Some Nice Thinks

Today I am stay in my kitchen for make my house good feel again. My grubs and snails are get fat in they jars for maybe eat them and I was think about add my savory spice on them. I ask Marko and Kaya if them bring Nick over for feed they selfs of my big fat savory grub but Marko say about go fishing I don't know why is the fish so big deal but ok.  

So I make more every thing in my kitchen just so is what Grammy say about all them things in they places is just so. I am look at the good things I have sometimes and get the feel of be lucky for them things in the world of so mean. I put a green fungus in my pocket for try member about them good things when I am start to have the bad feels. Also is the nice lunch so is more good of it too. 

Them Good Rats

I was wake up not know what I am do about nothing then Jack was run to me and bark him bark say come with me for see something Sam so I go with Jack. Him walk so excite and take me at the nother end of Fissure from where is my undersand house. Jack stop him walk at a funny broke house was just some junk place like all them other junk places around so I was not know why was him be so excite about it. Jack look at me like you stay Sam so I stay and watch Jack run around the nother side of the broke house. Then was I hear a squeak and some sound of fight about something then Jack was proud march back with a fat rat in him mouth and drop him rat body on my feets. I was pet him head so hard for say thank you Jack and then him was run back around then in a while bring the nother dear rat on my feets. When was we leave for go home I have six so fat rats for make a soup so good for a good dog name of Jack. I am not know how them rat are get so fat but Jack is know where they fat rat house is so ok.

Best Hide Place

I have a hear about some kid get took by maybe some ghoul give him candy in Fissure. Some folks was say about maybe is Mister Callow come back from be dead now is Callow ghoul. I get the fear of just think of it. I was think too about the kid got took and how somebody is maybe be mean at him right now. I am not know what I am do about all them hurts in the world is make me feel like hide sometimes and give the panic feel too. Then I was run to Rot for hide in my best hide place them stink tunnels. When was I first become here and my head was more broke than now I was hide in the stink tunnel for the safe of it. I was not be in the tunnel for the long time it was fogs in there I don't know why. Also was it stink still. I was not find no kids in there.

Bug Is Nice

Them bug I seen in the swamp again. Not them same bug of climb in a tree also good for soup. Them bog bug is like them tree bug but grow so big I am almost ride they bug back. I am so amaze from the world sometimes is give me the small good feel for just be around for see it all. Them bug was march in they line to some where I don't know they home place I guess. Still was they not even care about Sam stand there have the look of they walk. Them bug just walk they normal way and not worry about Sam. I like it when bug are walk away by me like got some where to be. I am unbelieve at my own self for them silly big bug give me the glad feel. I was need the glad feel so much.  

Nothing Is Good

I am not even make spells here because the so sad in my brains. Even just sit in a chair is give me tireds. So much I am sit and think about it I get a sore sit and think. What am I do I don't know. I was look in them sky for tell me answer but them sky was not say it. I ask some sand for tell me what I am do and some sand was just some sand I don't know. Nothing is give me glad feel. I wisht for them glu fix my broke brains or get a helmet keep them bad thinks outside of it. 

Little Pea Growd Up

I am so amaze about the see of my so funny friend name of Pea. When was I first become here and live nowheres in The Rot I meet a little girl name of Pea and she was live alone in nowheres too like Sam. She face was entire of smudge and she talk was like she nose stuff up with bits of fabric. Pea was the so small person I ever have the look of smaller than Sam even. I like little Pea but then she was go away. I was think maybe them buzzard get her for a snack I don't know.

Then I was lay in The Rot and feel still the so sad about I don't know and then I seen a girl and she was Pea. I was get a glad feel of it too. She growd so big when was she away I was not know her was she. I say hi Pea and she say hi Sam back at me and we laugh and hug like when was we both smaller. Pea say about live close then we go where is she nice dig out house. Is very safe and good I am bring Pea some soup soon. Pea was show me a funny lump on the top of she shelfs was round and fuzzy. Maybe was brown mold I don't know and Pea say it make a coo sound like them dove. I am not even know what is it.

Rot More

I go back for the more look of Rot today is make me feel some good for be there I guess. Rot is empty and them fogs still was around and so is Sam have the empty feel and fogs in my brains. I have a think about my so good undersand home someday maybe get ruint by I don't know what and all of my so good things is gone I will come live again in Rot if is happen ever. 

I was think too about when was I wake up in a ground hole and become here and the sad feel was already in my head and I was forget all of my own self too from hit bottom with my head. I go look for the hole where was I fall in and lose my think good brains but the hole was gone I don't know where was the hole. Maybe someone put they trash and nasty in it or stuff they dead friend in for him stink. Maybe the hole it close up like a mouth after I crawl up from out the ground like a dig bug. I been sad since then I guess. Them good things are happen though too I guess so why am I still the so sad I don't know. I wisht I was unvisible and sad feels was not find me always.

Sleep In Rot

I have the so sad feel when was I wake up and only just want the look of nothing. My house all burnt and now blow away is feel like sad big rocks in my pockets carry around all day. I am not even know why I am have the sad feels is just my scramblehead I guess I don't know. 

Even my so good kitchen give me the I don't know feel so I decide for go and walk around. Was the so fog morning too make them things around go blur in my look at thems. I guess I am always go to Rot when I am go for the walk of not know where to go because I was walk to Rot then. My so good home when was I first become here is like sleep in some blankets of them fogs and no sounds was in my hear anywheres. 

I have the so tired feel about things and I seen a old sleep mat outside was some wet from fogs but I lay down on it for rest there. It was have funny smells like someone make they nasty on it some time but I guess I was not care about the bad smell of it and lay in some quiet and think. But it was give me sad feels so I try for not think. But was unpossible. 

I have the feel of so small and cry so hard give me the headpains. When is my sad ever stop and have things be good for Sam I don't know. I am have so good friends and Jack my good dog too but still I am wake up with a sad feel and want to go away from everybody see me. If I am hide in some fogs maybe my sad is not find me and go away somewhere not be in Sam.