Try For Find Him

Marko and Kaya tell at me how some they friends go out for the find of the bad man was shoot Pan Pot in him arm. Marko say him friend name of Myo hear them shots and chase the man but she was not find him no where.

Thems talk about who was the crazy man and some folks seen him face. Kaya seen him face and was look familiar but her not member who was he. Also was a girl name of Shea seen the man she say him face was red paint on it I don't know why. 

I never seen Shea before. Kaya say she hair is red like fires and she back half got a tail. I am wonder about is her mutant but I am so feel funny to ask anyone is them mutant for the maybe of them just people with some extra parts. Shea was say about her help find the mean crazy man.

Marko tell me about a man was just get here from I don't know where him name of Amon. Him face was dark and him so big hat hide him whole self from the sun. Marko was wonder about who is Amon but Marko say him feel ok about trust him. Also in they group was the boy of Shea name of Mel.

Him was a dirty boy but have nice in him face Kaya say about Mel. Marko say Mel is like the age of Pan Pot. I was have a think maybe Shea is want to find the mean crazy man because want to protect she own boy from be shoot in him arm too. 

I am not understand why the man name of Amon is even want to help the find of the mean man. No body never seen him before then and him face was so dark in him hood no body seen him even then. Maybe him is just the nice man want to help but most mens around here is be more mean that help. 

Kaya then was member who is the man she seen him at the burnt church place of she papa name of Jedidiah. The man is name of Briel and him was follow the church of Kaya papa Jedidiah and do him prays in they church. I guess mean Briel got no church now so is shoot at boys in they arms.

I was in they church when it burnt up and every body was think Kaya papa Jedidiah was burnt up too. Him followers call they selfs brothers name of Abbyham and Kane like Briel was run away when they church get fires in it. I hope them nother brothers are not shoot at no kids in they arms too. Why for are so many folks monsters in the hearts I don't know why. 

Grub In Him Arm Hole

When we get to she house Kaya take me down where is the boy name of Pan Pot. The look of him so pain face give me sad feel of it. My sorry pains for him and him sick shoot hole was come from the same slug.

We take them wraps off and have the look of him arm hole. Still was them bloods run and him arm meats was black inside like get sick. I get so throwup feel for just look at him hurts why is any body shoot at some body I don't know.

I put them grub in him sick arm hole and they wiggle body get to work so fast. Grammy say them grub only eat dead meats so make the clean meats for heal good. I seen folks who got some bad hurt get sick in they body and be so fever and dead from it. Them grubs is better than be dead I guess. 

I am never know Pan Pot before now him face is so young like still be a brat. When was I first become here I was older than Pan Pot is old now. I am wonder where him mama and papa are and why them not come for help him. Maybe some body shoot them too and they be dead of it. Folks is always be shoot at here I don't know why.

Horrible Boy Scream

We run back to she house and Kaya tell about every thing go on so I am know the happen of it.

She say about be at home then hear some gun and a horror scream of some body be so hurt and run outside for see who. Them yells was come from a boy wear a soup pot on him head for him hat. Kaya know the boy from see him around was the name of Pan Pot. I am not understand the name of him. Is maybe him sister name of Skillet I don't know. 

My friend Marko take the hurt boy to they underhouse room where is my friend Nick live and put him down for rest there. Him bloods was every where and they try for help him and wash him shoot hole. Kaya say him body was twist up of them pains.

Then was they make a wrap for him arm and them bloods stop some. The boy was yell and yell of hurt so Marko and Kaya stay with him. They ask at him who is shoot you in you arm but only was him cry loud. 

Kaya say the boy only yell and cry about some man got red paints on him face done the shoot of him. Kaya got the look of the man when him shoot at she head and him face was like her seen some where before. Why is always some crazy mean man shoot folks or burn they house. I was so sorry of just hear about him horrible boy scream.

Kaya was worry about all him boy blood leak out so sit with Pan Pot all the night for take care of him hurts. Her change them wraps on him arm and try for clean it some. Kaya say about the slug shoot through and not hit him bones so was lucky except for the hole in him arm meats.

When sun come up Marko and Kaya seen Pan Pot was look more bad and the shoot hole in him arm was get sick and yellow goo. Kaya say at Marko about member when him was shoot in him arm and Sam make the cure of it with them grubs. 

There was no nother do about it. Marko was go get some folks for they hunt the red paint man. Then is when Kaya run to my house and we run back with them good grubs for the heal of Pan Pot. 

Run For Get Help

My friend Kaya is live on the nother side of Fissure and today her run from she house so far to my house with bloods on she hands. 

Kaya was run so fast at first she talk was not happen for them lungs want some airs. I seen bloods on she hands and get the fear of maybe her been hurt. She so worry face was give me the know right away of a mergency. When she talk come back Kaya say at me Sam a boy been shot and I am come for get you help him like you help Marko when him was shoot in him arm. Kaya say the boy was name of Pan Pot why is a boy the name of kitchen things I don't know.

We go down in my house for quick get what we need. I am always keep some grub in a jar for when is some body get hurt and they meats get red and yellow sick. Grammy teach me about put some grub in the wrap of you hurt and thems eat all the sick meats of you and make you heal good and not be dead of it. Is maybe the most throwup thing I know about but them grub is do what Grammy say so ok. I get them grub and run with Kaya the so far way to she house for help the boy  

Some New Foods

After my long walk for get the look of high places I decide for make more sammiches. I trade already some folks my sammiches for they scrits and duct tapes and folks all say Sam you sammich is the so good for taste it. I am get the proud feel of it. 

My friend Nick eat some Bacon Bacon Sammich and say at me Sam you maybe is put some mold on it for the flavor of mold. So I test him think it and make a Grilled Bacon with Mold sammich but nobody eat it yet so I am not know the good of it taste or not. I am not enjoy the mold taste make me feel throwup but some folks is eat them so ok. 

I make some so special things too like Foot Long Grub with Mold. I find some them big fat grub and save in a jar but I take one and make the so big sammich some body will like the eat of it. I put in some mold because they savory flavor and also him big fat body look alone and need some nother thing on him plate. Except for mold it have the so delicious look. 

My nother special I make for them folks are not want flatbreads. In a bowl I put lots them bitty grub and also fat green fungus I find from around. Together in they bowl was the look of green wiggle shine so glamour I was almost eat it myself. My Grammy would like my sammiches I think. I miss my Grammy.