Fall Of Every Thing

I am so confuse about a man I seen. Him weird house was sink in some sand and fires burn by him door. I have the hear of inside someone talk so I go for have the better listen of it.

The talk was come from a man I seen when I peek inside the house. Him talk was big like storyteller but I am not know what was the story. Him house was so sink in sand and lean in the ground. I think is so dumb for live in some house is fall in the ground like that. Why is someone live in a sink house I don't know.

I was so wonder about what was him say so I go under where was a window was broke out. I seen the man got no head hairs and wear a funny cape I don't know why. I seen too where was nobody else in him house so him have a talk at nobody. Then the man move some so I hide and go under the nother window.

I have the look of the man sit on him knees and make a fist of him two hands under him face. Him shine head was look down like got something in him hold. The man whisper talk some more words at him hands too. What is go on in him brains I wonder. 

Then the man was walk all around him house like be important place to go but him was just walk around not go anywhere. Also I seen some bloods behind the man on him walls. My Grammy would make a face at the mess in him weird sink house. 

I guess I don't know why but then was I go to him door and say hullo mister I am Sam I hear you talk when was I walk by here. The man get fears of my voice first but then look at me like not think Sam was no danger. I get my pistol ready behind my back for the just in case.

The man say him name of Brother Abe and hullo Sam welcome to the temple. I say what is temple and Brother Abe say at me little girl you come to the right place because temple is where you are be safe from second fall. Him say all them folks from around are come to temple for hear Jemadiah Stone say him words about second fall and get ready for go to the never never. I was nod but I do not know the mean of him say.

I was ask Abe about second fall of what and him laugh at me say about is the fall of every thing. Is mostly umbelievable for every thing in every where fall down all at once. Then I ask what is never never and Abe smile at me like Witch mutant when she talk about eat people. Abe say Sam you will know about the never never because is where we all are go some day and him laugh again at me. Then I was run home.

Some Nother Bugs

Again I seen some bugs in they line was green bugs this time. Them green ones was walk right where was them red ones walk I wonder if them bugs have a road and all them bugs walk on it but is unvisible to folks. I have the close look at they wiggle legs and hear they sound of scratch walk on the ground was like crackles from some fire was so many legs. I pick up one bug and pet him belly but I guess him was not tickle feel about it. I put back in him place and wisht I get in they line and walk somewhere. 

Some Bugs

I seen some them bugs walk in they line again I don't know where is it they are go together. I have a wonder of is they go to they bug jobs or go make they bug wars on some nother bugs. They walk has the look of important but what is the big deal of them bugs I don't know. Maybe one bug just get a funny think in him bug brains and walk away and all them nother bugs are think is time to go and follow. Maybe they are go nowhere just out for the nice walk around. 

I watch they bug line walk for the long time was maybe so many bugs is fill my bath tub. They biters is not so pokey so I touch they bug body sometimes for push them out they line. But the bug is always get back in him line in him right place and walk along like was nothing happen. I wisht I was a bug too then I just know where is the right place for I go and then go walk to it and not get the bother of headpains or the fear or nasty ghoul try for kill me. Bug is just walk to him job or war and always know what is him do all the times. Be a bug is the so nice think about it. But if there was so many Sams as bugs for be in the long line I think the line of Sams walk more crooked than the line of them bugs. 

Sit Some With Nick

I wake up with them nose bloods and headpains and the feel of not want to do nothing so I make a fire and sit for just have the look of Fissure. I only sit a while then my friend Nick come by and say hi Sam so I say hi Nick come sit if you is want to sit. He was want to sit. 

Then the always tough thing was happen again of when we sit and not say nothing at each other. Is always make the tight feel in my self for my not know what am I say and the wonder why is him not say some thing at me. My brains spin around on them worries in the so quiet. 

Then my mouth just start the long say about the so crazy cross man I seen yesterday near where is my house him hair was out like some tree arms and him whole self have the look of nuts like my Grammy always say about them folks not right in they brains is call them nuts but them nuts is so good for eat them so I don't know and I never seen the nuts man before and I am never want to see him again I hope so watch out for him ugly face. Nick roll him eyes around some and say Sam that is not good. Them words was all in him say at me just Sam that is not good like I am not even know that already. I am never understand the think of a boy.

