What A Dump

So ok I am go make my shop again. My think is even if mean is in the world so am I too there and if I am do nothing mean is win. I am not let mean Dan Seawwconds win. So I go and start where is the most important thing for make it better and try for wash away FEAR. Them mean spell on my wall are the so hard clean off but I start with FEAR then when F is gone I was laugh at SEAWWCONDS MEANS EAR and think maybe leave it for everybody laugh at Dan too. But then I was get angry when I have a look at the name of SEAWWCONDS so I wash off him ugly name I work angry hard and it go away so there. But then was just left MEANS EAR and was not so funny as before so I scrub it clean off too. I sit back and see the clean wall and Jack woof like good job Sam and I give him bacon and some for me too. We sit in some sand eat bacon and see at the wreck of store. When was a big mess and everything is everywhere Grammy would say what a dump and my store was what a dump. But I am make my shop safe and good again and if Dan come back for more mean fun at me I am put my machete right in him neck.

Stay Inside

Today I am not go out again. Headpains are make me slow and pinch my eyes and even I get the bleed nose from cry so much about so much. I am sleep more now maybe go outside tomorrow maybe. Friends are say at me Sam make you store again but why if mean dumb boys come smash it up for they fun.


I am hide in my cave in some sand all day because cool on my head. Headpains are so hurt me I am not sleep only worry and feel the so sad. A sinkhole is in the head of mine and I am fall and fall in it sometimes like now. I am hang on like wise kitty of hang in there baby picture is so smart kitty. But today is hide in sand for a while. I wisht the headpain was go away for all ever because live is hard enough without it.

So Sad Morning

Jack run off early before sun come up I think for find mean Dan Seawwconds from follow him stink. I wisht Jack is bite him boy parts off. I just go watch sun come up on the junk from was my store. I am all cry out of tears and just sit the morning on the ground. My friends Kendo and Asbin stop by and say poor Sam at me and they will make Dan dead if he is in they look. Before I was think about make a nice cafe for expand my shop but now I am only serve scraps of wood and fistful of rubbles.

