Grammy In My House

I was dream so much from the sick that I was tired already when I was just wake up. Now the cure is make people better but still is the sick for Sam. My dream was mostly run but not move and try to yell but nothing is yell. But then was the dream when Grammy come to my house I was so glad of it.

Grammy was look like she always look when I know her. I said hi Grammy and thank you for find my house but she was not hear me. She walk in slow like check for spiders.

Then she was look at everything in my house and make a face like old soup. She see my cook fire and roll her eyes like it was no good for the cook of food and then also she check to see if my plant from Angh is water enough. Imagine come in my house and check my plant for water. I was so cross at her but she not hear that too.

Then I don’t know why Grammy climb the tower she is so old I had the fear she fall and die. I say Grammy be careful you fall in the Fissure but she is not hear me always. She walk to the edge and make a look at it like it was not edge enough for her. It was make my teeth hurt.

Then she stare for the long time at Fissure and maybe was think about something I don’t know. I see she was shake her head sometimes and run her finger on the chair like was cover with slime. She was make me mad and I say Grammy you are the make me mad so stop it is the house of mine and I am live here. Then I was sorry I yell at Grammy.

And then I wake up. I was run to the place she was but she was not there because dream. I was think about the yell I had at her and then feel sorry and start the cry. I miss my Grammy and it is the so long since I was with her I get the sad feel. I was hope that real Grammy would like my house more than dream Grammy.

Think of the Sun

Today I was again the so sick. I wisht Rust Mouth would go home like somebody spell on my wall. I was think the sun is good for my sick today so I climb to my tower and have the look at Fissure. Also I was think of the sun and maybe if there was no sun everything here would be froze and how good the sun feel on me. Sometimes there is the too burn and red and peel happens then but with my shade I can get the glad feel from the sun.

I was stay on my tower all day and think of the sun and so when it was go away time for the sun I decide to say goodbye to be nice because of the nice it has for me. I member Grammy say when she memitate is like a pray and so I change to soft clothes and memitate for the sun. I say goodbye and please come back. Maybe it is crazy Sam but is the feel good so ok.

Then I was think about fair and feel left out so I stay on my tower and say hullo to the moon. Moon is also good because if no moon the so dark would give me the fear. So good moon is thank from Sam. I even thank the stars for twinkle I don’t know why.

Fire and Spice

Today I was stay at home again. So much the sick has made everything bad I don’t even run around and look for the cure plants. Just cough and sleep. But later came over my friend mutant Ztar who hold a torch and she say Sam I like your house and I say thank you for when she gave me some scrap woods sometimes for the make of my house. Then I say what is a torch about it is the day and Ztar just laugh with a funny laugh that give me the think she has lots more teeth than Sam. Ztar then go to the open place and she hold the torch to her face like kissy kiss but instead of kiss she shoot the fire out from her mouth. I was so amaze I say Ztar do again do again and so she do again. I was laugh and clap so much. Ztar was look glad of it too.

Then Ztar was time to go and I say thank you for the fire show and she say Sam you should come visit my tribe sometime and I said I like that too. Ztar is the so nice. After then the sun was go down and I was walk by the dusty place next to the house of mine. I seen where someone make words on the wall but they got the spell wrong and Sam knows it too. It say on the wall RUST MOUF GO HOME and I guess it was mean MOUTH but they had spell funny. I was wonder then about the mean of it too because it is close to Sam’s house and I am the so sick maybe the write is tell Sam to go home. But then I was think that because it was write on the outside wall the words are for people who walk by and not at Sam. I hope the mean is that because the other thing would be a mean write at Sam. I member when something funny or gave the fear happens Grammy would say it is just spice in the soup and so that’s what I thought too it was just spice in the soup. I guess spice is mean help to not so much worry but I don’t know.

Almost Dead

Today again is run and run and find no flowers. I was look and look but the plants I need for the make better are somewhere hide from Sam. My so sick make the look for harder too because not much of anything is enough to make me feel like dead on the ground.

I was lay on sand so long the sun come up and the buzzard check to see if I was food yet but I said go away I’m not dead yet. But it is almost that way is the true thing.

I was so tired from run and look so long I walk home to my house. It make me glad to see my house and I feel better because safe place to sleep. When I get inside I see somebody bring me a one red flower I need for the get better. I was amaze at the see of it and was wonder who did the bring to me and then I seen Rozz outside. I say hi Rozz and he say hi Sam and did you get what I leave for you. I say so thank you for the flower and I am very glad of it. Rozz say he want me to have the get better and I like Rozz. It is a friend when the give of help is never ask for but give anyway. I am so grateful at Rozz.

I put the Rozz flower with the one cactus I have for the get better and also next to my housewarm plant I get from Angh. I have the feel of good friends when the plants are in my look.

