I know about what is the sound in my hear outside at night sometimes. It is a ratman name Gnawbert.
I was come home when sun is high for have a snack after run around and there was a thing it give me the fear at first. Him was sniff around at fire pit by my yard wall and has the look of big rat with hat and scarf all oily. He got them big teeth too you could make a weapon with stick and rope from them maybe. Him fur was disgraceful dirty.
I say at him hullo ratman and him squeak but low and screech I did not know the mean of it. Him then wave claws at me like want to scratch eyes out but I get a roasted buzzard leg and put down leg where ratman can grab it and say here is a snack for you. He sniff and sniff and grab the leg and eat so fast. He smile at me for the leg I think. I say my name is Sam so you can call me Sam and him rat nose was twitch and look around and then slow say him name of Gnawbert. I say I live there in them metal rust boxes where is all burnt up and Gnawbert say squeaky and point him claw for say him live under the big bush right near where is my house so we are neighbors of each other. I was have a hard time at understand him funny rat words from him funny rat mouth. I think he was say about like to hopscotch on my sidewalk and I clap but it make him jump so I stop.
Gnawbert was get real close at me for try to talk and I was smell him stink fur and old meat breath. I ask about where is you family Gnawbert and him look away funny like not want to say and then say him family all got kilt with poison. It give me the sad feel for Gnawbert. Then I think he sniff me like see what I might taste like so I show him my nail gun some and him step back.
Gnawbert is not know much talk words him point and wave a lot for tell you things. I am not sure of him talk but I think Gnawbert say about a tree he seen where is all different food in it like leafs but bacon and pumpkins and buzzard legs. I was just nod at ratman but I don't know. It is sound so crazy a food tree I don't think so. Maybe is also a cheese bush somewhere too probably not. But I was be nice at new neighbor so I just smile but inside my think is Gnawbert maybe unright in him head.

Worm Is True

I am still amaze at what I seen today. Always people say about sandworm and watch out them worm come from below and eat you in they ugly mouth. I also seen some sandworm tenders meats but I was think maybe is some other meat and butcher is not want to say what meat. I never seen any sandworm I was think they are some pretend time story but now today I know them true.
I was go run around look for things like every day but I run out by where is the town on a big bridge it give me the fear for worry about fall to death all day. In the far away there was a big brown blob in my look I think maybe was a bus but then I seen teeth so not bus. I get close but not danger close and I seen worm was not move him body just still in the sand.
I walk quiet like a mouse and have a look at ugly worm mouth. Him big front teeths look like cut you in half and I was nervous about him jump and eat me. But I still seen not move him body so I was think him is dead. I poke him with my pokey stick and him was dead. Also was him smell old and like spoilt gross. I just look and look at him huge worm body and shake my head like I don't know. Him is so big monster.
I look and look at the dead worm and crawl up on him head too I don't know why. The skin of him was thick and smell bad and some parts of him body is soft my foot almost go through him skin like stuck in mud. I was stand on him head and have a think about big worm crawl around in the sand and eat folks. Also I was wonder how many tenders can you cut from one worm I don't know but maybe is a lot.

Bleedy The Dirtman

When was two moons ago I learnt them people around here have special days call Hauly Day I guess because everyone is carry stuff around then. Last Hualy Day was call Helloween and that make folks dress up so give you the fear and also you get candy I don't know why. There was never special days where I was grow up so is all weird new at Sam. This Hauly Day has the name of Giftmas and there is a thing I am hear people say about is Giftmas Tree I think it is metal not wood but I don't know. Folks are stand around it and sing so ok.
Also someone was say about make a snowman for Giftmas but I only seen snow once in my whole life never around here so I don't know how that is part of Giftmas. Hauly Days are seem crazy mostly. But I like where I am live now so I try make them Hauly Days mine too and I make a snowman for in my yard but I make from dirt not snow. Since last Hauly Day was about scare people I was guess so is Giftmas about scare you so I make some decorate on him dirt head and body too. After I make him I give the name of Bleedy The Dirtman. Maybe I am write a song about him and sing it at people around the Giftmas Thing.
When I get back from run around look for things I seen where was people add to Bleedy they own spirit of the season decorate. I look at it all and have a think about nice friends I meet here and now are dear in my heart like Grammy say about some folks are dear in the heart. I was think about antler in my lung at first but that is not the mean of it. Is like love you have for people inside you. That has a funny sound. Maybe is hard to say I guess. But I get the glad feel about friends and then play pull at a stick with Jack.


