Soup With Kendo

Today again was wait and wait. I catch a nice fat rat in my yard so I was make the soup today. In it was some buzzard leg and green fungus for the nice taste. When I was think it is ready to eat I seen my little friend Kendo outside and I say Kendo are you want some soup from the rat I get and he say yes Sam and thank you. I like Kendo he is one of the nice people I know. Grammy is call nice boys a keeper but I don't know what is the mean of a keeper. Kendo was hungry and eat three bowls of the soup it make me glad too. We were talk and talk because friends and Sam was glad not to be think of the wait and wait for a while. I did not tell Kendo about my worry and ready to go to war about I don't know what because Grammy say don't have guests and make them feel uncomfortable. Kendo was look at some books I found and he was say about him not read at all and I said that is ok lots of folks are not read and write. Then Kendo say about how he is good with numbers and Sam is so bad at the numbers I just get the confuse and don't know it. So I say Kendo I will trade you teach me numbers and I teach you read and he say ok Sam that is sound good. Kendo is the so nice and cute too I think.

Wait and Wait

Why am I so wait and wait I don't know. Nobody is understand the feel of worry and wait in Sam so the time of wait is alone. I am think about Grammy a lot and wisht she was here to pet my head and say good Sammy is ok now. I am cry some when I think about the pet from Grammy I miss her so much. I member when Grammy is hug Sam and she breathe was old and milky but her hug was warm and she love me. I am miss the hug from love. Also I wisht she would make me the maple rock candy again it would be so good right now for the wait.

Why a Brain

I am never forget what I done. The think of the end of Ozgram is always in my head. Him was the mean bad man so needed what he got but also I am sad sometimes at what I become. But then is the think of what is come next and I sharpen my machete but it is still pretty sharp from yesterday. Something about what happened is not finish maybe something Lajka say when she was almost dead. Maybe when that big mutant is free also out of him cage then Lajka will be happy and Sam can also get free of the think all the time. Why have a brain if it make me tired with never stop think and get the fear all the time.

Trader Pigman

When the sun is up today I am decide to not sit and wait for what I don't know can hurt me. Today I am go run and run and not think of the bad is coming. Somebody was say about a new trader of things so I got some things I was not need to see if he had better things maybe. I run and run around and find some meat I don't know what it is but maybe not people so ok. When I get to where is the new trader I see him is pigman mamimal with the funny talk because tusk and snout. Him was more nice than Food Trader is so mean talk at everyone. I was put my trade things out for him and him offer me some tape so I was no thank you see you later maybe. Who is trade a knife and some other things for tape is maybe need they head fixed.

Wait For It

Again is wait for it but what is it I don't know. I am wait and wait and think so fast so much the real day has the feel of five days. So much wait and stay tight belly. I am smoke so much my fingers get the yellow sides and my tongue is like have a nasty sock on. I am think about everything all at once and so my headpains are come back and I wake up with the bloody nose again. The wait for it to happen is make whatever is happen seem small. Gerald is run from me and Barbara is gone I don't know where to. Sam is ready for the make war but maybe I get there too early.


Once I member when Honcho Uno was get so anger at some other folks I don't know who and he said we are go to war on them. Then everybody was get ready for go to war on them and they run there and back crazy and check they gear and get a tough suit on for the fight of go to war. I was watch from the kitchen and the look of all them run around get ready was make me laugh. They were the look of ants all crawly in the sun and I was think go to war must happen so fast for everyone be the run around like that.

I was have the think of that when I was sharpen my machete and knife. Also was the check of my sharp face buster and my new pipe rifle I get for the good deal I'm not say where. I trade for some real boots and too some goggle that give me a look of bug face and safe my eyes inside. Then I was see how all of it I am do is the get ready for go to war. War at ghoul maybe or war at big mutant or even a new thing I don't know yet I don't know. I am get ready for go to war on any of it.

But I am not run around like ant. I am the sand spider he move slow and work on just what he need to be work on then. I am think about the fight of things and see kill them in my head for practice it. I don't feel about it I just do. But I am not run there and back crazy. I am calm like the so high cloud is like memitate when I load the nail gun. My belly is tight like a stone and even when I sleep too so calm and tight. I guess I am think if I get ready and then wait and wait the war will come to Sam.

