New Soup Pot

Today I tell Jack him go mind the shop and good dog was go do it after bacons. I was think about my kitchen and I find a metal elbow for hang a soup pot then move it out and in the fire so not burn my face so much. I like the make nice of my kitchen and I make a new grill is smaller now for make room to cook more. I put some food parts left from eat it before in the pot and make a soup is lumpy but ok. Them I don't know meats is ok when is savory spice in it. So I was stay inside all day and make my kitchen I get the so glad feel of it. Maybe I am have a nap and see my garden and see if Mao is around. Jack is so nice for give me the day off. 

Plant Mans I Think

In Ashvasta I seen maybe one them plant people. I seen a plant lady lay on the ground one day in the Rot but she get up and run away fast after her wake up. This I seen was crouch in some grass and all I was see is maybe him red eye glow in them grass.

Also was a funny smell like meat get spoilt but maybe was just a ghoul near and them wind blow him stink at me. The maybe plant man just sit in him tall grass watch everything and never stand up for show me him was there. I was make pretend I was not have him in my look just for the more safe of it him think him is hide from Sam so ok let him think it.

I find some wires near where plant man was hide so I pretend stay around for look for things there  but was really want to watch at plant man. Also I think I seen in them Ashvasta hills a place like home in a cliff and maybe was made from big shells but also was a so hot day maybe Sam is get a brain cook and plant people are not real even I don't know. 

I decide for go home see if Jack is want some bacon too and then I seen maybe another plant man in some nother grass all crouch too. I was just run by it was give me the fear a little even if them plant people stay in they grass I am stay in they far away for not get eat up. I hear once them plant folks even eat other people like mutant. So many things are eat people here.


I decide for make a garden grow them herbs and maybe other things too I don't know. I use some lumber I get from Pigman and some glass I find too and make a place for good dirt make them plant grow. I move some weeds I find outside to my garden for get something grow in there right away and also I put some funny beans I found in them dirts and them make a vine each. Then also I put in dirt for grow them some special somethings I am not spell about here for the secret of it. It is maybe not work but if it is work then Sam is have something better than coal even.

Cats My Friends

Jack was trot away early and I am have a think about make a grow place for herb and leafy things for eat them. I know some mean boy is come wreck a garden of Sam if him can get at it for wreck it so my think is put a garden inside my safe yard where is Curry my goat and Honeypie my chicken. Boards I make a roof of for there let them sunshines come down for grow them plants maybe but I am wonder how keep a goat and chicken from eat my garden. 

When I was have a think on it then in my hear was a tiny sound of mao mao and then I seen what was make the mao it was a cat. I seen the cat around some when I was play hopscotch but her runs away before. She hairs all are the so dark color and she eyes is warm camp fires in a night. She was mao and mao at me so I say I am call you the name of nice kitty Mao. She mao more so I think her is like she new name.

Then I hear outside is my mamimal kitty friend Terra for the so long time she was gone somewhere. I go outside and say hi Terra and she say hi Sam and who is you new black friend. I say Terra this is my cat friend Mao and then I say about Mao this is my cat friend Terra and we all laugh at it. I wisht again for a tail. Then I sit with friendly cats and talk and talk and mao and stretch. I was miss my good kitty friend Terra and I like my new kitty friend Mao too. I bet Jack is smell at my pants for all night when him get back.

Dream Of Gone

After play at flute most of the night I sleep a little before open my shop. When I was sleep I have the so fear dream give me the panic for the real of it. Dream I was walk home from have a nice look at them fighters in they pit fights and I was feel good and the so bright sky give me the glad feel. Then I have the look of ahead and there is nothing it is gone. The entire Fissure and with it my whole everything was gone like not ever been there even. Then I think of Jack and Curry and Honeypie and the funny black kitty I seen around sometimes even Gnawbert maybe is all gone too. I just stand and stand and look and look at the nothing. I look around but I seen no Seawwconds threat in paint nowhere so is not even him mean do this. Then I have a think about what I have left is from build my shop a hammer almost broke and some fabric bits I was not even know was in my pocket. I even have sharktooth candy in one pocket but them things was all I had my everything else was gone. I have a think then about jump into the empty where was my life but instead I was just stand like a statue. I jump awake then and was wet from sweat and chill too like sick but was just the fear I think. I was glad for be awake from the horror of it and everything in my look then was seem more beautiful and good than when I was go to sleep. 

Hear Of Fissure

Today I find the so good thing when I was run around look for good things it is a thing call flute. I was walk to Junkyard for see my friend Flit and have a talk about them Brutes and there I seen a wreck of house all fell apart nobody live there probably. In my think was Sam go have the inside look so I go inside and look there was a bad smell of maybe dead fish parts and also I find a cloth look like wrap around a pipe. But I unroll the cloth and inside is a flute.

Is a wood flute like I seen the man play sometimes at the party of Honcho Uno when him get more wifes. Some of Uno slaves was know how make them music and the one man was play the thing Grammy call it a flute was like mine I find. I seen him blow at the one flute end where is flat for you lips so I try blow it there but the fish dead smell on it was make me feel throwup.

