Pinch My Own Self

I am see down at my page here for me spell about on it and I am not even know what is for say about the amaze I have a look at just now. It was Nick Citrus with him shirt off too.

I have a hear of the yell of Nick say Sam is you in you house and I yell yes Nick hi I am feed my hen Honeypie come in. So Nick come in but him shirt was stay outside maybe because right when him walk in I have the look of all him boy body. Grammy was say about have to pinch my own self when see something so good for make sure is not you dream it. I was not dream it.

I seen him was wear the tiny tool necklace Marko give for say Nick be my friend and also wear him pants too but was about all him have on him entire self. I never seen a boy body was not have all them scar from whip and get hurt from be a slave but Nick is so smooth on him everywhere I guess. Maybe my face was have the funny look because Nick say Sam is you ok and I say back yes Nick today I am the so ok feel. Then Nick come over talk at me say about Sam I been help Kaya make she house some and now I come for help you do somethings at you house if you are want the help of me for do them somethings. I say oh Nick I am so need for you do somethings yes and thank you.

Nick smile like have the relieve feel and I was smile too like not want him have a see of me fall over. Maybe I was stare stand some and Nick say Sam what is what you want for me do and I say oh I guess I am have to tell about it so then you are know what is it and Nick say yes Sam. I say Nick if you are want to bring in some firewoods for the undersand cookfire I am be so thank you and Nick say ok Sam and smile and start carry them woods down my long ladder for me. The true of it is if him smile with him shirt off at me more I am maybe not even need them firewoods for be warm.

Snails For Nice

Kaya say about work on she house in The Cape and I member I was never give no housewarm present at her. So I get a good jar and put in some sand and also some them yellow pointy flowers I plant them in the jar. Then I go where is the wet part of my undersand place and get some them snail crawl around there. I put them snail in the jar for they live inside and when I was give it Kaya first her think them was grubs and shiver from not like they wiggle body. But then was she have the look of them snail crawl around and they nice house too and she say oh Sam thank you and I say happy have a house Kaya.

Then was we friends sit around again do nothing at she house maybe eat some good snack I don't know what is it maybe cheese but mostly talk about not much. We just laugh and laugh at all the nothing is feel so good. I was wear some them goggles for keep sand out you eyes so dark you are not have the look of the eyes of me inside. If you was see through them goggles them eyes was look at Nick the almost entire whole time. I am have the so goof smile. Grammy say about be a goof is like be so glad happy you get them bubble feels in you heart. I was look at they friend faces and have a think about Sam be so alone so long but now is I feel belong some place with folks. 

I am have a wonder is this the feel Grammy call it swoon. I member she say about swoon and have the so smile about it like a candle shine from you insides.

Friends Do Nothing Ok

Today the so hot sun is in him sky send them hots down on every body. Is the first so hot day in the long time I member how good is the feel of sun on my arms until start the burns. Nick and Kaya come to my house for say hi at Sam and we all talk about so hot. I was sweat so much and dizzy feel even. Nick too was feel them sun dizzy and him pretend like die from it and fall down in some sand. Then Kaya pretend die from it too and so I fall down like dead too. We lay in the hot sand laugh at each other be dead for the long time. Mostly we are do nothing all day but fall down and laugh. I think a friend is when you are do nothing together and still is fun. 

Home Or Just Live Here

My friend Marko go out at sun come up say about go to The N see about him job there. Marko is talk about a N job but never I seen him do the job is just always say about. Me and Mr. Dirty play fight with Jack and pull both at one stick like Tub of War is so fun with Jack him shake him head make him ears flap. Sometimes Honcho Uno make them slaves do Tub of War ten mans each side pull a big rope fight over some slippy muck and Uno tell it if one of them side are lose then Uno pick one of them ten mens get him head shot about it. Them mens always pulled so so hard.