I was look and look and look all day and not find no useful things around. I was get tired from run so much and I eat some bacon and give some to Jack too and we walk home. At the house of mine was wait Ztar my friend mutant we like to talk and play. One time she come over and eat some fire with she mouth. This time her wear some funny rings around she body I was not know why.
Ztar say hi Sam and I say hi Ztar what is you wear around today and Ztar say them has a name of tyerz. I am not know the right spell of it Ztar was not know it too so the sound spell of it is tyerz. I am not know what is the mean of them. Then Ztar give some tyrez to me and say Sam you wear them tyerz too so I put them on they are heavy. Then Ztar start to dance even when no music is in my hear and she was have fun too so I start dance too and we dance together in tyerz I don't know why.
Ztar also had a so big snake with the name of Charly. Snake was crawl around Ztar body when her was dance and I guess they are friends of each other. Dance with tyerz I was have fun but dance with snake I get the fear.

A Write Place

Me and Jack too stay inside and make more good the new home of us like I make a holder for torch with some cinderblock I find and put it at the so good place for light the room nice. Undersand is so dark you are even not know when the day outside. I decide about make a nice place with table for write my spells like this write here. I am write at this a lot so have a nice place for do it is good. I put on my table books from I find around and also not get burn in the fire of my before house. Some books are I don't know but some I can read they spells of things. Some are stink moldy too but still I like a book if even it is smell bad and rotty because somebody who live once make the write of it and now even them dead they still talk at you when you are read they write. I was wonder on maybe if my write here is ever be read by someone after the dead of me and maybe will they think about how I am talk at them from where I am dead. My head is funny with a think sometimes so I don't know. I put nice pictures on the wall of my write place one of a pretty lady take a nice drink. I think she is say at me have a nice drink Sam you new house is the so nice place for live in it so I say thank you picture lady and sip at some hootch I hide in my kitchen.

New Undersand House

Today I think is I am all done with make my new house. When I find them undersand rooms of metal it was so gloom I try for make it nice home with good on the walls for look at and warm and light better too. I am lucky about store my foods and supply below in the undersand because them not burnt up by Seawwconds. I even have a chair so ok. Jack was feel like nice home too so we get the glad feel together.
The so funny part in new house is my kitchen also is the front door. The way down to undersand rooms is only one metal shaft so ladder up and down are happen there but also my cook fires is make smoke so also must be at the up shaft or choke and die. Maybe is a funny house but this one is not burn down.
I am so proud feel about make my new kitchen. Is even bigger than my old kitchen and I make a grill from a cut metal drum I find so I got two cook fires now. Also I make a chop block because Grammy was have a chop block and I was always so want a chop block. Now I can make soup of rat and chop him body right next to the soup pot. Is the so good thing.

Funny Night Hear

After me and Jack are tuck in for sleep in my hear was something funny. It was like a walk sound on the metal top of my house but also scratchy sound. The whatever thing sound big like heavy I hear it in him walk around. Also maybe was him wear boots with sharp on them for the scratchy sound I don't know. Jack was get short mouth and start growl at it but I say shh Jack and he stop growl at it.
The sound was go away in a while and me and Jack think ok for sleep now. But I hear again the funny sharp boot sound outside on where is my hopscotch. Also was a sound like screechy bird but low big sound. It was hard have a good hear of it from my undersand house but I am not go chase after night sounds.
Also was I hear scratchy sound at my back door too. The sound is like the big fork scrape at my metal wall like try get in it give me the fear. Then Jack bark two times at it and him scratchy stop I think he go away then because no more in my hear after barks. Jack was go over at where is the ladder for climb up and sit and look up for the long time. I say silly Jack we are safe from funny night sound in here but him was guard the ladder so ok good dog. I will go see if scratchy marks are somewhere when it is sun come up. I wonder what is the thing make the sounds.