Horror Come Back

My hand I am make this spells with is shake so much I maybe can not spell about the so horrible day. I have a feel like the rock at a bottom of river so cold and hold so still and everything is go so fast around me. So much trouble is find me I wisht I was hide in a river or just wash along out to the big water then sink away for ever.
It start today I give Jack a day off for run around him been so good for work in the store a lot. Jack was trot away happy go to whatever him do and I just make nice the shelfs and then I member the so good grubs I leave in my kitchen so I go get from my kitchen the grubs. Then I member need to feed Honeypie chicken so I feed her for the little while too. But when I come back close to my shop again I have the hear of things get broke and also have the hear of hiss and rattle sound like snake in my shop.
I was not know what make them the sound but for sure it is in my shop and make noise like break it all and snake. I listen at the sound and hear a laugh too it was a mean man sound. I get the so fear because I seen then I leave my pistol in the kitchen. I get a pokey stick for pokey in the eye maybe and then quiet like a mouse crawl in for have a peek around at it.
Then I seen him was make the noise. Him was at center of my shop and all around was my shelf and sign and all them things I sell and sammiches and my chair and the box where Jack nap is all broke up and toss around like junk. And him was the center of all broke up a man with mess of blood on him shirt and big around arms for the hurt of people. Him have the look of sweaty and mean and I seen right where him kick down my shelf there put paint words on the wall and them words give me the ice bones.
It was the name of Seawwconds him make on my shop wall and when I read it I yell and yell I was not think about it just yell and stand up and run in the shop. Him jump back because coward and then stand at my shop door smirk at me. I was try keep my head from blow up and gulp at air and my belly was the feel of get punch over and over. Him was only stand and watch my run around like a girl cry is the funny show for him.
Then was him say first words at me I never forget the way him chicken hair wobble when wag him head for talk at me. Also him hold arms open like here is the special gift for you and him say at me hi Sam I just wipe my boy parts on all you sammiches and pillow then he squeeze him parts for show me where he means. I say mister why are you smash my shop and be gross at Sam and him was only laugh like enjoy it all. Then him make nasty spit on my poster of so wise kitty and say at me this is two times I visit you Sam are you member the first time it was a so hot day and him laugh and laugh. I stare at him only and feel them cry drops go down my neck. I say maybe I am know who you are mister and you better go before my big dog get back and bite you face off. But him just try hit me with a nasty spit then and grab at my sammiches and flatbread and put them in a bag and then turn and start walk away like such a nice day outside for him. I was shake and think almost nothing because surprise of it and I just follow him outside I don't know why.
I guess he hear me follow and so fast turn around for scare me. I member him was make a funny stand like show angry teeth and puff him rooster chest and make him arm muscles big and curl him big arms for make fists near him belt. Him can not even make the spell of him name right and look like puffy chicken boy but still I am have the so fear when him turn around for look at me so close. Then I have the hear of a voice say something and then I have a think of I know the voice of them and then I member the voice and it was the voice of me say it out loud. I say at him why mister why are you bring mean to Sam and broke and burnt my everything. The sun was start go away and the so good gold light of warm color was start I love the good feel when is the gold light time. But even gold light shine on him was not make him pretty. Him poke a brown tongue at me and say Sam I wreck you everything because I am have fun and if you try stop me I will have my fun with you too. Then he look at me funny like maybe eat me I don't know but it give me the so cold feel. Then mean rooster boy just turn walk away like nothing is funny about it. I was only stand and watch him go like the stone in a river just stay still and see it all happen.
The sun was go down more and make so glamour clouds and I just sit in some sand and cry. My shop BUY IT GOOD is only a broke up dream and now I am wake up and there is no more of it. I shut my look and squinch my eyes so tight closed and wisht I was just asleep now and this was not really happen but then I open my look and it did happen. I was not move even let the torch burn out on the sand. I start again with remind myself of the good things but then give up and just cry.
When was just get dark Jack come back from him walk around. He come in sniff at everything like so important smell and him back hair all stand up like pay attention. Jack make circles around BUY IT GOOD and start to follow the smell path of rooster boy but then he come back and sit by me. Jack put him chin on my leg like sorry Sam and I pat him head and cry. Then my good dog sniff and find one bag of flatbread was not smash or steal and Jack put it down by me. I say at him oh Jack you are my so good friend and we just sit close together and I feel some better for have a friend but also maybe I think Jack was roll in nasty today somewhere.
It get night and Jack and me still just sit in the broke pile of BUY IT GOOD. At least no customer come look for buy things tonight it would be so shame for them see such a mess. But I was just sit like the stone at river bottom and feel cold from my inside. Again my so happy is ruint by someone with so mean in they heart. Again for two times Dan Seawwconds come smash my whole everything just for have him fun and all Sam can do is sit and cry in some sand. The Witch is so laugh at me if she hear about this.
When was the late night we are sit there still and Jack put him paw on my arm like come on this is dumb. I stare at my friend for the long time because I was not know what to do next. I say ok Jack we go inside now and I give you sandworm tender for be a good boy. We go inside and I lay on my sofa stare at the ceiling. I guess I fall sleep there because have a dream about wear a so glamour dress and my hair is soft in a pile on my head and even pretties at my neck and then a big black rooster flap at me and make him bird nasty all over on my glamour dress. Seawwconds is even be mean at me in my dream now. I am spit a bullet at him next time.