Then Nick was in my hear yell about hi Sam and I yell hi Nick climb down in my house so Nick climb down in my house. Nick was cross him arms look around some and I say Nick why is you here and Nick slump shoulders look at my floor then small ask about should I go now. I am not even understand him boy think at all. I say no Nick I like you stay is ok. Nick say about be so tired because run around look for Squib for kill him I don't know why so I say Nick you can sleep in my hammock and Mr. Dirty and me make you a sammich. Him smile so nice then get in my hammock and stretch out him legs and so fast go sleep make him sleep grumble noise I was watch him breathe move too. Jack get the so tired feel from Tub of War so lay down by where was Nick sleep and Jack sleep too. 

I guess the look at him smooth face keep me watch him some. Also him nice hairs are always look messy but like the good messy I like. Him glasses give the look smart too. Even him funny pants are make me smile I guess I don't know why. I decide for make Nick the so good bacon sammich for him wake up eat it later and also put on some nice fresh grub for chew them. I have the feel of be the most best Sam when am I here in my kitchen make some thing for my friend eat it. 

I finish make him lunch but Nick still so sleep I just stand and watch again some. I was funny think about my house then I don't know why I was look around and have a feel of is only a place and just some bunch of things around when is not someone there for be live in it with too. When only me and Jack be in my house is the ok place for live here and all them things I put for make nice my house is ok too. But when Marko or Nick be in my house then is the most best feel of like we at home together and even I am belong here more too I don't know why. I guess I watch Nick asleep the long time and have a so think about him smooth cheek and chin. Nick wake up sudden and seen I was stand and watch at him and soft brush my finger on my cheek a lot too. Nick say hi Sam I was go asleep some then and I say I know it and hi Nick here is you sammich.

Pretties From Marko

I seen them things Marko was tease about show me and them be so pretties for Nick and Kaya and Sam I am jump around so excite about it. Marko tell about make them when was walk in the desert for ten days and say him family was give them pretties at each other for say about you be my family I like you. All them family of Marko got kilt by the Herd of Honcho Uno when was attack they village. I seen in him eye Marko is the so sad feel still about him family be dead but also was seem happy about him make pretties for us. Is make me the so happy feel I am bust a gut is what Grammy say the so so good feel is do but I never had it happen yet. 

First was I get the show of Nick necklace and I clap and clap for the look of it. The leather cord is thick for Nick be a man and have two round metals with funny pictures and words too. I am want to have the look of Nick wear it around him smooth neck. In the middle Marko make a small wrench on it him say about now Nick has all him tools in him shed plus one nother tool too. I was so laugh in my belly and roll in some sand even then also was Jack do it too for the fun of do it. 

Then was Marko show me him pretty for Kaya was have more them metals and also two feathers them too glamour for be from them buzzard. Also some beads too it was the so nice pretty and also I seen was look like the one Marko wear on him self. Marko say him brother name of Navo make him necklace and one them mean Herdsmen name of Lenny take it from Marko when him got put in the Herd. But then Marko smile say about the day we escape there Marko make Lenny give him special brother necklace back. I ask how Marko and him smile the I am not tell you smile then say it was come off him neck real easy. I am not know the mean of him say sometimes. 

Then Marko give him big smile make me feel like is my best friend in ever. Him make pretend like maybe lose something for Sam in him big bag but then was he pull out a so pretty for wear it at my neck. On the one side was the round funny metal like them other pretties and on the nother side was a old rusty key. I was tell the story of get the important key from Digger for hide it safe and how the key was open a mountain and we go inside for meet the old mutant. Marko was nod a lot when was I say about it but I guess him hear about me like a key so was one on my pretty. Also on it was two glamour feathers so soft on my lip and then was the so good middle part was a peanut. I am so not know where is him get a peanut around here. I was not say nothing just look at him big eyes and smile and like is always I cry some too. I hug him big neck for say thank you Marko and him whisper at me Sammy when I meet you have the look of a little peanut so I always call you the name of Peanut. Him say you always be my Peanut too and I am give you this for you be my family now and we are watch out for each other. I say ok Marko and him say ok Peanut at me and I was cry from the happy of it so Marko give a fabric bit for my nose run. If this is the feel of bust a gut I am so ok of it. 