Then I seen him nice arm. Maybe I was stare at the arm of Nick I don't know why. It was dirty and boy smell. Also I seen him necklace of a tool because of him name of Toolshed was hang on him nice neck. I decide in my mind if Nick is look at me look at him arm I am just say at him Nick I like you nice arm. So I wait for him have the look at me. 

But Nick was not look at me just at them fires so I never say about him nice arms. Is maybe better I keep my yip shut was Grammy say about don't talk so I just shut my yip. I get the confuse in my head was already headpains in there so just get more worse. I get the glad feel for him not look at me then. Why am I want some boy look at me anyway maybe I don't so there was in my think. I wisht my brains would shut they yips.

Me and Nick talk some about small things are happen around but I was only look at them fires and not have much for say I guess. I think Nick is not ever have the look of me in him whole entire life. I am sit like Sam is the nother part of the chair and Nick is got no want to look at me for no reasons. Maybe my talk at him is make him nuts or my face mark from be a slave is make me ugly or I am just not what is him want to look at. But him was not look so what is the difference of why I don't know. 

Nick and me sit and sit and talk some but mostly sit and have the look of Fissure. Them skies was thick like smoke and them clouds so up far I am not know even where was the sun. I have a think of is nice to just sit with my friend even when my brains is go nuts from think it all. I wisht my nose bloods was stop at least.

Hide From My House

I seen a man stand by where is my house when I come back from run around look for useful things. I seen him in my far away look and I have a think maybe is he ghoul but him was just look funny not dead. I am mostly like it when folks are stand around my fire and have they say at each others like be friends but the man was just stand with the look of cross at all the world.

I am not know why the man give me so creep feel about him. I was not want to go inside my house for him know where was I live so I peek watch him from some close bush. Him body was the look of rope all tight like all him was tie in some knot. Him head was look around a lot like maybe was wait for some body him was worry about or was just nervous about some thing I don't know. 

In my hear was also him voice talk low like some whisper but was nobody there for hear he say it. I seen then him anger look and throw him fist at some air but I was not seen nothing for he get cross of it. Then so quick after was him start a laugh like was the so funny joke but I was not see no laugh about it any where around. On him neck was he wear things like some chain so heavy look and funny necklace and bead things too was confuse me. Him eyes move the one way then quick the nother way like hear some folks talk at him but was no folks around for talk at him. I seen him wave him hands too like make a magic maybe but nothing was happen so maybe magic is in him head only I don't know. 

All him ugly face and head hairs was stick out from him like some black pokey bush I seen around and him one eye was have a big old cut down across him head and cheek too. No body here is so clean as Sam take a bath every full moon if I need it our not was Grammy say about a bath. I have a think is umbelievable him was have a bath in maybe ever like him skin was cover with some nother skin of dirts and stink. I seen he head go back and reach him arms up at some skies and yell about bring it today. Them him very words at the sky was bring it today. What is them skies bring rain maybe but why yell it I don't know. Him arms wave around and shake some too like was a heavy thing in him hands but was no thing in him hands. I decide for run away. When I come back after look around some more the man was go away. I am bring my nother pistol around when I go for run around now.   

Be So Small

The feel of sad and not know much is on my brains make me slowly head like have a nap but walk around. I am have fogs of my think and also is fogs in Fissure so Sam got fogs every place. I go for stand in it for hope they soft wet airs could wash my brains.

What is happen in all the broke world I wonder about it. I never seen much of what is not fall apart but maybe there was some time them so many things was not all broke I don't know. I have a think about was them things break a little and then some little more and some little more or was every thing get broke at once like the so bad day for a whole world. I am never know the true of it but my brains is try for think about it anyways.

Also is more than broke things is broke people. I never met no folks who is got they mama and they papa be alive. I am not even member mine. And everybody got they story of they friend get kilt or they family got ruint by all them bads and means in the world like get the Rustmouth sick or shot for no reasons or eat by some ghoul. Nobody is get to live good for long I guess is all just a big fall down for everybody.