Enough Is Too Much

Jack and me open the shop of BUY IT GOOD in the so early because we like it. Nobody is buy sammiches yet I don't know why is maybe hard for people decide which one is they pick for eat it because all them is so delicious sammiches. I was then have a think about put some chair and table by the shop for people eat there. Maybe I can make a place so glamour for people sit and eat there and call it Magic Beak Cafe I don't know why. Is a nice name my mouth is like the saying of it.
No people were come to the shop of mine again so I say Jack you are watch the store and Jack woof him say ok. So I have a run around and find some good things I need for make stuff. Also today was blind trader man at Cape offer me savory spice so I trade him and get them for make more grubs yum. I was have the so yea feel and run to home but then I surprise seen it again I almost forget the horror of him.
It was the name of Dan Seawwconds on a wall and still is spell him own name dumb. The words I seen was new so I guess Dan is still lurk around here after burn my house and make the so big threat at everyone. Then I have a think of BUY IT GOOD and the so bad imagine of Dan burn my shop and sammiches and maybe Jack too. It give me the fear so I throw a rock at him spells on the wall I don't know why. Rock was bounce back and hit my chin and bleed me some so ok is dumb for get mad at walls. I am not tell people the real about how my bleed chin was happen or maybe if someone is ask I just say oh that I get when I was fight a badger.
I was then run home but have the heavy feel in my brain so I find a nice sit place and sit. Just try to stay calm is the so important thing. I eat a bacon and try not think about horror of mean Dan. I am have enough of him and I think enough is too much of Dan Seawwconds. I have a think of put maybe doors on my shop for lock it safe from Dan but then I worry I was worry too much and that give me the fear again. Is like a gourd rattle is shake and shake in my head and I sit and sit for wait it go away. In a while then for some reason I was think about my house and get the miss it feel so I run home and say hi Jack and him say the little woof again is mean nothing happen when you was gone.


In my shop BUY IT GOOD I am sell flatbread like crazy. I have a think it is the recipe of Grammy make it taste so good. She say at me about secret is toast them yellow mold before add it in for dough is make the flavor so yum. But if you are read this please don't tell about Grammy secret ok.
I decide for try something new with flatbread because lots of people is hungry now so I was think give them sammiches. I go to my storage of food and get some nice bits for eat them and make some sammiches for sell in my shop. One was so good bacon on flatbread sammich with good sauce I make from herbs and bacon grease because if you are want a bacon sammich then more grease is so good for you.
Also I make some sammich of no meat in it for people who are not eat the meat of things I don't know why. I roast some so good green fungus and dress them inside flatbread with the mix of chicken egg white I whip so froth up and also one spit of vinegar for jazz it up. Grammy was always say about food and jazz it up but I am not know the mean of jazz is maybe a so good taste I think.
Then I decide for make the more meaty sammich because many of peoples are love the meat of things. I got some maybe horse or coyote I am not for sure know what is the meat but them look so good on flatbreads so ok sell it. I add the pinch savory spice too for jazz it up. When I am make a food for someone I get the good feel of help someone and also maybe them are eat it and come back for want more.
I make a line of sell it sammiches and wrap in some color papers for look good and people buy it. I like to put them things on my shelf and maybe have a think about somebody eat it and be strong and happy. I put some lemon leafs on the shelf where is them sammiches too so look glamour in my shop. Me and Jack then sit and wait for somebody hungry walk by and smell them so good sammiches of Sam.