Glad Some

Today when wake up after finally cool down enough for go asleep again for I don't know why I am the glad feel. Is amaze me because of the so worry so much for the so long time. Why is always a worry about some thing go wrong or some hurt is happen them things are happen anyway without you worry on them. It is live in fear and I am not live in fear. Not yet I guess but is the good goal for tomorrows. I go to my kitchen for toast them flatbread and fungus for Marko eat a breakfast and him smell them toasts and come say good morning Peanut and I smile say hi Marko. We sit and eat together and Jack too. Marko even seem better in him heart somehow and make him funny faces at me and I was laugh and laugh about him be silly. Marko say then is have something for me later on and I ask what is it Marko and him like a mystery say I am not tell you just show you later on and give him little wink. I was pretend get ready for beat him up so tell me but then I just sit down so ok. My friend Marko is so solid man and help me live without them worry and fears I think. Except for him walk ten days in some desert that was dumb. But I like him be around and I have a think maybe Marko is want to be around here too. 

Dream Of Sky Fish

I am not even know where is start for tell about the things in my dream I am still confuse of it. Why is my brain make the so umbelievable thinks in my dream them seem so real. I am just spell it here for a story but I am not even know the mean of it all.

It start with a think about the hurt of Kaya and she sad eyes when think about them scars mean Mr. Callow make on she face. I was have the so sad feel for not find the plant for help she scars is make me more sad but then I seen him and get the so fear I become hot like the cook fire even sweat too in my not dream bed. I notice about we be in the cage under the Bar of Harvey. I seen Mr. Callow behind she back and was look like a snake coil get ready for bite at she neck. I was try yell at her about the horror she was not see but my talk was not work I don't know why. 

Then I seen Nick stand there and have a nice feel. Nick say at Mr. Callow I am maybe shoot you nother knee so always you crawl all you life like a snake and Mr. Callow just hiss through him teefs at Nick like him really is the horror snake man. 

Then is come the so crazy part even in the head of Sam is pretty off the path. Grammy always say about someone go nuts is them off the path and my dream was so that. I seen Nick was ride a big fish on him fish back like ride a pony but was a fish. It was not the big water fish like was in them waters of The Rot I seen when I swim there sometimes it was a fish can float in the airs and Nick was ride him I don't know why. Then Nick yell at Mr. Callow so loud call him sea snake and say about have a tool in him shed for cut you snake head off good. Mr. Callow was just coil and stare and poke him tongue out and wiggle it too.  

Then I don't know how but Mr. Callow get on the fish of Nick ride and them both go for a fly around The Cape on they big fly fish. I was just watch them fly like be right behind them but I am not know if I was fly there too or just seen it happen. Is very confuse for my think of it. 

Then even more so off the path was the next thing was a tree on fire by the houses of Nick and Kaya. I was feel like sit inside the big tree fire and my skin was like burn from the just think it. Then Nick was fly him big fish at the tree burn and him head get inside the burn I was so worry about him smooth face get the blisters. Then also was mean Mr. Callow fly at the burn tree and him was hiss more like the snake. Who is get burnt in a tree and hiss about it I am never understand mean folks I guess. 

I am serious think about Sam is crack she head for good sometimes. What is it mean a burnt tree and fish fly you ride them in a fire. Is nuts. The last part give me the fear because Mr. Callow fly him big sky fish right at my look and him was hiss and show him teefs. I was wake up scream and cry from the fear of it and so hot too like was really in the fire. Marko hear the yells of me and run for him help but was nothing him do about the fear because is inside me. I decide for go outside in the cool night of Fissure and stand on them cold stones help some but take the long time for my breathe be right. Jack come sit with me too on them stones because friend. 

Marko Come Back

I am the so happy and some cross feel about Marko come home today. I seen out from where is a look place in my wall and was a man so big and have a big crate too. I know was Marko even from the far away my eyes are know him shape anywheres. I clap and clap about him come home and run out for say hi at Marko. But I was stop then at the back door for just stare.

Him look was been outside maybe since leave my house and more dirty than normal too. I stand by my house and get the look of him then seen was not hurt more and was maybe hungry but mostly ok. When I seen was not hurt I cross my arms at Marko and wait for him walk at me. I was give the so serious look at so him know about Sam is not so happy feel at Marko right now. 