Rat At BBQ

I go for the morning run around look for things and I seen the big ratman again. Him was look at my house from the far away all day one day and him wear a funny hat and hair like wash in dirty oil. I seen him today at the place of Glug the pigman butcher. The shop of Glug is call BBQ I don't know the mean of it and him have for sale meats and different dead body for eat them up I get some bacon there once. It was funny for get bacon from a pigman but it was have the good taste so ok. Ratman was watch the door of the shop of Glug like hungry but the shop was closed. Ratman look around for Glug I think maybe they mamimals are friends I don't know. Ratman just runaway then. I seen where Glug is have a sign too it say YES WE HAVE HUMAN VEAL and I think it mean baby meat. Maybe I am not get bacon from Glug again.

Remind Of It

Today me and Jack work the long time on make the undersand a nice place for live in it. There is everywhere stink and black from fire still but Jack and me clean and move things and lower on some rope what we are need for make a new house. We only stop work two times all day and then just for take Jack up the ladder for make him nasty. I like my plan for new kitchen and so much was work on today but still is not done. Me and Jack look around at what we done and we sniff and wag like proud of it. Tomorrow we maybe finish my kitchen and then maybe I cook the eggs Honeypie is give at me. After be work all day in undersand I decide take Jack for the run around him is love it so much. We only find funny metal parts for something I don't know and also some wires. I guess we run some new places and find a funny old building where is a wet hole in front. We climb inside the funny building where is nobody and seen it was all broke up. My look from the top room there is nice and seen very far. In the rooms was lots of small chairs and small tables like everyone small sit at they own table. Also was one big table and chair in front of them little table chairs. I don't know the mean of it.
Then I seen on a big green wall is the spell of YOU BELONG TO SEAWWCONDS. It is really bother me when a day of I work hard on my house and then go out and see the spell of him name who burnt my first house on walls all over. Jack lift him leg on the green wall and I say good Jack and we run back home. Almost there we find some grubs and Jack eat some and I eat some. I cut them for two pieces and wait but Jack eat them grubs when they are still wiggle it make me so throwup for the think of it. Jack is not care so much if they tickle inside the belly of him I guess.

Sorry At Witch

I seen more Seawwconds wall marks. What is him big deal I wonder and also I whist my machete was in him neck. Now I am cure from sick I start to think about the WItch and she beat me for say dumb things at her. I was feel bad and write a note but can Witch read spells even I don't know. Maybe she friend can read for her. Here is what I spell at her Hullo The Witch, I know you not like me very much and you are think I am weak and dumb. I am also know you would eat the meat of me and not even have a think about it. I know these things and I have a thing for you must know. I am sorry for made you mad. I was have the so sick that day and the fever was make my head funny and I say things at you I wisht I didn't. I don't know why. Maybe you right about dumb I guess. Please have the peace Frut I leave here. It is not poison is just the small way I am say sorry. I have the so bad feel when somebody is hate at me. Please forgive stupid Sam. from Sam Also with the note I leave a Can Frut because I member Witch is like them Frut. I leave it on the wall of where is mutant town. I am feel so shame I hope Witch will not hate at me any more. Or just not beat on me is ok too.