Happy Sick Bird Day

Today I have the loud hear it of hoop and shout about have a party. All of Fissure was run around drink some hootch for the party of it but what is it for I don't know. I maybe hear somebody say about Happy Sick Bird Day but I don't know why have a party about sick bird so maybe is wrong. So many people I seen at Happy Sick Bird Day too some people even I only ever hear about before was there. Also they was play music call Red Zone sounds for dance a lot too and funny games and then a old man was tell the long so good story and sing in mutant talk around a fire. Even I hear a so haunt me tone of hurdy gurdy I am love the hear of it. When I hear first the name of hurdy gurdy I was think somebody wear a girdle that poke ouch in them side meat. But the true of hurdy gurdy is a box for make so good music a lady Diamanda was play at us. I have a see around at people then and the look at friends I know and some I maybe like to know and I was have the good feel about folks.
It was same time of season last span when I became here in a hole in the Rot and not member nothing in my head from beforetimes because hit so hard a lot and fall down on my brain. I was live nowhere and know nobody and eat mold and hang on live somehow. Even I was think about have a jump off the bridge so sad was Sam. But I find a good place in Fissure and make a house and kilt a mean ghoul and make free a big mutant and then my house was burnt down and I build a new house and get the so sick Rust Mouth and then get a goat and a dog and a chicken and more was happen even. All in just one span too is make my head spin some for say it all together. So I have a think about be around folks and join they funny sick bird party is so better instead of be in a hole with a broke in you head.
I walk home after Happy Sick Bird Day party and feel the so good feel about love everything around it was not just hootch. Then I seen in some sand where was some metal lumps like skull so I go look and they look more like skull lumps. I quick dig them up because maybe someone have the hootch too much and drop they lumps here and maybe come back soon. So I grab and run home first for have a look at.
I was so shock and amaze at three so pretty things after polish them some. I smile and smile at them all in a line so glamour all for Sam. I was play think about games and make pretend them lumps was special awards give to Sam because so special. One award skull lump I pretend is for Be The So Nice Person At Everyone Award and have a think about how everyone was shout yay at Sam and I was say thank you thank you for like me. Then was the nother imagine trophy I get about Have The Best Glamour House Award and I wave and say again thank you at everyone and have the so glad feel about the make of my house. Then was walk I around hold my lump skull awards and wave at all them people in my think who love Sam and yell it at me too. Then my pretend think of number three award was Best Small Size Dog Friend Award it was for Jack not me. But I am accept the award on him behalf for him.

Game All Day

Yesterday I make a new hopscotch place in some sand by my shop. I use some tires from find around and make the jump places just so for jump them good. I was jump and jump and Jack was chase at me and bark too.
Then when sun is come up today me and Jack open the shop of us and then go play more at hopscotch. I think the sad of Gerald die is make me jump and jump from want to forget. I miss him little mouse body in the corner of my look always. Even I sweep him little nasty pills away and it make me sad for think about him.
Then my mutant friend Ztar was come by and I say hi Ztar and she was say hi at me and also what is the scratches on you house. I say about that is the sign of my and Jack new shop it say BUY IT GOOD is the shop name. Also I say at Ztar come see my new tire hopscotch because Ztar was first show me about the so many use for tire. We both then hop and jump for hopscotch fun. I like play with Ztar.
After sun was over top we go back in the shop of mine and Jack woof a hello at Ztar. Ztar is the so good hunter and crouch like maybe attack at Jack but then she and Jack are think ok about the other. Is like they say things at each other but not in words and talk I don't now how.
Ztar was talk about trade she five scrit for honey coated cinder beetle larvas I got on some sticks in my shop. I say ok for trade that and then mutant Witch was there at my shop too. I get the fear from her because so beat me up sometimes. I even leave a note with sorry in it at the wall of mutant house with some frut too for she eat it and I am sorry. But today she was grumble and throw a rock at me so maybe is just stay bad with Witch and Sam I don't know.
After Ztar was go then I say Jack watch the place and things for sell them and I go play hopscotch by my alone self. Even I get my backpack and gear too and put all on like go have adventure and I hopscotch with all them weight on me. I was feel like get strong and tired too and Ztar was say about good practice for climb the mesa at Cormac. I was never know hopscotch is a good skill for help you in regular things. Oh tire hopscotch I am play at you all day I like it so very good.

Dead is Gerald

The world is feel like not all them parts of it are here and I have the so sad feel. When I wake up Jack was sniff at something so I go see and it was Gerald. Him was lay and have a hard to breathe and look so tired too. I tell at him oh Gerald you are look so sick and I get him crumble from cheese wheel. Him sniff him little nose at it but not want eat it. Gerald was always love some cheese. Me and Jack stay with him and make a box with bits of fur for put him in the soft of it. Gerald lick the water drop from my finger but then he soft go to sleep and not wake up again. I stay with Gerald and Jack too so him friends sit with him for go to sleep and die.
Sometimes headpains in my head are happen all on they own but also sometimes is a sad thing happen and the headpains come then too make it worser. I sit with Jack and have a cry about Gerald. I go outside for get some air and the feel of sinkhole in my brain is like fall and fall and so hard to climb out. The sad feel like grab and shake me. My little friend was live in my house even before me and survive the fire too. Apiz was always want to eat Gerald but I tell about him is my mouse friend and not eat Gerald because him so nice. I wisht nice would make live forever but Grammy say everything is dead sometime and nobody alive is stay that way. The lose of my sweet little pal is the so hard thing.
Jack and me tuck in Gerald body in the box with fur for him sleep good. I take him down to the undersand cave and make a hole in some sand at him favorite cave place. Gerald was sometimes in the cave and then sometimes in the house of mine him had a secret hole for get there I don't know where still. Then I member a story Grammy was tell sometimes about the broken glass for drink it. She was say about I love this glass for drink things it is hold the water so good and the light is so glamour through it and even tap it for the so good sound in you hear. But then if them winds blow it from the shelf or clumsy elbow is hit it and nice glass is fall at the floor and break then we are say of course is all broke now. But if you have the think of it like the so glamour glass is already smash and broke then every sip you have of it is precious.