Long Day

Today I was wake up and find someone came in my house when I was sleep. Them leave a note with picture of Cormac and also picture of the birdyman who has the know about heal the so sick. I was wonder how it means and then I was think to go to Cormac maybe it was say Sam come here so I went.

It was true because birdyman was there and also Smokey the ghoul who I see when I was hide once get shot in his cheek by Jordy. Smokey just laugh then but he was talk to birdyman when I get there so I was wait and listen. Birdyman say he make the note I find and he make note for Smokey too and other people too I guess so we come for the heal.

I was stay for a long time and talk to birdyman who is name sound like Egg that is so funny bird name. Eggbird say he is doctor and then he tell people the way for cure but it is hard. I had to make a flask and then fill with water from where the lava and water are in the bottom of Fissure. So many rules for the get better my head was hurt of it.

Also Egg was talk about the get of more plants for the heal. Sam need two more cactus and two of the red flower I never see before. I am the so sick even more I might be dead before I find my heal plants.

I was look and look all day and then the night was look too. Then I see the one cactus and I was so glad of it but I forgot and I touch it. I am the so sick when the cactus stick me that I fall down and lay in sand for a long time. Then I get up and cut the plant by the special rules and make a chemical on for the long last of it.

I was run home then and make breakfast because so running all night. My cough is blood still and my head is mush and hot. I was get the fear about don’t find the plants in time but I member when Grammy say worry girl needs the bath so I get water from the place I know and sit in my tub I found for so long it was make me glad again. Then for morning I look and look too but for now is the sleep. I am wonder if another note comes in the night to my house.

More Sick

More home with sick so I look at the book and try to not sweat and cough. I was scare Gerald with my cough poor Gerald. Maybe there is flowers and cactus enough for the make better soon. Now the sleep is for Sam.

Wall Things

Today I make my house more and try to stop from the cough. I went looking for useful things but my head was wobble like I was under the sun too long. I found some useful things anyway and one is the old book with pretty spell inside but I don’t know how it means. I like to touch the pages and pretend read the stories. Also was I found some big paper with so funny pictures so I take them to my house and put on my walls.

One has a big so glamour lady face and the man with a gun. He must be a mean man or he shoot mean people for the glamour lady I don’t now. I like the look of it anyway.

The nother wall thing I make on my wall is the so funny kitty who hang from a bar and look sweet. Spell above is Hang in There Baby and I laugh and laugh because kitty is so hang on. Sometimes Sam is just hang on too and so kitty is also a good lesson.

Smell the Morning

Today I wake up and always the so sick. They say at the trader camp that maybe the sick come from the Bog and nobody go there anymore because of the fear of sick. What it come from is not important when there is the feel of sand hippo stand on your brain. I hope the cure is soon.

To make the feel better I climb to the tower and sit in my chair for the look of sun come back. The air was so smell good from rocks in the Fissure maybe I don’t now. Everything was wake up start a day. Sit safe on my tower at least no ghoul can eat me and if the birdman get the things he needs for the make better Sam will have a party.

What is Imp

Today was the day of gather at mister Digger’s camp for trade and stories and bacon. Even with the so sick people come to say what they know and what they just hear and also news from places. Today was kind mister Digger and funny Flit and nice Tsu and pretty Masaka and the mamimal ghoul KittyKat and smart Apo and Tralala who is so glamour. Then was the funny birdman who say he has the cure for so sick if we find all the flowers and cactus. He was the very smart and I don’t think he is a for real bird.

Also was there is a funny little man with big eyes. He never talk and then go away so soon but I seen him. I was wonder what he is but he go so ok. After the gather I go home and lay down because sick. Then I get up and help Barbara from stuck behind ladder.

I was tell Barbara be more smart when I hear some voice outside my house. In my look I seen the funny little man from before and he was at my house. I said hello and welcome to Sam’s house I am Sam and he said thank you and I am Rozz.

Rozz see around my house and say it is good. I say also I have a tower come see so we go sit and have a look of the Fissure. I ask Rozz what are you and he say I am mutant imp well I guess I never hear of that. He tell about his whole family is imp and they live far away with also some humans who are so smart. He is new here and say he was see me run by the house of him and Porter across the Fissure from my house. We have so much the same we are like sisters almost.

We talk and talk and Rozz has the so sick too. I tell about I make soup for help the get better and do you want some he say yes. Then he say he has buzzard leg so we add it to the soup. We sit with all our feet sink in the warm sand and say all about this and some that. I like the way Rozz talk and he is nice inside I think.

Barbara and Gerald

Today I seen a mouse besides Gerald the old mouse and it was a pretty girl mouse so I call her Barbara. Barbara and Gerald are eat my crumbs from bread and after they know Sam isn’t want to eat them I think they become my friends. Now when I work on my house I see a mouse go by and it is my friend so I get the good feel. Mouse is tiny and good for playing. Not like rats who would eat me if I didn't eat them first.