Cure Again

Today I dig and dig and find my cures for so sick I hide in some sand. I was so tired from dig and dig when I seen the bottle of cure finally I just laugh and laugh and Jack was look at me funny. I was sit right there in sand and open the bottle and hold my nose and drink the stinky thick in one glug. At first I was feel throwup because taste like nasty but then I was start to feel better after. I eat a little flatbread and it stay inside so I am feel like maybe the good thing is happen and I am cure now. It make me want to run from everyone I see incase they are have the sick. My head is still hurt from where Grumpus Witch beat me for say dumb at her I wisht the cure is fix my black eye. But also the nother good thing was Honeypie my chicken make a egg for me. It is tiny blue egg is so funny for small egg from big chicken. I say thank you Honeypie and she was cluck like you welcome Sam. Tomorrow I am cook the egg and maybe bacon too in my new undersand kitchen. But I have to make the kitchen first so maybe tomorrow after tomorrow then for a egg.


Sam is have a curse I know it now. I wisht today I was the so bitty grub nobody has in they look so nobody can be mean at me or even see me there because almost unvisible. Then I just crawl away and not make even a trail. It was start when I wake up and still feel the so sick today even more. It was hard climb down to where was my sick cures I hide in some sand and I was shiver so much and cough too. My eyes so full of guck and hurt I guess I was not find the right place where is hide my cures. I know I put them under some sand there and also nobody else is ever go down there too. I dig at a few places but not find them cures. I was have a think about what more worse is happen and even laugh about the think of it. Stupid Sam.
I member today is when meet at the camp of Digger for everyone talk and trade they things. I was want to go for find out if anyone know more from Seawwconds but then also was I am sick and if I go maybe I make my friends sick I am not want that. I wrap my face in thick cloth I pull from old stuffed chair and walk to where is the Digger camp and I stay away so I can hear but not make sick nobody. People see me and say Sam why far away and I say stay back from me I have the sick again. I lay down in sand and watch everyone and have them in my hear. I guess also my brain was sick and make me say stupid Sam things.
But first Tralala say about she seen Dan Seawwconds last moon I was so amaze at hear about it. Tra say Dan is dark-like and wrap in dark cloths too. She never seen him mean face I guess. Tra say Dan say about I own you all and make Fissure him own land same as on them walls he spell. Too bad she was not fill him head with iron right then and save my house. Tra was be nice at Sam for be sick and push hot tea at me with a stick. Everyone was say poor Sam at me too. Then Tra say about trouble is come in threes and I member Grammy was say that too sometimes it must be true. Then so if house burn down is one and get the so sick again is two what is then three I was wonder. Maybe locuss.
But my three was a Mutant Witch not locuss. She is grumpus from the first I meet her and wear dead things. Sometimes she talk about eat the face of people like is just beans and flatbread. Today it was start I think when the Witch ask about who has some coffee beans. Blind Trader Man trade me some them dark beans for my junk one time and I say that out loud but not say about I want to keep them so she was offer me stuff for them beans but I was not want to trade her. So then Grumpus Witch was get cross and say about Sam you house burn down because you dumb and weak maybe you think it should rain on you candy and coal. She is so talk funny from she nasty teefs but she say that. She was like the bur in my hat and I was get cross too I guess from fever. I don't know why I just get a little rock from the sand and cough on it some and throw it at the Witch. I guess that was make her mad maybe and she get she clobberstick so I put more little rocks inside my sick mouth for spit at her. But she calm down some and everyone was talk more and make sammiches. I wisht I stayed quiet then and go sleep but I was awake for be stupid. I watch the Witch make her sammich and talk and talk about she mutant things and someone say about carry more stuff if you are got four arms. I guess I don't know why but I say what is maybe ok for the think of it but bad for the say. I sit right up and say about Witch she little wiggle arms are only good for poke at cheese. Then I guess was Grumpus come over and beat me with she mean clobberstick on my head. Also she kick me I am just lay there be sick in sand and she kick and kick me. Nobody was come over to help Sam for incase of get sick from me. Too it was my stupid talk so I get the club alone. I wisht I was not so slowlyhead like Lajka say about Sam. Maybe I have the slow head is why I got the curse too. Maybe Grumpus is right about Seawwconds burn my house because Sam is dumb and weak. That is why Witch beat on me so why not burn my house for it too I guess. I am lay down now and try for member where my cures at.