And nobody got nothing for eat it. All them stray brats in them swamps is scratch at trees for maybe eat some barks because they brat belly is yell at them about have some foods but they got none. Nasty mouth Food Trader is not help them if they got no trades for foods him just say bad names at you. Maybe the true of it is just unpossible for be just okay in a all broke world.

I have the up look at some sky all white from fogs make my hairs wet. Then I have a think of them skies are not broke. Some times is winds smell bad like old fish and plastic burn and nother times them rains is itch you skin but them skies is not broke. Them skies work good up in they nothing place and all the broke things down here is be so small under it. I wisht for live in a cloud where is every thing not broke and always lots of flatbreads. Then I have the hear of some guns be shot and anger yells so I go home.

Hungry Brat

I was today clean my house and start the make of good lumpy soup like Grammy teach me. I get the feel of be lucky about all them foods Grammy show me the make of them. Most of folks are eat what scraps they find but I am use they same scraps in the make of soup so good for eat it.  

I have the hear of somebody say hullo at the door of my undersand house and I say back hullo who is you there. She talk was so small back at me say about is Nia the lost swamp girl from the nother day ago and I say hi Nia come down the ladder so she come down the ladder. 

Nia is the so small brat girl my Grammy say about kids be a brat until they tall up over you belt. I was be a brat for the so long time is not funny. Nia was look around my kitchen and I seen she nose smellt at the lumpy soup. I say Nia are you want some soup and she face get so big for say yes she want some soup. I was have the think of be the age of her and have the feel of it be yesterday but it was not yesterday.  

I finish the make of soup and get some flatbreads too and we sit for lunch in my house. I was so surprise about Nia sit and wait for me give her soup not just grab at it like a brat is grab at they foods. Nia just sit and wait so I say is ok for you eat the soup now and then was she grab like never eat nothing before.

I sit with her and have the look of she hungry eat so fast. I leave my soup for in case she was want the nother bowl and she was want the nother bowl and all them flatbreads too. I ask about Nia where is you family but she mouth full of lunch make them words hard for hear them good. Nia say about she mama and papa got kilt and then was she live with some nother kids and a old lady was take care of all them stray brats. She brat friend was the name of Pan Pot I think but Nia was so full mouth is maybe not a name. Who is even name they kid after kitchen things I don't know. Nia say about Pan Pot was lost some place she was not know where was him lost at. She face was sad look about where is she friend I was so sorry feel at her.

After eat them warm soups and flatbreads Nia was look like go to sleep and I say Nia is ok if you are want a nap on my hammock. She jump on it and so fast go sleep there. I wrap some nother flatbreads for she take them with her. I was just work more of them kitchen jobs and sleepy brat sleep and then I have the hear of she sleep talk. I listen at she say the funny name of Pan Pot and she face was squinch like worry of him be lost.  

Nia was sleep and sleep then wake up from she sleeps and ask for have more flatbreads. Be a brat and live in some swamp is the so hard life I am glad feel about she eat and sleep safe here in my house a while. Nia say thank you Sam and I say you is come back for eat some thing when is you hungry and she shake she head for yes. Then was Nia get the so shy look of she face and ask about can I see some thing I say ok what.

I am keep some them good grubs in a jar on my shelfs even a big fat grub live in they jar happy about some leafs I give them and also dead bugs for they eat them and parts of rat too. Nia get the close look of them grubs and they jar house. She brat eyes was big from the see of them grubs and I say about I know how to make them grubs be savory good for taste them. Nia was not know the mean of savory but I am teach it for her some time. My Grammy teach me when was I a brat so maybe Nia is the brat I am teach to I don't know. She smile at me and climb the ladder for go back over to them swamps. I say about Nia you watch out for them ghoul is try to eat you and she laugh like I say some funny joke. She get the so proud look and say Sam no ghoul is eat me I run and hide so good. I member when Sam was run and hide so good as a brat. I have a think about this must be the feel of be old.