Crazy Girl

We stay and stay in the undersand place with the lock door. Lajka is the funny talk most times but also funny laughing with Sam so I was think I like her. I was so what to do I don’t know so I wait for her to go sleep and then I sneak out quiet like a mouse.

I run and find mister Digger who has the trader camp and who is the so smart everyone say. I tell Digger who is right now in my undersand place and he say maybe we talk to her and make the sense of it. I say Digger you should come to my house when sun is go away and I will let you in. He said ok Sam thanks for find me and I like mister Digger because he is the so smart and nice to Sam too.

I do the sneak back in the undersand place and Lajka was still sleep so I eat some bread and watch her funny sleep twitch. Then she wake up and say Sam we need too find the key and let the big mutant out of the cage with the crate in it so everything can come live in the house of mine and me be the big mutant new mother. I was think about how she say big mutant is prisoner in a cage and Sam was prisoner in a box it was a bad time and nobody should be the hurt like that even mutant. So I say we can find the key but where and she say follow me.

We run and run and she seem not worry about anybody she was hide from before. She take me to the place call Junkyard and Sam knows it from being chase by ghoul when I first became here. Lajka say Sam you go in Junkyard and ask for key and because of the nice Sam they will give it to you. I was tell her no because I was almost kilt and I never go back to the not safe place but Lajka was tell me go ask for key. Then I seen KittyKat who is mamimal ghoul who show Sam about fights once but I was not good at fights.

Kitty and Lajka and Sam stand and talk talk and crazy girl tell me to draw my steel and kill the ghoul. I say no Lajka I don’t like the hurt of things and she say Sam you are a sleep and Sam you are a slave. Then she was get the mean eye again like before and I was get the fear again from her yell and mean look. So I change my mind about the crazy girl Lajka. I guess if person is part nice and part mean it is hard to be the friend of them.

Then the so funny thing was when Lajka was mean talk and then turn around and walk away from us. I was watch her go and go and not move because surprise and Kitty was surprise too. Sam and Kitty talk some about all the things are happen and why and how maybe Lajka is danger girl to be around. So many funny things she talk about I wisht I know what is the mean of it but I guess she go away now so ok I never find out.

I go home after and make fire for soup. I was catch the rat for soup when I seen a tiny mouse by the wall. He was get old but he was a good mouse so I call him Gerald I don’t know why. Not enough to eat on a mouse so Gerald can stay I guess. I like the furry so small face too and feet for hands. I think Gerald is more friend to Sam than a crazy girl.

Then Digger come like he say and Tsu and Apo also come and we sit in my undersand place and talk about what is happen. My head is so hurt from try to think what it means. When we know a thing it means we don't know two things. I just want to eat candy and go sleep.

Candy Trap

I was the so sick feel again and so much blood cough so I don’t go run but I look in the undersand place I found and it is funny smell but good for Sam to be in it. Then I was by the fire to make soup when I hear Sam Sam yell from somewhere so I look and Lajka is run to my house and yell Sam Sam. She has the fear and say hide me Sam and ghoul is come to get me. I could only think the safe place is the undersand so I open the door in the ground and say jump in so we jump in and I close the door and lock it too.

Soon we hear ghoul pound at the door and say come out firegirl but we say no. Lajka get so panic she act the crazy and I tell the ghoul go home and stop the trap of people. The ghoul say if we come out and then not get kilt but we don’t think he say true. We only could stay in the undersand room so we stay there. We stay and stay and still ghoul call down to us. We were sad because no food but I member I have candy in my pouch from mister Digger so we eat the candy and smile and pretend there is no yell at us. I wonder if we ever get out.

Ground Door

Today I was work on the house and I seen a funny thing for the first time. In a back part I don’t go much I found a door in the ground. It was under junk and sand but I found it still. It was a stuck door but I work and work at the sides and then I make it open. Inside it went down and down to a so funny metal room I never know was there. I don’t know why someone make a metal room under the sand but maybe it is good for big hopscotch games.


Tonight sick still so I sleep and make my house more good then a so funny girl come around. She was talk funny and only one eye like mean was done at her. She jump when I say hi girl and she try to hide behind her hands but I see her. I said it’s ok girl Sam won’t bite and if you want I have some rat soup from rats I catch right here. She was talk funny and spooky look too but she was eat the soup and I tell her go ahead and try be her friend. She look like she need the friend more than the eye. Also was she seem crazy.

I said my name is Sam so you can call me Sam and she say spooky talk again and then Lajka is the name of her. I was in my think member hear about a girl was kidnap and how sad and is this the girl I wonder but I don’t say it. I ask if she play hopscotch and she was no so I show her and we play. Lajka is the so good at hopscotch and I say we are on the same team so we are on the same team. She say you are nice Sam and I say I like you too.