I bring my flute home and give the soak and scrub on it and most the bad smell was go away after. I try blow at the end again and not much was happen for my hear just the sound of blow in a wood pipe. But then I find the way for hold you mouth right and then a tone come from my flute. Jack jump up from him nap and bark at it he don't know what is the sound and I say Jack is ok I am just make music at you.

I was think about the man play him flute I seen and also was wiggle him fingers at the flute. I seen where was little holes in the flute I was think maybe was broke but cover them little holes with you finger is make the tone in you hear change. I am so amaze at the different tone of music sound is make when wiggle fingers at them holes and blow in it too. I spend all of this day and night too just work on play a better music. 

Jack and me make a fire out by the edge of Fissure and have the big look at all them stars in the far away. I try for better learn them hole and tone things of my flute and Jack watch sparks jump out from fire to the sky like is maybe glow bugs he is want to eat them. I was make flute tones for long as my whole breathe and listen for it bounce around in the hear of Fissure. Then Jack was make bacon face at me so we go home and I give him a bacon and me too. 

Make Nice At Folks

Most today Jack and me stand in front of the shop and wave at people go by for show them where is my shop and lunch place. Some them people wave back but some also say nasty talk back at me just for try be nice at them I don't know why. Then also I seen that Frank Hilltop and him mean friend Madeye was walk close so I shut my shop and go sit with Curry the goat until them Brutes are go away. Then I have the far away look at and seen Brutes have a talk with them new Battle Crows gang them look like wild brats. Maybe is some mean happen if them get together I bet or maybe them are fight at each other. But me and Jack are not care and maybe them have a war is make them need more ammo and Sam has them ammo. Also if Brutes and Battle Crows are shoot each other everyone is win no matter who is win. I don't say about that when them go by just wave like friendly and Jack woof a little too at them for say hullo. But the true thing is not lots of folks are walk by where is my shop.

New Eat Thems

Jack and me have the long talk about MAGIC BEAK and BUY IT GOOD. I was say at Jack about we are need some special something for get folks come eat a sammich and get some ammo too so maybe build bigger sammiches for them so hungry folks and Jack was say then about go outside make him nasty. We are the so good team because Jack is ok if I make whatever things I want in a sammich and him go do things him good at too. 

I first was think about my Green Fungus Grinder Sammich and have a think maybe the special big of this is more fungus. Is the natural think about make the sammich better I think.

One sammich is got more than others is the So Good Bacon Sammich. I am so love bacon and it maybe is my favorite to eat thing in all of ever. So I have a think on what is make bacon sammich more good and only in my think was more bacon. So I make the Bacon Bacon Sammich and then I eat it so I make another one for special sell it. When I was a brat in the kitchen Grammy tell me about season bacon just so and she recipe is the reason for so good taste bacon.

Then I have more think about bacon and what if two bacon is also seem small for some people. Some of them people I seen around is so big I am wonder what they are eat make them so big but I don't know. I guess them big folks want more of eat them things so I make for them Bacon Bacon Bacon Sammich. Is probably make Sam sick if eat it but maybe is worth them belly trouble.

I have a think on a Whatisit Sammich then. Is a good sammich unless they meat is taint is always a maybe problem when you make it with I don't know meat. Is it donkey is it worm I don't know so ok is meat. Is a good sammich for just have the look at it too it is so mystery. But then I have a think about maybe is too much mystery for some folks and maybe some good side thing people are know about is make them want to eat the mystery too. So I get some them grubs who are live in a old log I know where is and I bath they body in oil and some vinegar and add them to the Whatisit Sammich plate. Add some grub is always the so nice for look at the food because them shiny body look like treasure but are for you eat them instead. Whatisit Sammich and side of Grubs is my so special sammich I make and get the proud feel of it too. Only I am hope nobody is get taint in they meat because nobody is want a sammich make you feel throwup after eat it. Even Jack turn him nose up at some foods. 


Jack and me watch the shop and make some sammiches today. My friend Jack is so good and him like me too. He is keep a look on the shop when I am go away and always Jack is ready for go to work. Him like bacon so much too like Sam. Jack smell like old corn and ears but not smell so bad it make him not my friend. Jack put him nose between my ankles and push him head at me so I skritch him a lot. 

Old Good Desk

I am sit now at the old good desk I find and almost drop and break when try the lower of it in my house with rope. When I sit and make the spell about what is happen at these pages I am sit now at my old good desk. Also is things around I like to have in my look some nice poster and so good draws of Ztar and the key for unlock the big mutant too I still have it. 

But the thing most at my old good desk is the think of things. Sometimes I am just stare at my candle and my think is go and go I do not know why. Is sometimes make me sad like think of where is Grammy I miss her. Then sometimes think is go to make a plan like build a shop and make a sammich eat place. I am enjoy to have the so many thinks at once and if the sad is part of it then ok I guess. But why is it switch like a bird change him direction in a sky for no reason. When is like today the switch is happen a lot and sometimes I get the fear about sinkhole in my head again. So is maybe best for sit and have a look at candle today. Jack is curl up in the under my desk. I guess my shop is not open.