So Fear Dream

I am just wake up from the so fear dream make me sweat like the run all day but cold. I was yell when I wake up and scare Gerald and Barbara again and say the sorry at them later. In my dream was the funnel pile made by Digger for them dead girl Loonella and Lajka. But in my dream too was Sam on the fire and I sit with them like nice relax tea time I don't know why. I was think I hear Lajka say Sam Sam slowlyhead and laugh like her sing at me at the house of mine but I was look and Lajka was not talk because burn. So I was have the close look of the fire and then I seen him.

In my look was Ozgram ghoul who I kilt in the back. He was stand and look mean at me in his eye and the fire was all around burn him but he was not burn. Maybe when you are the dead twice you are not burn I don't know. His face was like the meat is spoil. Then was him laugh at me with the mouth part him still had and the look of him lips are make me feel so throwup.

Then the last thing just before I yell and wake up is him jump at me and him face is so close to Sam I can smell him dead breathe on me. Then him laugh and say I am live with KittyKat now and I am see you again soon Sam and then he laugh and I yell and wake up with the fear. I was smoke over and over when I write this but I am think also is time for the long good bath. My belly is a tight where you throw a rock and it bounce off I have the fear and worry so much.

Nice Kitty

The burn of girls was the so hard day I was not sure what I am do the next day so I walk around and have a smoke. I seen buzzard and was think about shoot at him because Sam is cold blood killer now so shoot things is what them do. Digger say I am not cold blood because my blood get hot when I kilt Ozgram ghoul. Is the nice thing to say at Sam. For my walk I go to the yard with the so pretty big undersand room and good hide places. I was crawl around the funny metal rooms and I see a kitty I was so glad of it. He was see me with the big fear eyes but I was say kitty kitty Sam is ok your friend nice kitty like that so he was stay and lick him paw. Kitty was the sweet face and I wisht I could take him for the pet in my house. I was think about pet him smooth back and feel him soft fur on my lip. Unless kitty has the bug that itch then no thank you go away kitty. I was stand away for the just in case.

All That is Left

Today is we burn the dead girls. Digger when I see him last say Sam we are need to burn them body for the fit end of them so I say ok and please let me be there too. He say ok and today is the day he say we do it so I walk to Cormac and have a smoke for walk there. My bag of the smoke weed is get small more every day so I hope the man I trade from is come back for I get some more. When I get to the spooner where Digger live I seen the rocks under it where was the dead girls but they body is gone. Digger was there with a torch and say Sam follow me so I follow him. We were talk in the eyes but not say much and we walk together but also apart. I am think Digger is the so good man. We were quite as a mouse for the walk up the steep hill.

At the top of hill was some wood pile from broken parts of Digger camp. Then on to it was two girl wrap in some cloth like the bandage for them whole body. Digger was say it is call funnel pile I think that is what he call it. It was the very nice place for the funnel pile.

We are stand there for the last look of them and still quite. Then we seen Ccindy the Mutant Witch come up the hill too and Digger say hi Witch and she was grunt at us then ask what are we do. I say we are pay respect to the dead girls and then we are burn them. I think that make the Witch hungry but she was be polite and say words of sorry at us.

Then Digger was touch torch to the funnel pile and fire was start to grow. Then they body was in the fire and I watch girls burn it was the so sad I cry. Digger say Sam you were the friend of Lajka is true for when she not crazy try to kill me. So Digger say Sam do some words now if you want to for them.

The fire was get big and loud too so I was talk big for girls to hear me. I was say Lajka you were the crazy girl but you did not need to get kilt. When we were play the hopscotch you were so laugh and happy part of you and Sam was have fun and when I am hopscotch now I will have you in my think. I was cry some too and tell them girl that we are burn them for help them rest and also is we try to get the mutant free from him cage like you ask us before when you got kilt. Then I tell them sorry for the mean in the world and how maybe the sky is where no mean can make you hurt again. Then I was too cry for talk and turn around and say goodbye then.

We were quiet then even the Witch but she mumble too some. Then I was see mister Slayer who is nice to Sam and trade nice too. He was come to pay respect too and nod at me and Digger in the I sorry way. We all were watch girls burn and Slayer walk away so quiet I was not hear him go.

