about I was just talk and talk. I was tell about how there is moss from Bloodmoss Boggy Place but the place is no more go there for get the Rust Mouth so I tell about Rust Mouth too and also Bryan and Freya I wisht them is have a look of Mister Dirty. I was try too tell about what is the meat in lunch but I was not know what say about it because I don't know what is it. 

We sit for the long time at my desk where I am make my spells on pages like this here and I was tell Mister Dirty about all them things so many things like how shoot a buzzard and eat him legs so good and about when I was find the big rattler teeths just lay there in some sand like jewel. Also I talk and talk about the Key for unlock the old mutant cave and also tell about so many more things like make the soup and how ghoul is mostly bad but mamimal and mutant are maybe friends if they are not eat you first. Mister Dirty was just listen about everything was in my say at him and him was smile at me too. I try for make the new eye on him but it was not last so long time I guess. 

Then I take Mister Dirty to my tower for watch the sky and sun and moon from there is so glamour sky in Fissure. I show at him every part of Great Fissure like where was I find my goat Curry on the cliff and also the big round place where is the shop of Jay and also where is the Masheen for make them things. I was say and say and then have a think about there is a lot was happen in just one turn of seasons is make my brain spin some. 

We talk until was get dark time and Mister Dirty was not cold and I was not cold so we stay on the tower and talk and talk. I show him where was Cormac and tell about the place where was Loonella and Lajka got kilt and got bury too. And I say about the day I get so the most ever anger feel and just walk out and put my machete in the neck of Ozgram ghoul for kill him dead. Mister dirty get the worry look so I say about I still am not like the hurt of things but Ozgram was kill them girls and somebody was need to stop him mean on the world so it was Sam. I was honest and say about be a killer now but Mister Dirty was understand. Mister Dirty is always understand me. 


My toes are all dance in they boot and I am spin around for the so happy feel I get today. It is the good news of Marko come here for true and also a something umbelievable him give Apo for she give at me. I am cry for the happy of it and so amaze at good luck for Sam.   

I was watch a so funny bug in some sand and in my hear was a voice it was Apo give me the jump fear even though friend. I say hi Apo and her say hi Sam I was look for you and I say about I was look for you for ask a question too. Apo say you say first but I was think her tell first was better and she say ok. Apo talk about a man come by she place of N and him was the name of Marko. I was clap and jump and say that was my ask thing I get the so happy feel then and yell it.

I make Apo tell everything about when her and Marko talk and how was him look and what was him do too. She talk about I hope you are not be anger at me Sam but I also seen Marko maybe three big moons ago at the trader camp of Digger. She say the big man him skin so dark come to the camp and say him name Marko and also was him face have a cross put on it like Sam. Apo never ask much then because her think maybe is better be quiet if the big man come for hurt Sam. But then also was him nice and so big strong Apo say at Marko if you are come back this way sometime then maybe I have some you work at the place name of N.

N is the funny name of the place of Apo where is she teach folks who are just new come from the far sand and also help make them folks sick of Rust Mouth get better because keep them in a cozy pen.  Apo is so nice like that at people. Even her draw signs are say about what is Rust Mouth and how get better of it too.

Apo tell it then about Marko come to N when was her still have the so sick and stay in she own sick pen. Marko come there and say about maybe get some work now and Apo say ok Marko. Him say about have to go do a one more thing but after then is him come back I am so happy at the hear of it. Also him even have a bottle was the one thing Apo only need for make she cure of the so sick and him give it her just for she have it not trade even. The hear of it make me know sure the man is Marko.

Then Apo decide for she ask him about him face cross and Marko look sad and say about him was the slave of Honcho Uno once and all them slaves got they face cross put on they face. Then is when Apo say at Marko about her know someone else around here have they cross face too and she name is Sam. Marko was so stun at the hear of it then ask is her the name of Sam Wyx and Apo say yes and they both laugh and laugh for the amaze of it. Apo tell then about Marko have the so happy look like maybe him want to hurry back for see me.

Marko was get ready for go but him member something make him laugh and dig in him big bag. Marko tell about the day we still was try for get away from Honcho Uno and Marko tell me and Grammy stay hide just here and him go get the look of is it safe ahead. Then is when some bad men jump at Grammy and me and I seen too maybe was the body of Marko on the road but all was so confuse and fear. Marko say at Apo them mean men take us and hit him head and push down a hill him body them think was dead and then go away. Marko was so hurt but get back to where was Grammy and me but nothing was there of us except one thing in some sand.

Apo tell about Marko take the thing from him bag and say this is belong to Sam and her never believe the see it again and maybe you give it so Sam is know Marko still live and Apo say ok. Apo make a promise about give the thing to Sam and hang it in she N place where is a breeze for maybe thing was bad smell some. Marko was go away then and give him word about come back and Apo say she believe it and I think so too. 

I get the so glad inside excite feel from listen at everything about Marko.