Marko walk up then and give him big smile and funny wink at me too and say hi Peanut and I say where was you been for ten days Marko. Him say about had to go walk in some desert for have a think and the say was like just the regular thing go walk for ten days in some desert. We go inside and I was still so cross my arms at him and say about you not even tell about go nowhere and then stay gone ten days are you think I am not care about where is you go and if you are get some eat even or get kilt. Him was all play mister cool man no problem call me Peanut like I was a brat him can fool. But also in him talk and just sit there was like him have a hard think about something and not say the what is it. I am glad for have him back so tomorrow I am not be anger at him no more. But still right now is Marko in the so trouble with him little Peanut. 

Tower Look For Marko

I am not live without all them fears yet. Marko is not come home still is ten days. I am not know about him eat nothing or be hurt even I get the so fear because not know. I member about find a big metal lookyglass in some junk when was more cold out and bring it home so I move it to my tower for look out at Fissure for Marko come back. The lookyglass is some broke but in one side is have the ok look through it. I am get a headache from the long see in it but I am have the headaches all the time so ok. 

I watch and watch all day and then when was dark too but my lookyglass was not so much help me then. All them regular sound of Fissure like buzzard skreech and gunshot and angry hootcher yells make me wonder if Marko is make them sounds or maybe have them in his hear too. Mostly was nothing happen in Fissure most all the night is why I like live here because quiet. Also the look at Fissure is nice all the times even when worry so much about you friend. 

I have the feel of him be so far away somewhere but then too is the feel of him be here close in my heart. Is make me ache all day for be near him is make me whisper him name and shake from want to find and help him. Maybe Sam is crazy for feels too much but I am miss him funny says and the feel safe of him. Maybe them funny mood him have when was here is make him take a walk. Grammy say a man is just take a walk sometimes I don't know why.

The most bad part of miss you close friend is know maybe them feel the so pain about something and I am not there for help them hurts. If him is the so ache too I wisht for take away from him hurt and give it on me instead I would say ok for that trade. My feel is upsidedown and make me cry so hard then get the bloody nose again. 

Dream Of Nother Me

The so amaze dream was in my think last night. It was just the dream of me stand there but was the nother Sam too like I was have the see of my own self from outside look at me. I was just stand look at the nother me but something was not seem right and then I seen my face cross was not on she face. Mean Mr. Callow put cross on all them face was the slave of Honcho Uno and is not come off never is stain in the skin of me. I was look at my face like first time seen it that way because it was that. Then I seen how not cross face Sam was look calm like no fear in she insides anywhere. I was smile at me and say hi Sam and I say hi Sam back at me. Then nother me say a thing is so like echo in my skull still. I tell me about Sam the world is maybe mark you face for make you feel the fear but the mean world is not mark you heart unless you are ask for it to. Then me was give me some soup and it was the so good taste almost like the good of Grammy soup. Any Sam is make the best soup I guess I don't know. 

Wonder Again

Me and Jack was run around for find useful things is seem like we are never do it in the long time. We run for Cormac and have a look of the big spooner house of Digger. Jack sniff around and we seen the spot where was I kilt Ozgram ghoul with my machete in him neck and stand there for some whiles have a think. I was change for always right in them sands and now just is ants there and small trash. 

Again the sky is funny smell like fur put on some rubber then get burnt in a fire. I do the trick of Grammy say about bad stink sky her tell about crush them juniper snips and wrap in fabric bits and tuck in you face scarf. Them juniper crush is the so strong smell is confuse you nose away from the sky stink sometimes. But I guess is not really do much about the sky. I was so think about Grammy today and whist I know where was she. Marko not seen her anymore when was the day she get lost from me too. She was the so old lady then and now is even another span and some moons too so maybe she luck run out I don't know. 

Silly Mao

I am laugh and laugh at so funny kitty Mao for roll on she back and swat my foot. I also seen she hunt them bugs I am sorry feel about them bugs die but she is the so good at hunt them I guess is natural. She was see them bug and lay down so flat in some grass for cover the look of her from them bugs but I am not know if they seen here anyway. Then she careful lift she bottom and move she front feets in a point and still watch them bugs. Then is she so funny and wiggle she bottom a little before jump so fast at them bugs and in she two front feets she trap a bug on the ground and eat him bug body. Natural is sometimes make me feel throwup. Marko is still away I am not want a worry at him and I am not live in fear no more so ok. But I am wonder what is go on in him head and where is him go still.