The Witch then was bent down for the scoop of some sand in one of her big hand maybe the small ones are not reach the ground I guess. Then she was talk about fire make spirit scraps return to a big bicycle I think she say but her mutant talk is the so funny sometimes I don't know what is the mean of it. Why is mutant think there is bicycle in the sky I wonder. I think Witch was try to say nice for the smoothskins and that is the so funny because mostly Sam see Witch is a grumpus.

My look was hard at the funnel pile so I was look out at Cormac and think on all that was just happen and see the broken of Digger camp and think of the Black Market ghoul and why them so mean I don't know. It was the alone feel too even with Digger and the Witch near to me. It was almost make me sad laugh about two dead girl and three people come for pay respect and only one scramblehead girl is even know them very good. I was think about they girls family but then I member they are mostly dead too.

It was start to get dark and the Witch and Digger and me talk about some things I guess we are do soon. Then Ccindy go and then Digger was put him hand on Sam's shoulder for the so sorry touch and then he was walk slow away too. I was stay and watch I don't know why so I have a smoke. I was light it on the funnel pile I hope that is not a impolite.

I don't know why I was watch and watch the burn maybe I had nothing else to do. I was think about fire and think also about what is dead. I was even think about how is so funny but the burn of body is almost a glamour look in a way. The dark sky was the so dark and it was make the fire look more bright and hot.

I guess the thing of dead is nobody come back and say how it is so we never know it. Maybe is a sky bicycle I guess I don't know. Maybe the sky is take them for make clouds and they are above to be the watch of us. Maybe is just burn up and that is all. I guess if nobody know what dead is like then everybody is could be right about it. I was like the cloud idea most so Sam believes that.

Then I was have the look of sparks and they look like my undersand glow bug but red not green. They make pop and leave for the sky like backwards fall down a hill all bumpy ride. I was then think maybe them girl spirit is in the spark and that is how they get in the clouds from the sparks that fly away. Then I was look at sparks like it was them girls and I smile and say go away from here now we will all see you later too.

I guess I stay and watch through the whole night because it was get morning and I was still watch them fire. It was low then but smoke still even. I was look at the ash of them girls and have a think that is funny how a life is here and then is so fast pull away from life and all that is left is a few folks who know them and some ash and smoke.

Go Home Again

Why is always the face of Ozgram in my close eyes. It is make me the so angry at see him I wisht I could kill him again. I was sit at my fire and look at some rocks I find that were nice rocks and I was sudden freeze I don't know why. I freeze for the long time and my look was blur but still I see somehow I don't know. Then I was like pop of angry at Ozgram and I give the so hard throw of the rock from my hand and scream. I was scream just aaaa but it was loud and sound like mamimal almost like Lajka when she was the mean side. I look at what I done then and say Sam you need a calm down so I have a smoke. I was smoke and was think how long it is for the last time I was in the Rot it was my home the so long time. So I start to run out to the Rot but my run is slow and my cough cough so much. I was walk for a while and then I stop and have a smoke because there is no hurry for get there.

First I go see the bridge and get glad from the look of it again. I was see too where was we find Lajka so hurt under the bridge the day she die. Also was my look of the cave of William and Brenda but I guess I am not see them anymore I don't know why. I was miss the bridge so much I stare and whisper at it the long time. I was tell it my secret and bridge was say Sam don't tell or is not the secret and people would be sad if that. But I am not tell even here.

The look around the Rot was so nice and feel like go home again. I was see all my hide places and member how I was first became here and so confuse. I was not even know about my grow up. Then I was wander and think and I see the big hole where I first became here I thought I was bubble up from the ground because I had dirt in my mouth. The hole was different from when I live in the Rot like maybe something is bubble up I don't know what. I was think about Sam then was so not know things and lost in the world and Sam now is the killer and has the house of mine own and nice friends too I never had before and a goat even now. I was have a smoke and think and think about what I become since I became here. In the funny way I wisht I was empty head again.