Ammo Sell

Yesterday to my shop come in a so glamour tiger lady. I seen her have a bow and her seen the arrows I get when trade things at the Trader Man who is not have a look at you. Tiger lady was give all my sell them things the good look at and point to some things her want. And then from in she sack was three coal lumps for trade to me. The eyes of mine almost pop out from they skull holes but I stay like nothing is funny about it and I say ok tiger lady we are trade them things and her go away happy. I like she eyes like the big water so blue and blue.
So when sun come up today I run to Masheen for make some ammo. My friend Marko was teach me make ammo when I was a brat. Him tell about make a gumpowder and also other secret do things for make them slug for them guns. Marko was say Sam if you are learn how make the ammo when you small maybe you live long enough and get big. I learnt it good from Marko and I take them coal from tiger lady and make the giant ammo heap.
When sun was over top I have them ammo on my shelf and was look so glamour all nice like a fort. I put twenty slug ammo for sell them on my shelf and maybe someone is need shoot at somebody else and get they ammo from Sam. Maybe someone is need for kill a hunerd folks and also they can get ammo for do that from Sam but I am hope not because kind of mean.

Make of Magic Beak

When I get them idea of make a place for eat a nice lunch I just keep have a think on it all day and all night too. Grammy always say at me Sam you got born with more get it done than most folks. I think is true too because I am love the build of what is in my think to make real it and when I get things in my think I just work and work until finish it. And I am finish today the better shop of BUY IT GOOD and also the new make of MAGIC BEAK.
I make strong the two sides of my shop with bars and also wood door for lock it keep out Dan Seawwconds and any mean come try get at me. I make a new shelf too for put my foods on it and use the nother shelf for not food sell them things like slugs for you rifle or some so good tires.
Jack is the so good friend for run the shop and watch the sell them things when I am have to go away. Jack is friendly at most everybody and him also smell mean people it make him back hairs pointy up. I rub him belly a lot and brush my face with him ear he is like that a lot too.
I decide about put my new lunch place on the roof of my shop BUY IT GOOD because the look of Fissure is so glamour. I put some tables I find and roll to my house back when was still warm and also I put some chairs for sit and eat. Then I was worry about people get they sammiches easy so I make a shelf on the roof for them people get a sammich and also sit for eat it all in one place. Also I put some flower and candle on them tables for the nice feel of it. Then I was worry about people fall off and hurt they self and blame it at Sam so I make the nice fence from things I find around. Is also give my lunch place the good feel of relax and be with you friends for lunch. And when them buzzard come back in the sky people are see and so easy shoot them right from they table at MAGIC BEAK.
When I have a think of people eat my sammiches I get the so good feel of it. My Grammy flatbread is the so yum secret of my sammiches and I am make them with the love inside is the so important thing for the make of good food. I am still be careful not use up all my stores of foods for the make of sammiches because then starve. But I am so want to give everyone a sammich is like I get the unvisible food from the give of it. Harvey even stop by today for first day open at MAGIC BEAK and he get a What Is It Sammich and also some them savory grubs I make special. I feel like ride in the cloud Sam is so happy of it.

Hang In There Baby

Sometimes them words of so smart kitty are stick in my head all day.


Today I was not work on my shop for the so bad news. Today people are say about my little friend Freya is dead and I get the so sad feel of it. Them people were go to have a party about the life of Freya so I go too. So many people come for say goodbye at Freya and Apo was talk so good things about family. Freya was the so kind heart and always was nice at Sam. I go home after and have a cry for the sad of it. Everything is have to die sometime is just too bad. So I make the spell of she name on my wall by where is the name of my friend Bryan is also gone now. Is maybe not the true but in my think is Freya in she rusty gyrocopter and her fly up and up at them clouds and through and keep go up and up forever.

Dream Of Magic Beak

People are say is the bad time for anything because cold and no food and everybody is hide in they shelter hole. But Grammy was say always Sam even when is the tough time a smart girl is make some go for it. So I make a decide about make some go for it even if maybe I am not the smart girl I don't know but I will do so ok. Jack and me work and work so much at fix BUY IT GOOD store and make good doors on it so not let mean Dan Seawwconds inside. I make new shelfs too and make nice again all them things Dan was stomp at with him mean. Them new doors are make my shop safe but also give the look of trap cage and not like buy some nice things inside. But me and Jack was tired from work all day so we go inside and have a bacon and lay down and then I have a dream about make a nice place for eat some nice sammiches. I dream about round glamour tables with they own shade and candle and pretty on them for the nice relax feel of enjoy eat a sammich and have a look at Fissure. I dream about people come to my nice eat place and enjoy they sammiches and even shoot a buzzard right from they table. I dream the nice place is right on top of the store of mine. Dreams are be so funny like that. And everyone was laugh and have a good feel about it on the roof and I wear a puffy red glamour dress too. I dream even a name for the place it is MAGIC BEAK I don't know why. But is a nice name and too I dream I seen the sign for MAGIC BEAK with a glamour bird on it for catch you look. Everything was seem so real.