Back In My House

Marko take me down to my undersand house it is so long since I been home. I hang on him neck and him climb down the ladder because I still feel throwup from them so many fresh purple mushrooms. I forgot how strong is Marko and big like a tree.

I keep all them woods stock up and fresh water too for you kitchen Marko say at me. The house was look good like I member it with fresh leafs on the ground and candles for give it the nice look. Even I seen him get some blood potatoes for make a soup. I stand there and almost cry for see my kitchen again. 

Marko grin and look all around then look at me and grin more. I think him proud of keep my house nice when I was away and done a good job. Maybe him just do nice things because want me to make some lunch but probably more true is Marko got a big heart bigger than him stomach even.

Then I seen what Marko make for me it was a nice new hammock with blanket and pillows so dreamy. Marko say about make a new hammock because you old one was so garbage. I was so amaze I only stare and say thank you Marko.

Marko just smile and watch me and say nothing. Anyone else do that and I want to hit they nose but Marko only watch with him kind eyes and feel good about do good things. The look of him happy make me forget every thing bad.

The hammock was so nice with good ropes and net. I ask Marko where you get them so good blanket and pillows and him say from the blind trader so I know them must be expensive. 

I guess it was the so long time since some body done a nice thing for Sam I was shock about it. I run my fingers on the ropes and blanket and say oh is so soft and Marko nod and smile. And then I member what pillows is for.

I lay down and go right asleep I am still so tired and sore from every thing go on. The new hammock does not make a irritate squeak like the old one and is so much soft too. The last thing I member was Marko ask about make some lunch after you get up Sam. I knew it was all about get some lunch. 

Standing Up

“I turn my back for a second and you’re up on your feet! 
You better not be trying to sneak off to the mushroom bog. 
I’m on to you, little sister.”

“You know, Itch and Mel return in a few days and 
they will want this place back. Maybe we’ll get you 
down the ladder to your house today, if you think 
you’re up to it. You doin’ alright?”

“I am cold.”

“Thank you.”

“I forgot to mention before, Apo left a note for you. 
She’s a good egg. I put it downstairs with all your gear. 
There’s also wood for the fire and fresh water, even some
 bacon and flatbread I got in a trade. You know, in case
 you want to make me lunch.”

“You been talkin’ some pretty strange stuff in your sleep, Peanut. 
And Apo told me about the healed up bullet holes they found on you 
when they brought you in. Sounds like there are some stories to tell, 
and when you want to tell them I want to hear. 
I sort of think you need to talk.”

“But first come downstairs and see what I made for you…”

As A Friend

“I am maybe stand up now.”

“Slow down there, one thing at a time, Peanut. 
Why don’t you keep sitting for awhile and see how 
that goes. We have all day to get on your feet.”

“I was never feel so bad as this since I have Rustmouth.”

“Yeah, and you need a bath. I’m just sayin’ as a friend.”

“I have no bath in forever. I got nothing for be clean about.”

“Well, it’s like this. You can choose to take a bath in some nice warm water and
have a relaxing soak, or I can throw a bucket of not so warm water on you.
 Either way, you’re getting clean.”

Hurt Morning

“Ooooh… my brains…”

“Well, look who is among the living.”

“Oh Marko I am not feel so good my head and guts 
been in a fight. What are you widdle?”

“Not sure yet.”

“The bright is so stab at my eyes. The widdle is so loud in my brains. 
Every thing of my self is hurt.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Ooooh… Only one do about it the hair of a dog. When I am stand up ok 
I go to the swamp and find more purples for feel better.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

“Why is my head like a sand hippo stand on it and my belly feel so in side out? 
Why my skin all bruise and feel like bugs crawl around on me? Why is my tongue like a old sock?”

“You act like a fool, you suffer like one.”