Then Apo was pat she pack and say Sam I have the thing here for you if you are want to see it and I was want to see it. Her open she pack and from it was a wood box with a scratchy draw of something I don't know. I was start to cry and hold my head and say oh is the so pretty glamour box I ever seen thank you Apo. But then I hear she laugh at me and smile too.

Apo was think it funny and say silly Sam is just a box for hold the thing in it the thing is inside the box. I was still cry for excite but also then laugh too. Is funny how I am laugh and cry too at the same times sometimes. Why is that for I am wonder. 

Then Apo lift the top of box and I have the look of inside it at the thing. I was stare some for not believe the see of it. As soon as see him in the box I was also member feel him in my hand and him rough face when is hold tight on my cheek. 

Him is the most special thing I was ever have from when I was a brat times and I think was so gone and be sad for never have the look of him again but is now right by my feet in a box I am umbelieve it.

Him cloth body is patch together and split bad and only is one button eye but him was my tell everything friend and I love him but also stink some is the true of it too. I am so glad feel for have my old friend I am never never lose him again. I call him the name of Mister Dirty.

I was dance and sing and say him name again again Mister Dirty Mister Dirty and Apo was laugh at me. I twirl in some sand and fall down for it too but I was laugh with Mister Dirty so ok. I hug him so tight and feel him lumps inside too and member so much of them bad bad times before here where is the so much better live. 

Maybe I was just stare and laugh and member in my think so much I don't know how long. I was wonder if still I am sleep and is just the nother crazy Sam dream but so far is not that. When I have a think now of it maybe I was get some babble in my talk then because so much excite so I am not sure even I was make any sense at Apo. I member I was shout oh my Jack never was meet Mister Dirty before and I start for run home but turn around run back for hug Apo for say so thank you. She was smile for do a good thing at Sam and her say about Sam go run and have they meet right now so ok. Jack was sniff and sniff then try to roll on Mister Dirty but I say no Jack it is my so old friend so no bury or eat on him body. 

Think Of Him Face

I was try for sleep but my think is so fast full of member about Marko and the beforetimes I am just stare at the nothing not sleep. I am so worry wonder if him know about where is my Grammy and Jack come push him nose at me for say is ok Sam so I scritch him nose and breath some for calm down. But where is Marko and Grammy is all I am wonder about if I don't know the true of it soon I am maybe explode.

Then I was try for trick my brain so it let me sleep some and I have the hard think of the face of Marko when was we first meet in the so long ago of my whole life and try for think of everything. I member him laugh so deep and him big hands are crush you head in them easy but him nice brain make him not do it. Maybe do it on Dan Seawwconds so ok. Marko skin is so dark Grammy was say is call swarthy it make him shine in some sun like the dark stone in a river. I member when was I the tiny brat I have a think of Marko was tall like a mountain so I climb him leg and him laugh like a thunder so low rumble sound. I member we talk and I watch him face sometimes is get so sad or anger feel inside but outside him smile for me. Was not like lie at me but because him want for me have the be ok feel and I always have the be ok feel when was Marko with me.  

More Member Marko

So much in my think is Marko I try for find out again today if is really him come here but I don't know where is Apo for ask her. Is make me some crazy for not know the true of it maybe I was walk around too much and Jack give me the look of maybe I need go outside. When was I live in the kitchen of Honcho Uno there was only just some not many people I even have a safe feel near. And then only just three peoples I was care about they live or not. My Grammy was take care of me and teach the kitchen and was love me when was mommy and poppy get kilt. I was the so young I never member they face. Grammy I care about she live and also love her for teach me the spell of words and read of things too. Also I was care about Alice her work in the kitchen too but then got kilt when everything was burnt and broke up the bad last day. She hair was black like Mao kitty and she voice was small soft like a water drip. 

Then was Marko I care about too for him always be nice at us. One time him say about him family all get kilt and Marko was run from they nice house. I say at him about my mommy and poppy get kilt by Honco Uno and I was never know them much maybe him was have the sorry feel at me I don't know. Marko was my so good friend and bring me things him find like one turtle shell then the nother time was some candy shape like tooths. I like the things him bring for me I was never out of the big wall even once since I be born and I was wonder what is the world outside it. Them things Marko bring for me was first of show me the outside world. I am not know where was him get them things but I was so smile and Marko was smile too so ok. Then him get me and Grammy escape and the last see of Marko was him go have the look of safe or not on a trail then was me and Grammy get got by The Man with The Gloves. I am not spell about him no more. 

If is true of Marko come here for work at N place of Apo then maybe Marko is near right here right now I don't know. Is make me so excite at maybe see him so big will be him eyes when them see little kitchen rat Sammy. Him is maybe think I got kilt by a buzzard but I will jump on him back and make him be the pony we play pony sometimes was so fun.  