Then we sit and talk and talk about I don’t know. She say so funny things and know so many people my head was sore from the follow of it. She say about couriers and how so many are dead. Then she told about burn the house of a mean man name Frank and I was wonder if the same Frank as made Harvey so hurt from falling. Maybe burn his house was what he gets for the mean but I don’t know. And the nother thing she was say about Loonella her play sister and now she is dead too. I guess Sam would be talk crazy also if everyone I know was dead already. Also was keep talk about a little man by a river and how sad his house was broke but I don’t know how it mean.

The so funny girl eat some soup then look funny and say she goes now. I try to tell her come back when you want and I can be your not dead friend but I don’t know she hear me. I hope she did. She wander off to I don’t know still with the so funny talk talk.


Today I find the heal plant I was so jump around. Tsu tell me Sam if you find the heal plants you need to put a chemical on so no wither and so when I cut the cactus I put a chemical on. Also is that the birdman who knows the heal is collect flower and cactus in the Cormac Mesa so I go there tonight to give my cactus and help the better now happen. I was the so happy feel when I seen cactus because so sick for so long now. I amaze there is still any blood and throwup in Sam at all.

Smash Party

When I wake up my friend Tsu was at my door and says about come to the smash of a house. I don’t know what it mean and also sleep still so it was hard to know about it all. But Tsu said a friend who is mutant wants to smash a stone place in the Bog I don’t know why. Tsu said come and smash with us and I like Tsu so ok I say I go meet her there. After she leave I was so throwup and pain in the everywhere. I already feel smash in my head.

When I go to meet Tsu I am the early get there. I member how I got a big wood hammer from down near Harvey’s Bar and it was the big smash tool I had. I was wait and wait. The Bog smell funny I don’t know why.

Also the Bog seem empty. When I was here before there was lots of peoples like a town but now my look is just tree and mud and some empty shack. I don’t know why but I was have the sad feel about it.

After wait and wait Tsu was there. She said the friend mutant was come here soon and then she laugh at Sam’s too big hammer. I said Tsu I never gone to a smash party and she said Sam you need to get out more and I think so too. Tsu is nice to Sam and I seen we had the same shirts on like sisters so maybe we are sisters.

Soon the mutant was get there and she was so big next to Sam I got the fear. Mutant Lady said things in mutant talk that I don’t know about but Tsu knew some of the talk so she talk. Alls I know is Mutant Lady said this was the old temple and some mutant were kilt by some other mutant and now the stone make her have the sad feel so it was better to smash. I guess I wonder about if the mutant god will be cross at us for smash his house but here I am so ok.

So we smash and smash at the temple. Some other people come help smash too and I meet them name Flit and Masaka. Also was mister Digger there from the Trader’s Camp who has the nice bacon for Sam. Then a so funny pig man was there and I was so glad at him but he go away. We were all smash at the rock but other people were smash better than Sam because I didn’t have a smash hammer because I throw it in bush when Tsu was not look. I use a branch but the rock smash the branch instead so I use my machete but the blade got flat where the sharp is. I was even kick and shove the rock but I don’t know. It was get dark soon time.

Then temple stones made terrible pain sound and then fell in crumble and was so dust I was cough. But I was cough already so ok. Also was everyone else sick but we were smash anyways. After the smash was done Mutant Lady look better I don’t know why. Maybe the stone house was make her sad too much and now is better. She say more mutant things to Sam and I don’t know the words in her talk but her face was thank you. I was so feel good about help out with the smash even if I don’t know why we done it.

New Hairs

Today so still sick. I hear even ghoul and mutant and plant people have the sick call Rust Mouth from the blood cough. I hear also it is flowers and cactus that make the heal and a birdman knows how but I never seen a birdman. I guess if tiger girls can be then so can birdman be so ok. Then today when I stay home for sick I also make my hair black at last again. I find some dark berry on the sticker bush here and they are inky on my fingers so I get a bucket full and squish them together. Then I put a buzzard egg I get from the trader man and mix and mix then put on my blue hairs. I wait most of the day and then wash away the berry pulp and now hair is black again the way it should be. Some blue still in the black but ok. I guess the one thing is Sam is smarter about putting my head in radiations after being the blue.

New So Good Shelf

Today sick. Also more blood coughing. I try to go look for the flower that will make better now but I find only sand. I come back to my house and sleep some then I see my new so good shelf and glad at it. The plant in pot from Angh had to go on so good shelf but there was no room left after so two yesterdays ago I have some lumber and nails from finding things around and I use them and make the new so good things shelf. I make all the things just so again today it take all afternoon. There is room for more good things on my new shelf now because future. I have two kinds of bacon Sam is so lucky. And so sick too.