Cave Bug

My Grammy always say about Sam you is take a bath in some water at least one time for the every moon be full. Her say was about a bath is make a girl feel good and also get them grit out you hair and toes too. I was not like a bath when was I a brat I even cry and swat at Grammy she tell me that. But then I get to like the bath feel on my skin and even the so cold water was give me bumps but make the whole new feel for Sam when is done. Today was take a bath day this moon so I went to my cave and take a bath in my tub is fill with water is drip from the ceiling. Them drips is funny brown but is ok for take a bath is not kill me yet so ok. I was bath for the long time then get out for make Marko some lunch and then I seen a cave glow bug again. Was the so long time I never seen them after the burn of my house by mean Dan Seawwconds but one was here again glow so bright it make me smile and forget all of everything when have the look of it buzz around. I clap a little soft so not scare the bug. Marko was gone when I get to my kitchen I am not know where but him spear and big bags is go away too. That man is give me the so wonder sometimes.

Dream Of Run In Nothing

I was feed my goat Curry and feel so sleep in my eyes I lay down for take a rest in him straw in him goat fort. I was sleep so fast and deep and have a dream of me run and run and run but was nothing for run on it. Like the nother dream where was the land just stop but this was no land too. The everything was nothing left and only some water so far down below was the only one thing in my look. I am not even know the why of run and run was nothing behind me neither. I maybe still be run there now but Curry push him head on me like hey get out my house now Sam so I say ok and get out him house. Him is be so funny sometimes maybe because boy I guess. 

Marko Be Funny

Marko seem so funny for two days is not say much and do chore things like bring wood for my kitchen and water too. Him is so strong is like nothing for him do it and Sam is work all day for get it done. But him talk is maybe some grumpus but not at Sam so I don't know. Him is seem frustrate and I am not know what am I do for help Marko. Him is sleep a lot too maybe talk to mean Mr. Callow is wear him out some. But I think him is stay away from people like not want for see them make the upset feel or something I don't know. I am make him some sammich after is wake up and try for make he talk at me. Maybe Marko is get the fear too I never seen it happen but I don't know him is be funny. 

Look At Me

I decide for get rid of the fear inside me. I am not know how yet but I am hunt it and grab it and toss the fear away for it be nasty in my self. I am not be small and mean. Ok Sam is small but not the mean. I go to my mirror for see if the fear is anyplace in my look. Then I have a look at me and seen in my eyes. I guess I was stare some so Jack bark at me I say is ok Jack I am just hunt the fear inside. I have a think of when I am find the fear then give it the so serious look and say no thank you good day. Grammy was always say thank you good day when was she really think screw you go away. 

Dream Of Be Blue

I have the so amaze dream of everything be blue in a canyon. I was wear my whole gear for the long walk and my legs was so tired sore feel like bend the wrong way. Sand wind was blow and blow but I have my goggles and scarf for not get grit face. I was have a feel like lost in them sand blows and which way was I go I don't know. I seen down one way of canyon and them sands blow so hard I was not know where was it go. Then I have a look of nother way and also was it so sand blows so I am not see much anywheres but blue. Why am I blue and lost I was wonder. Then like surprise in my dream think I find I was not have the fear at all. Wind was blow sharp sand and canyon was the so high not see around and every place was I don't know where is it go. But I was not have even one fear about none of them things. When I was wake up for the small while was I member the being of blue no fear it was give me the strong feel and good for me live in the world. 

Member Them Dead Folks

I was feel like have a walk today for I don't know where again but it was the good feel for get outside so ok. The sky was fire color and smell like burn them plastic. I guess my think was of bad things can happen like some mean ghoul come kill you like was Lajka and Loonella get kilt. Them girls live then die in the fear is such the waste. All them people got all them worries and hang so tight on they fear feels is never let them live they lifes. Marko say when is you live in the fear it make you small and mean. I guess them mean from the fear people make the fear in the nother people and everyone together is just keep get more fear and small and more mean too. I am just about had it with the fear.