Glamour Bath

Today I sit by my tub in the undersand place and have the smoke. My bath cave fill with the good smell and it was look like fog. I was even smoke when I take the bath it feel so glamour. I was think and think all day in my tub about Ozgram and the mutant is trap in the cage and was hope soon the cage can be open because nothing should be in a cage. I was see in my close eyes him sad face in the cage and maybe he cry for the all alone I don't know. I was feel so sorry for mutant I never meet and want to make him free. Everyone else is try to get the mutant treasure or what is in the box in the cage I don't know but Sam is only worry about the mutant be free. Why is so many people see the hurt of other things and only say what is in it for me I don't know. People are the so disappoint sometimes.

Nice from Digger

I wake up and my chest feel like I was maybe have the Rust Mouth again. I cough and thick was in my chest and was black when it come out. The bad feel in my throat was give me the fear I was sick so I have a smoke for relax. It is really satisfy. I was feel ready to go around my run for useful things but when I get a little bit down the Fissure I have the hard time in my breathe. So I was have a smoke again and just walk today. I was carry my machete and nail gun around in case of ghoul attack me. They will get a face of nails if they try it at me so ok try take a chance with Sam. I am dare them ghoul.

Then I walk to Cormac and sit with dead girls again. I was still think of the so sad day there when Sam became the cold blood killer of Ozgram ghoul. He hurt Lajka to death and someone was need to make it right so Sam did it in him back with a machete. But slay the ghoul was not bring back dead girls. Now they are under sand and rocks and not hurt anymore I hope. I was think too about when Lajka say make free the mutant in the cage. I was so wonder how when I see Digger so he come over to my sit place. We were talk a while about some things I don't know if I tell it here. Digger say he is burn they dead girls body soon out in the open sand. He say fire is the fit end for them and I think so too I guess. For the one thing maybe Lajka is turn to ghoul now she is dead and ghoul Lajka would be the so bad for everything. Then I was tell Digger how is in me the bad feel now I am cold blood killer. But Digger tell that Sam you blood was hot that day with angry and revenge not cold blood. Then he say too Ozgram was have it coming because him was the so mean and bad and maybe I was just the tool of justice. I was not sure who was use the tool but I say thank you Digger and when are we fix your trader camp is all broken still from the ghoul fight that day. Him say soon Sam.

After some things then I run home to my house and have the good feel about something. Maybe is some good news soon but I am not say it now even here in my spell. Is probably nothing so forget it. I am go smoke now.

Smoke is Nice

When I was a brat me and Grammy was own by Honcho Uno and he always smoke a big cigar when him want to look important. I member I was like the smell of cigar and try to get close to him when he smoke for the nice puff smell but I was never try cigar for myself. Then yesterday I was watch Curry kick things in my yard and a man I never seen walk to me with hands high he say don't worry I just was ask about trade. He was look for chemical I had so he bring a pouch out and say what about for bag of smoke weed. I smell it was the so good cigar smell from Honco Uno in the bag so I say ok. Him say here are papers too and thank you so I say thank you too. It was funny to make the roll of smoke weed in the paper but I was only rip two papers so ok I learn. Is funny because I was cough and cough for the first of it but then it was feel good in my head and make me relax. I am the so tense with ghoul might kill me and nother things I am not write about yet and the smoke weed is help me calm down some. Plus is the nice smell of my fingers after the smoke but my mouth is nasty too. I was member when the nice man Marko who help us escape Honcho Uno was smoke sometimes after dinner and him was play smoke shapes with him mouth so I try too. It was fun like play with fire but not so hot and I had the glad feel about trade for smoke. Also is that smoke make people look tough and glamour too is what Marko say so I want the look tough for if ghoul come to kill me. I am the killer now so have to have the look tough.


Today was the so funny green sky again is smell like old fish too I don't know why and so still quiet. I am sharpen my machete every morning now incase ghoul but they are not come to kill me yet so ok. I was not want to run today around for useful things so I go to my yard and make the fire and watch Curry kick at things he is so cross. I was sit at the fire and think on how I kilt the ghoul Ozgram I have it in my mind so much. I was try to think of make my house or sing a song to make me not think that I'm cold blood killer now but is hard to forget. So I was watch the fire and say the hopscotch words Grammy tell me over and over. Nobody was in my look all around just Sam and Curry. I was funny feel all alone in the stillness. Even Curry lay down and not bah. I was try to hold my breathe so to hear a total silent but I was hear my heart thump so I guess there is no total silent. Unless you are ghoul and dead already I guess. I wisht my scramblehead was still like the sky today.