Secret Shop At Store

I give Jack some morning off today at BUY IT NOW because him is the so good dog for work at my store keep it safe. Also maybe him is dog stink the place some so good for air it out. I walk back to my yard for get more sell it things and I seen a little scavenge girl have a look at my sell it things on my shelf. I never seen her around before she maybe is the same old as Sam I don't know. She hair was like rope.
She was the so dirty girl too and have the rough look and she grip a rattlesnake tooth weapon like ready to swing it anywhere. I decide for stay clear and have a secret look at what somebody come to my store is do by they selfs. Mostly she was look around and be nervous and twitch at any sound like when them nasty mouth crow caaw and caaw across Fissure then she jump. I had the member of Sam be jumpy when I was live nowhere and have nothing maybe everyone who is live like that is have the fear all the time too I don't know.
I just stay behind the wall and have a see through wall crack at she look around. Her never touch something just stare and seem like not know what nothing is for. I have the think of go help she find some buy it thing but her was so jump at things I was not want to make the fear of her more bad. Also was her have no bag for carry nothing for trade so maybe not be the customer anyway. Her maybe got no scrit either because no pocket. Jack come by for have a sniff then and scavenge girl was run away fast so I goodbye at her. I hope girl is have the warm place for stay alive in the so cold at night because her got no shoe or even no bits of fabric for wrap on she feet. If I knew she place for live in it I would give a secret flatbread at she door for maybe her not be so fear of the world.

What Is It Mean

I run around so much look for chemicals for make things for sell or trade them and I seen some funny wall pictures. Them is have some spell and letter and number I am not know the mean of it. Also in it is lots of weapon so maybe is a big gun show I don't know.

Still Mean Around

I was not sleep after sell a gun so I decide for have a run around look for things. I find some good find and then I run at the Rot for the look of old places of Sam. But then on a wall when run in Rot I seen the spell of mean SEAWWCONDS again. Even was still spell him own name wrong I don't know why. I was stand and have the look of him name and have too a long think about him burn my house like watch it all over. From my think even I have the so hot feel on my face from see my house burn again because member it so much. I guess I was stare at wall and member things until my belly say about Sam go home and eat so I go home. My new home is so nice and Jack live in it and Curry and Honeypie and Gerald too. I eat some green fungus and just have the look at my house. Maybe if I am meet Dan Seawwconds ever I tell him mister all you mean at me just make me better because give challenge for survive it. And nobody even afraid of you just make dumb wall spells everywhere so who cares nobody. You are lose and I am win mister Rubblehead. Maybe is mean for say it like that but I guess I am get older and not care so much what somebody is think about me anymore.

Sweet Plum

Today the make a shop and wait and wait is pay off from the nother customer at BUY IT GOOD. I seen him at run around look for things him is name Asbin. He come by and I say Asbin this is the new shop of mine and he say wow Sam I like you shop is have a nice look.
Asbin say about meet a girl later and want to impress her so maybe get something nice for give at her. I was say about this and this would be a so nice lady gift but him was not think Chemical X enough romantic and maybe a Medkit is send the wrong message. I like Asbin him shirt is fuzzy.
We were talk and talk after look around my shop so I was have the think him not buy nothing but then he say Sam I got to leave now. Then I get surprise he say about I will take the hunters rifle. He pay me good for my rifle so BUY IT GOOD is true now. Grammy was say about when a good trade happen is called a sweet plum and today was the sweet plum for Sam and Jack. Asbin go then for meet him lady and what lady is not like a good firearm I don't know.