Talk With Dirty

I ask Mr. Dirty today about the fear and why. Mr. Dirty say Sam when was you work and live in the kitchen be a slave of Honcho Uno was you have the fear and I say yes. Then him say Sam when you first become here with dirt in you mouth was you have the fear then and I say yes. Mr. Dirty ask then about Sam when Ozgram ghoul was kill you friends and mean Seawwconds burn you house and store was the fear then too and I say yes always. Then was Mr. Dirty give me him serious eye look and say Sam maybe some fear is keep you safe so is good. Him say too maybe fear is make you get up stop the cry and do some brave thing. Him say but Sam the bad fear is not come at you the fear is come from in you insides. If you are want the fear go away then find it in you self and tell it go away was Mr. Dirty say at me. Him is the so smart sometimes for just have straw in him head. I go to my mirror and open wide mouth and try for see the fear in me but was only my tongue and teefs in there. 

Where It Start

I decide for take a walk tonight. Is the so quiet feel when walk at night even hear them bugs I like they chirp. I was not know what place for go there but my feet was move and I say ok feet. I walk and walk and have the so hard think about what am I even do and how is all it happen. I wisht the thing of all my sad was have a name at least so I can yell at it. But yell at you own head is crazy even for Sam. Then like sneak up on me I seen the hole in The Rot where was I first become here with dirt in my mouth. It seem the so long time ago. I was so empty inside my think and have the so worry for everything was give me the terrible fears. Then I have a think of Sam even is still so have the fear why I don't know. I am tired of live in the fear. I wisht I can poke fear in him nasty eye with my bobby pin and say leave Sam alone she is not want it no more. I am have a bobby pin but the fear is got no eye. So then I walk home and hug Jack. 

Still Sit

Is sun out and I am sit at my desk. I am spell this here but I am not know what is the do after. My think is like work against me like my shadow is not stay in she right place on the ground and I have the so confuse about it. Kaya was say about Sam them goods in you life like soup is more big than them bad feels or when is life punch at  you face. I am not know the mean of she say very much but soup is good is true. I am hold the good think of soup today in my brains and am hope it is not slip through them big holes in there. 

The Knot

Today is the so worry come at me like a dune slide on my head and bury my breathe. My so knot belly is feel hot but all of everything else is the so cold feel. Marko is gone help Kaya then maybe kill the mean man I am not even write him bad name today. Nick is maybe shoot him ugly nother knee too I hope it true. Harvey is the so nice man for hold the mean bad horror in him cage below him bar I am make Harvey some soup special him eat it for say thank you. But none of them friend or soup or good news of the bad man be caught now is make loose the knot of me I don't know why. I have the feel of maybe my knot is the only one thing for keep me from split apart. 

Nice Think Of It

I am too think so much for go asleep now so I decide about sit on my tower for the look of Fissure with a moon so big. I am not even know what is the moon or never been there neither but when I have the look of she white face and when she is move in my see across them sky is make the glad feel inside like special friend. Her seem so far too but if I lay down so not see nothing in my side look then moon is seem so close for almost kiss she pale face. I am not even know what is the moon but still I am want kiss at it I don't know why. I am not know the mean of my own think and say even myself sometimes.

I guess am wonder what come next from the so many things go on now I don't know. When I was first become here with dirt in my mouth and empty for my head I was think even just survive is too hard but then I done that. Also then was seem unpossible for Sam build a house but I done it too and even I kilt the mean Ozgram ghoul and I was never think Sam was ever kilt nothing but I done it. Even too I was never ever in forever think of Marko come back for be my so good friend again but him just like walk from out my dream and say hi Sam and I say hi Marko. I am amaze for just stand here smile in she white light for some whiles but I am wonder too how far is she sweet moon face anyways. 