Cold Blood Killer

Sam is not live in the fear. I decide no more worry and hide. If ghoul come look for me to kill they will get a face of machete first. I am get ready to chop up anything that want for do the hurt on me. I am the cold blood killer now. If trouble is come at me run is not happen now. Is fight to death and Sam is ready.

Broken Everywhere

I wake up in my undersand place and was safe sleep the night. Still when I am wake up I get the fear before even my eyes open. Then I was think Sam you are not live undersand forever go outside so I go outside. The sky is thick and funny smell and I was see Curry before get my machete and go walk. I was just go nowhere but then I was at Digger's trade camp I don't know why I go there.

Poor mister Digger whole camp wrecked by the ghouls that come fight at us the day Lajka and Ozgram die. It was make me sad to have the look of the broken everywhere and member the time I become cold blood killer. I was wonder where Digger gone too.

Then I go have the look of Lajka and Lonella under the big spooner where Digger live but maybe not now. I was get cross again at the hurt and kill that was done I almost run and yell. But they were still so I was still too and quiet like a mouse. I was think a long time at the rocks and wonder how is to be dead.

I look around and nobody was see me so I lay down on some sand by Lajka and Loonella and I try to get the feel of be dead. I was think about never get up again never play hopscotch never find Grammy and all the never again of dead. I was sad of the two girls dead and some glad for Ozgram dead but they are all the same dead now. I was get sand bug in my nose so I sit up and stop play dead.

So I just sit with dead girls under rocks under the spooner and try to think how it means. I never even see Lonella and only was I with Lajka a few days and some of the time she was crazy want to kill me. So why I wonder is they be dead make any difference to Sam. I think when I see some horrible it is make me feel like horrible happen to me too. When the hurt of things is then Sam is hurt with it. Like a big mutant Lajka say trapped in a cage. I am feel sad with the think of mutant lock in a cage and Lajka say mutant should get free. I wisht I could get the mutant free. Only need is the impossible things of get the Mutant Witch to give up stones her like so much and also need is the key that nobody has now. So then I just stare at rocks and feel like stuck in mud.

Bugs and the Fear

I was so worry about ghoul come kill me I stay inside all day and not sleep much in the night. I was walk from the one side of the house of mine to the nother side and do over and over for so long I don't know why. Gerald look at me funny and Barbara go somewhere else. I guess is now I stay inside forever until I die too. I am make trench in the sand where I walk and feel sad too. I was think this is why the hurt of things is bad because the hurt is not end when the thing is dead the hurt go on inside me now and I guess ghoul too. Is the never end trap. But the so funny thing is I know it was right to make the kill of Ozgram because the mean of him is done now and no more kill the girls. So why am I feel bad about the kill I wonder. I lay in my hammock and bite my fingernail now they are the so hurt.

Because the too worry I was go to the undersand room then for the safe sleep a while but I did not sleep so got up and walk around. In the place where the sand slid away and you can crawl under the metal rooms is my secret cave place. It is nice but so many web I don't go there very much but I never seen the bug that make the web I think maybe they dead too. But then I seen one and it is a glow fly that dig in the sand too and make the web. They are no stinger bug so ok and the glow is so glamour in my cave too. The cave is have some drip too and the drip collect for pools but the water is smell funny. I was think I get a tub here and make the nice relax place with the glow bugs. Then I get the look of Ozgram in my brain and get the fear again.


