Nick Is Eat Anything

I have the look of my I don't know fish soup when them simmers was done and the soup was funny. My stock was get dark like some water from a bath and them fish meats get white and like string. I have the taste of it and was maybe taste like string too. 

Then I have the hear of my friend Nick was come to say hi Sam so I say hi Nick and he say hi Sam. I tell about make some new soup and him eyes get big like want some. Also was him shirt open.

We go in my house and I put some soup and a glamour flower on my table and say Nick here is you lunch I hope you are enjoy it. I seen him eyes see my soup and maybe was some worried about the look of string meat in it. But then was him face smile and sit down on my couch with him shirt open.

We taste the soup and maybe it was not look so good and them meats was squeak when them get chewed but Nick was smile and say about thank you Sam so I guess it was not give him the throwup feel so much.

When Nick finish him bowl I get the nother one and him eat it all too. I was not like the squeak of them fish meats but my broth was ok so I eat it. Then Nick ask for eat my fish meats and I smile for him like to eat anything. 

Then on my couch Nick was sit back and say ah and smile. I was smile too and have the feel of maybe them fish meats was flip around inside my belly. I was try hard for not have the look of him nice arms but I did.

I get the so good feel for sit in my house and make a soup for my friend. I am glad for not feel like hide in them darks now. So much is ok for Sam and I am try for member that more now. 

Then was me and Nick have a talk about all them things around and folks we know. Everyone is still look for the mean man Briel was shoot a boy in him arm. Nick say about maybe him have a plan for get Briel and I ask what is it and Nick was just smile with him shirt off.

I Don't Know Fish

I have the look of my kitchen and seen where is my soup pot just hang there over them fires without no soup in it. I have been hide in some dark so long but I decide for make a soup because I am good at the do of it. I then was go to the badmouth food trader is always talk him nasty talk at me. But I trade some things I was not need and him offer me some funny I don't know parts of fish. So I take thems for make fish soup. 

I make a stock of some onion and crush beetle and some green fungus for the good taste of it. I add too some whatisit meat. Then I put them fish parts on top for let them tastes mix and simmer. I am go find someone who will eat some soup with me. Grammy was say always give some you soup to someone who is not expect it.