Have It Coming

After get home from seen Kaya I seen Marko was gone again. I am surprise we was not pass on him way go back to Kaya house. I was try make nice my house again it get all junk piles sometimes but then was a clunk in my behind hear and I turn for seen a shape at my ladder jump down so I fast point my gun and yell at it I am shoot you stop you climb down. But the shape then was just Nick so I say hi Nick and Nick say hi Sam thanks for not shoot me. We sit on my couch and not much look at each other but I say about the so sad feel for Kaya get hurt and Nick say Sam I am tell you a story make you feel not so much sad after is tell it to you so I say ok Nick and Nick say ok too. 

Then was Nick start the tell of how so mean Mr. Callow was get got by just Nick. Him say about was out look for them clues for I don't know what but was in Kronbelt in them dunes go so far. Then some dune was tall so Nick walk around it and sudden in him look was Mr. Callow with him big gun. Mr. Callow say him member Nick and was funny find him here and Nick say yeah funny like make fun of Mr. Callow talk at him. 

Nick was not tell me them ways of how fight Mr. Callow I think is the man thing about not tell girls them gross things for they be upset of it. I would not be upset for Nick tell me stuff but ok. Nick say after him beat the mean man Nick drag him ugly body all the way to Cape say about make sure him hit all them sharp rocks too. 

Nick say about Harvey have a cage under him Bar for keep bad folks and them was sure Mr. Callow was that so him go in the cage and lock it. Nick say maybe Mr. Callow somehow get some bloody when was they get there but not say about the how of it. 

Harvey was ask at Mr. Callow all him questions for find him good cargo was get took by them killers of caravan men. Mr. Callow was only hiss at they face and say about them regret it and them be kilt by sun go down. Harvey was laugh and Nick was laugh too but then too was Mr. Callow laugh and it was the so ugly sound them all stop they laugh then.

Then was they ask about Kaya be gone then two days and she house all mess up and a dead man was there too. I know now was Kaya kill him thug friend in a fight but Mr. Callow hit she head and take she body to Rot for hurt her more but them was not know about that yet so ask where is Kaya where is Kaya. Him was not say because so bad man. 

Mr. Callow always was talk like butter on a knife sound of warm good like help you maybe but then so fast stab him sharp talk when you blink and not even know. Nick say about Mr. Callow laugh him cold mean laugh a lot and say Nick make him biggest mistake in him life. But never was say about where was Kaya. Nick tell at me Sam we try all the trys but Mr. Callow was keep him ugly yap shut about where is Kaya. Nick is have some so funny says sometimes. Then Nick have him serious face say is only one thing will make him mouth talk and Nick show him pistol at Mr. Callow. I was get the so excite feel just listen at the say of it. 

Harvey tell Nick make this piece of nasty talk and him walk away. Then Nick tell the so amaze thing of Mr. Callow try for make Nick open the gate let him go and give him treasure for do it. Then even him say about Nick come work for me and make you the big man around with him connections. I am not know the mean of him connections but even from sit on my couch I know it was the big stink lie.

Nick was talk low soft like somebody was sleep there and say Mr. Callow I am shoot you leg you walk all bent for you whole life then too it is hurt a lot. Mr. Callow was stare and stare at Nick and say open the gate Nick is easy thing for do it. 

Nick say Mr. Callow was just look at Nick and him gun and still not say about where is Kaya. Then he so mean man look at Nick and say about you girlfriend is not be very much for look at no more after him get at her and so was the only one thing to do about it and Nick shoot him knee off. I was clap at Nick and yell thank you too.

But Nick was serious face still say about after him knee got shot Mr. Callow never scream or cry about the pain of it. Him sit in him own bloods and Nick say about him breathe was like the run around dog so fast and deep and two times say a tiny ah sound but that was all. 

Nick say then Sam I done what was say I do for you and get the bad man so you are not need have the fear of him no more. Nick say about Harvey and Marko have a chat with Mr. Callow tomorrow when him wake up and him smile. Nick smile at me is the so nice feel I was put my hand for cover my cheek.

People are tease some at Nick about him be unsmart they say at him you not have all you tools in you toolshed. I think Nick is the so brave and good in a fight too for beat Mr. Callow by just him own self is amaze. Him was not say it in him talk but I have a think about Nick was go get Mr. Callow for just me feel better. I am think Nick is got all him tools in him toolshed. I am think Nick is have the so nice shed too.