I was wake up myself by yell and yell from my dream of Ozgram. It was start when I seen him stand in the sand just look at me from his mean eyes. I was think he is dead again because so still but then I see his tongue poke out at me like a snake. I seen in the far away was Kitty and Jordy so maybe they make a mean plan with Ozgram too I don't know. So I say Kitty and Jordy this is the mean man why are you here with him but they were say nothing. Then I was ask why is your tongue a snake and Ozgram just stand in sand and laugh. I try to run but my dream legs are heavy and not work right. Then is when Ozgram laugh big at Sam and some goo come from his mouth with the snake too. His face was look like start to spoil and his breathe was crackle sound and squeaky. I got the fear from him and start to cry but then see I was hold my machete so I swing at him but then he was ok. I try to kill him in the neck again and chop and chop but was not kill him. I yell at him stop hurt the people stop make them bleed and cry and I chop more at him face. I was yell and yell about stop make the hurt of things and also chop at him then too. A dream is the so funny place like that. Then I hear Kitty say Sam is your gate lock and Jordy was giggle like a girl. I yell stop it all of you or I can chop you dead over and over and I was scream at them about the fear and make me angry. So I wake up myself and also I get the look of Gerald and Barbara hide in a corner from scary Sam in her sleep. Now when I close my eyes I have the look of his face so close at me and I have to open eyes to stop the fear.

Make Busy

There is talk about ghoul go to war and it give me the fear because they might come get Sam for the kill of Ozgram. I was hear it from someone talk over my yard wall and they say trouble is on the way so I lock my gates. I was think about move to the undersand room so ghoul is not coming in and get me. The fear was get to me so Grammy say make busy and forget it so I make busy in my house but not forget much. I membered the big colory papers I found that day and took them home for my walls and the one big one I was save for the just right. So I put it on the wall of the undersand room because the nice home look is I want there but it was no just right the picture give me the fear too. Maybe I am get used to it I don't know.

Funny New Day

Today I wake up and the sky is funny. Thick like when the soup get burn and smell like that some too. Is hot but also storm in the morning then just so fog and sun look like clouds are strangle the light. I get my hood and cape on and walk to the little hill near the house of mine. I was not really think about anything just fog in my head like fog outside my head. I seen two buzzard and hope they don't team up on Sam.

I was look at my house too and it was make me glad. But also was look at my house and wonder about what is Sam now. I was the kitchen girl for the whole beforetimes from when I was a brat. When Honcho Uno got kilt and we escape and get caught I never knew nothing about the world or how live in it. When I was keep in a box by the Man with the Gloves I was fear and sad but then when I get away it was fear too from everything. I was even wonder if in the box was better than outside. But I run and run and fall in a hole hit my head and forget my whole me. It was so many moons before I member any of me. I was look at these writes from when I first become here and Sam sound so funny in the spelling. I was not even my same voice then I read so silly sometimes. My spell is better now but is Sam better I wonder. Also I am the killer now. I was wonder if ghoul will be cross at Sam for kill they friend and so lock my gates. I was feel bad a little about the kill of Ozgram even if he was the meanest man I ever heard about. Maybe I was just give back to him what he give to the world and maybe the world just work through me that day. But there is no deny that my look at the world seem a different funny way after Sam become cold blood killer.

So Killing Day

Today I take my cure. It was have the taste like throwup and maybe was worse than the so sick but maybe not because I am the all better now. I was feel good after my cure so I decide to go run at the Rot because my glad is there. I was feel like alive was good just then but is funny sad because of what went then.

I was run in the Rot when I seen my friend Tsu who live in Rot like Sam used to like nomad. I was run to tell her the get better for me but she was serious in the look and I say what is wrong Tsu. Flit was there too and they tell me they are look on blood trail for where it goes. I seen some blood and it give me the fear. We follow the blood because Tsu is good at find track on the ground and it go to the bridge. My friend bridge was so good to see again the sick keep me away so long from it. I was glad a little time only.

Tsu say some trail is over the edge on the bridge so I know the place things land when they go over the bridge there so I was crawl down to make the look. I seen blood and then I seen the shape of a person in the blood and it was a girl. I yell for to come help me with the blood girl and then I see who is the girl it is Lajka. Then I see she is not so dead as she look and I get close to her face. She had a wrap on her eyes that is the so blood it make me hurt to think of it because she only had the one eye before.

Then we all look at the girl and were wonder what to do. Apo was hear us shout and come over too so we all try to help her and ask who made the hurt of you Lajka but she was hurt and crazy talk still.

We hear Lajka like dream talk say take me to Digger and we think it mean mister Digger who has the trade camp. So Flit get her rope and she dangle it from up the bridge and we somehow get the bloody girl up the rope to the bridge.