Think Of Marko

I am so think of Marko and the before times now for maybe him be around here soon I hope is true. I member Marko from the so far ago times when Grammy and me have to feed them slave army mans of Honcho Uno and Marko was the nother slave like me like Grammy too. I was so little brat when was Marko get catched and bring to the fort of Honcho Uno. Uno was call the so many people of him slaves The Herd and him was the so mean man at everyone in him Herd. All them slave people got keep in a big cage and Uno make them slave mans go fight and rob for get things for him. All them slave peoples get the tattoo of cross on they face when put in The Herd too. Uno tell about him put on they cross face for him know where to shoot at if a slave is not do what Uno say at them do. I seen him shoot folks right in they cross so is true.

The I member most of Marko is him make a big eye puff face at me when nobody was see but me and I laugh and laugh. In my think of it now I guess none of them Herd slaves was laugh very much even lots of them mans was mean at me and Grammy just for make they food. But Marko was the so nice man always say good at us and call us kitchen rats. Him come to where was we make the food and say hullo Sammy and Grammy is sound nice together like a song. Marko too was teach me things sometimes like about split some woods and bend a metals and how get a drink from leafs and grass just when sun come up they get wet you lick them. When I first became here and my head was the so empty with nothing in it I was stay alive for member about lick them leafs in the morning. So my friend Marko was save my life twice once with water leafs and the nother time for help escape me and Grammy from the fort of Honcho Uno.

Them Dead Girls Again

Again when sun is come up me and Jack run to the place name of N for see Apo for ask about Marko. But Apo is not there again I hope she so sick was not turn so so sick. Then we decide for go run around look for things but not find nothing good. Then I seen in my far away look was them stones on top of them dead girls got kilt by mean Ozgram ghoul. I guess I never been up for visit them also Jack never seen where was they body burnt and them nice girls go away in some smoke. Somebody I am think is Digger make them dead girls some stack rocks and put on they rocks each a red spikey flower and also a stick with rag on it. Is maybe not a fancy place for be dead I guess them girls are not mind so much now. Jack have a sniff at them rocks and sit with me some and watch the stink sky of Cormac. I wisht them dead girls were here for play hopscotch and help me find Marko and I wisht too the stink sky is blow away soon. 

Wait At N

Again then again I run for find my friend Apo at she place call N. If the man Ztar seen in the far away camp with him face cross like Sam is maybe my friend Marko then I am have the so glad feel of it. Marko was my so friend of all them face cross slave peoples in the Herd of Honcho Uno. Marko was tell about when I got born right in the kitchen and teach me about make them bullets too and also catch a rat. When mean boys come pull my hair Marko was grab them boys and give the so sorry feel on them for hurt a girl. Sometimes too was he play be my big pony and I ride him shoulders around like giant Sam or on him back like the sack of rubbles. Maybe too if him is Marko maybe him know where is my Grammy but I wait and wait at the N place of Apo and she was not there any time when was I there. I was hear about maybe her get the so sick again so maybe she lung has the feel of a sack with all them knife in it and need she get better sleep. I am run for find Apo for check about Marko every day for the make sure of it. Because see Marko again is the so good maybe thing I am so excite.  

Grub House

When I was run around look for things I get a big fat grub and some little grub too for eat them sometime. I carry they wiggle body home in my sack and get a jar for make a home. I put too some leafs and stick and rock for make natural they house in a jar. I was look and look at them grub move in a jar and Mao was want them for eat them but I say at Mao wait kitty for Sam make them so savory then we are all eat grub for a feast. I am think maybe Mao is hard to convince of things.

Find In A Stink

In the night come the big stink sky that come around sometimes I don't know why. Is stay the long time maybe before blow away and is smell like them bitty white worm in somebody dead. Is a so bad stink and Jack was rub him nose for it too. Jack was stay home and I go for the run around look for useful things. Then I seen a something so nice and amaze I stop for have the close see of it. 

In the big stink of sky was a so glamour white flower bunch in some sand I am never have the look of it flower before. Them was just grow so good too and all around was so bad stink I laugh at the think of it. 

For the long time I stay look and look at them surprise flower. I guess was so nice for me see a pretty in the so empty place where is just some sand and junk. All in the way far of my look was just more nothing and sand then here the nice flower is live she flower life and be glamour in a big stink even. Is make me want then for be a flower and just be the what I am even when is a big nasty world. Then in my think was from Grammy say at me when was I a brat about make a flower rope and she was show me how pinch and sew them flower in a rope. Was the so long ago time for member it but I member good some things. 

So I sit in some sand then make a flower rope like Grammy teach me and I was have the feel of be a flower some because sit and smile feel nice about make the silly flower rope. Even in big stink sky is not unpossible for smile at something. Them flower is teach me things I guess. 

Then I have the maybe good think of dig them flower and make she new home in the box garden of my house. If she is stay live in the box garden Sam is maybe have so glamour flower for the good feel of it all the times. Also if them flower get kilt Curry will eat they plant body. Him is eat everything so far.