Open Again

Me and Jack are regular get up early and put things out for sell in my shop. I like be open with sun come up but maybe Jack is not get the glad feel about it and mostly him sleep in him box. I have a coffee and then a look at Fissure so glamour color in the morning. Nobody more came in the shop so far but I think the sell of something maybe is happen today I don't know. I put torch by the sign of shop and also torch in back for warm my hands and also look nice on things I sell too. I like the good feel of say hello to morning even in the so cold I guess morning is the most good time. Grammy was always say at me about the early girl get the grubs. But I know them grub are not go away anywhere for day or night either so I guess I don't know the mean of it.

Sell More Maybe

Jack and me put things out for sell it again today when is sun come up. Jack was sleep mostly and I put new sell them things at my shelf. Even I add another shelf for expand the shop and also put my sell it bags with flatbread in nice look basket instead of sit in some sand. I put more savory grubs and some candy too maybe someone will get them candy and a canon stock. Also is a pretty good price on hunter rifle so maybe I am help the smart shopper kill they problems faster I don't know.

First Sell It

Today Jack and me open my shop BUY IT GOOD when sun come up for maybe morning sell something. I put a chair in my store for sit in it and wait and then I sit and wait in it. I think I was sleep some in my chair because I was surprise at someone say hello Sam. Jack give a little woof but I seen it was my friend Harvey come say hello at me so I tell Jack is ok Harvey is good. I say at Harvey see it my new store BUY IT GOOD and him say about I see it maybe I will have a look at you stuffs.
Harvey look all around and say hmm sometimes too I don't know what at. I was sit in my chair and be relax but inside I was so excite about maybe sell something. Jack was just lay back down for take a nap. Harvey said he like some flatbreads I make from the recipe of Grammy and also him buy the today only special of savory grubs. I guess Harvey was hungry so he come buy at my shop and give me the so good feel about be a shopkeep now. Harvey tell about the best taste of a grub him ever put in him mouth and I smile. Then Harvey was pay me for them foods and he give a wooden scrit them traders take like it is value of something I don't know why. But I take the scrit of Harvey and say thank you for shop at BUY IT GOOD and my first customer was go away happy. I once member my friend Marko was say about in the new store is good luck to put you first earn it on a wall. I guess I don't know the mean of it but I was not want the bad luck so ok. But the walls of BUY IT NOW shop is metal and no way to hang scrit there. So I nail a scrit on the table for the luck of it.

Jack Manage It

Still today no sell of anythings at the new shop of mine maybe need the advertise I don't know.
I find a so good cardboard box and put it in my shop with a blanket for Jack have a nap at work or just watch my store from him new box palace. I say ok Jack you are manage the store when Sam is salvage or go see someone and Jack give the look of everything under control and him proud at have a job.
Jack is the so good boy. I give him some meat I am not know what meat is it but Jack was not care and like it a lot and after come lean at my leg for pet me. Him is smell like dirty corn and ear and I am have the feel of love at him too. I am lucky Sam to have the so good friend of Jack as my buddy.
I know Jack is good guard my store so I do the run around look for useful things and find a sew kit so I am make a sharktooth belt now is my lucky day I guess. Now I just make a decide about take the new good belt to Blindman or Pigman for them sucker trade deal or maybe now sell it in my shop. For all the nobody shop there.

Wait For Sell It

Today Jack and me sit in my shop BUY IT GOOD and wait and wait for someone come buy something. One time Jack get a sniff of I maybe think was customer smell but it was maybe just Gnawbert come home because Jack settle down after and lick him feet. I make clean and nice the shelfs and face them product too. I have a good feel about sell it in my shop I hope someone is get the good feel about buy it here soon.