Then Flit was run with Lajka in her arms I never seen so strong a girl as Flit before. Apo and Tsu and me were look out for trouble and we all run together to the camp of mister Digger. I was get out my machete for the just in case but I was never try to use it before even run with it is make me worry.

We get then to see Digger and put her down she is close dead we say and she want to see you so here we bring her for you talk to her. Digger was still the so sick and I was stay back from him but also worry about Lajka. Even though she is crazy girl I was have fun with her laughing sometimes and I don't like the hurt of anything.

Mister Digger was put her in a bed and we try to talk and tell that she will be ok and what happened. She tell that Ozgram catch her and give her the hurt so bad because he want to know about stupid key and lock again. Only ever is trouble about key and lock. Ozgram hurt her all over and poke out her only eye. I never even heard about so much mean before.

We leave mister Digger to wrap the hurt of her. I was watch from outside the house of Digger but he say his house is name a spooner. I think it was the name of that. I was listen and hear Lajka say she is want to see her friend Loonella. From where I was stand in the yard of Digger I could see the rocks pile up where Loonella was dead underneath. Lajka was close to what she wanted but couldn't see but Sam could see it.

Late in the night Digger come and say Sam Lajka was ask for you go in and talk so I go in. She was so hurt it was make me sad to see it. Mostly was the sleep but she move sometimes and look like wake up but not do it. She was whisper talk about crazy things too but I pet her head and tell about it is ok for her now but is maybe a lie I tell her because the true is make me cry.

I was look at her a long time in the night. I seen how she was hurt and how much again and again she was hurt. The mean of it was like the fall in so cold water. How did someone get so mean to do it I don't know.

I was think of the rats in my house and how I don't like the hurt of any things but the rats would eat me if they could so I eat them and is ok to hurt then. But I don't like to but I do it. But Lajka was the so hurt in a way that I seen how Ozgram was enjoy the hurt of her because he like it. I was think that hurt of a girl is like make you a rat.

She was get so still. Sometimes it was hard to get the look of her breathe. I was sit there and cry some about the sad and the mean of it. And if she is die from it then Ozgram is a cold blood killer and Grammy say that is the worst kind.

Then I hear a fuss outside and look and see how ghouls are come to attack the spooner and with them is Ozgram too. There is the big fight around the spooner and it was ghouls from Black Market where Sam get the trouble when I go always so I stay away. Ghoul is attack the spooner and say kill Lajka kill Lajka so I stand by her and poke at the ghoul if they get close. Tsu was help protect with me too and we fight good I think. When the fight was go on all around me I hear Lajka say Sam I am ready. Then I was watch her and she die just there. I was stare at her some then I was cry so hard my head was explode like a bad crate. And then something new was happen I did not know before. It was a hot feel and I grit my teeth.

After the cry I was so still and empty in my brain. I was like watch someone else but it was me and I got up with my machete and I walk slow out and down the spooner ramp. I was look at the big fight but I was only want to see one thing that was Ozgram. Then I see him and he was look the other way and I guess I only watch him from then on. I was walk like a quiet breeze in the hot day and like I float over to Ozgram. He was look the other way and I was quiet like a mouse and get closer. Then I was so near to him and was think about how he is the one who make all the hurt that kill Lajka and how some rats taste more good than others I don't know why.

And when I was done with the think of that I look and see my machete swing so hard and fast it chop Ozgram in the neck and cut him so bad he fall down and loud complain. I was yell and kill him in the back again. I spit on him then and yell at him that is for Lajka.

He was near dead but he talk for a while and mister Digger and Apo ask him the so smart questions but I don't know what it means. I was stand and watch him incase he live so I could kill him again. But then he was slow and then he was slump over and after that he was no more mean to nobody.

The ghouls were chase away after I make Ozgram stop being mean forever. Digger say he will put Lajka with Loonella under the rocks under the spooner just like she want to be with her so I was glad of that only. I was feel so sad and then wonder what horrible thing is next. But it was quiet and we all talk some but then everybody drift away slow. I walk home with the funny feel of I don't know inside. I was think about what just happened today and then I member that I never killt nobody ever but now I just did. I was wonder how life will be now because I am the cold blood killer Sam.