Today I go try for trade with the Pigman some things I am not need for some things I am need. Pigman say about give me almost nothing for what I was trade so I say no thank you but when I was leave him say the so amaze thing. Pigman say about him go to a far away place for get some trade things from him boss. Him say about see a so old lady there with lines on she face like me and Marko and her was work in a kitchen and make some soup. I cry for maybe her was my Grammy so I run home and tell Marko. I get ready my gear for the long walk there and Marko say about him stay and watch my house for me get back. If the old lady is my Grammy I will be so glad feel of it because I love my Grammy and not seen she nice face in the so long time. I am not take this book so I am not write in it until when I get back. I am not know how long is I be gone. I get the sad feel for leave every thing I am know since I become here but if my Grammy is alive then I am find her no matter what. I give Jack the nice skritch on him dog head and hug Marko tight and walk in the direction Pigman say about. I am not know if I am ever come back so I say goodbye to this book and thank it for help me so much. Also I ask them clouds above show me the way to my Grammy. I guess that is all of my say for now.