Worse On Worse

Jack wake me up before sun come up want to play. I say no Jack I am not feel like play and him sniff around somewhere I don't know. It is get cold at night so I make fire in a barrel and think about work on my house more. But I was just sit and think and feel tired like thick head. Also I was sweat some even just sit there. My look in the fire also was make me think of Seawwconds and them dreams I have where is burn me alive even melt my hair it stick on my face and burn. The horror is always first I see inside when my look is closed.
Then I start to cough and cough and I know why I am have the bad feel it is Rust Mouth again. I start to cry and cough blood and cry. How is the world so punish Sam for what I don't know. First is the burn of my house then I am get the terrible sick again. When it get like this Grammy was say next there will be locuss. I am not know the mean of locuss but Grammy was say it like a bad thing.
I start to shiver then and only sit and look at where was my house but got burnt. Where was my kitchen is now just black stink mess and now in the middle is sick Sam. I don't know how I even get the sick I was around nobody. Except Honeypie but her is too cute for make anybody sick. I never work on my house today just stay inside and tell Jack not play yet. When was the last sick I make three cure for sick and hide them in some sand in cave where is my tub. After I am rest some I go climb down for dig one up. I hope them cure is not spoilt and still make me all better or I am not know what else for do about anything.


I have the so good surprise from Pigman Trader I am so glad feel. I take to Pigman some patterns and junk I am not even need and like is always him trade offer me was the sucker deal. But I take my junk for go away and him say Sam wait I have this nother thing maybe you want and Pigman show me a chicken in a crate. She was a so big chicken with orange feathers and funny side eyes she is so cute when she cluck and she red face wiggle in parts too. I say ok Pigman and him say about crate not included so I hug my chicken and walk home slow so she not get the fear. She was want to run but I hold tight and say about make her the safe nice house where Curry is live. Also I will talk at Jack and say him stay away and not eat her and she was look relief some. She was cluck and I feel her sound on my rib and she was warm too and smell only a little funny. I guess she eat big fat grubs for grow so big. When we get to my house I say this is Curry and this is Jack and here is where you house I make goes. At first she was flap around the place and cluck cluck but then she settle and peck around like happy chicken. She has the so nice face and warm color on she wings I give her the name of Honeypie. I think she is look like a Honeypie. It is feel good to have something make me smile I almost forgot.

Chip Away

I start to scrape the mean spells of Seawwconds from all the walls of my house. Seawwconds is so mean stupid he is spell him own name wrong. I scrape and scrape the paint and take him mean words off my house. I also try to sort the burnt up what left of my house. I use metals for make walls and make tight and safe from ghoul. I am still have the so sad feel but better to work not lay around. Jack is follow me and help by make me laugh sometimes. Jack is my so good friend and we go for the run around look for things. We are not go run around since the fire of my house and Jack was happy for run around. But I seen new places where Seawwconds write him threats on a wall and start to cry more. Jack put him nose on my hand and we just walk home then and block the door.

Stink And Soot

I am have a hard time with spell about things here. All I am think about is the sad feel eat me up and horror. Even when I am sleep I get the worry and fear of fire again. I whist it was my leg cut off instead. I am not feel like talk to people so I stay in my undersand place and look at them walls all day. All I done is make Curry a safe place with some of them burnt metal boxes was my house. Everything is stink and cover with soot and black even me even Jack too. I know is get colder and I need to dig out and make again my house but not today. Even my cry is stain black from fire from Seawwconds. I am wonder dark things too. I am not spell that here too sad. Is like the world got rip away from under my feet and now everything is downside up. Maybe tomorrow I go chip off where Seawwconds was write on my walls. I can see enough of him mean all over I am not need the spells of him always there for remind me of horror. I wisht I could sleep without burn up in my dream.

What Am I Do

I just take a bath. All day I sit down deep in the cave in water and have the think about fire. In just a blink and all is nothing I shake my head about it. Why is Seawwconds so mean and why at me and how am I live now I wonder. I keep add the hot water from fire pot and stay in a bath. I am stare at walls. I am sit like rock the puddle. I have a think about make the ash place was my home into a yard and make safe the small place for Curry and my door to undersand. I want make a new home but just now I have the throwup feel. If I sit so still maybe time is just go by me and what is worry now is just done things then so ok. But maybe also could be the water drip in my tub is some poison and eat the skin of me and make me dead. I guess I am not know the mean of things when they are happen at me.

Dream of Gone

I have the so sad dream in the night. It was everything is gone all over just a flat ground it go forever as far as my look. The ground was burnt up so bad. The only anywhere was Dan Seawwconds flag with him mean note on it. Also was words in the air I don't know why and how it was spell in air but it was. The spell was DAN SEAWWCONDS HAS SPOKEN. At least the spell of it is right this time. I just stand and look at all the nothing but Seawwonds. Everything is gone and I was just stand there. I wake up then and have a feel of so cold. I go to have the look where was my house and it still smoke and hot some places but I look around. I get down the ladder and bring Jack up to the ground and him make big nasty right away like hold it for a day. Poor Jack was alone undersand when fire was happen him maybe get the fear down there I don't know. I say I'm sorry Jack and him come nose under my leg and sit close. I was cry and cry again. Maybe I should have the angry feel but I am just sad for what is gone. My house was my good place where is my heart and soup pot. I am feel like my middle is rip out and now just the outside is here with two Twonkie.


Today is the end of my house. I am so cry and cry I can not believe even what is happen I have the so horror feel. I am wonder if there even is a word with the mean of everything is gone like I feel now. My house and books and draws I make and all my cook things and my useful tools and candles and curtains I make and a waffle Apiz give me and my good couch and my stairs and my floor and my whole house is burnt up.
I was try to think about now Lajka and Loonella are have all my stuff I hope they think is useful things. I am so tired. I have to spell about it all now. I am knot in my belly about it all and shake and stare away. But I have to spell it now about the horror.
Last night I was decide to sleep in my undersand place. I take Jack down the ladder in my backpack to my metal room under and I make him bed then I make me a bed too. It was seem safe there because all them threats and trouble about Seawwconds. And I was right too about safe because if Jack and me were sleep in regular place of us sleep we would be kilt from horror that happen.
It was fire. When I wake up today and climb up ladder I smelt smoke from my house above. I look around and seen fire on the wall by where is my hammock and toy rabbit the whole wall was fire then. Someone throw oil in my window and then a torch I seen where they land and burn for start the house on fire. I get so scare feel and I run around because not know what to do. I keep a bucket with water by my cook fire so I throw the water at fire but still it is burn and burn so hot. It start to burn my stairs then and also I seen where fire was get close to my chemicals. I was try to trade a thing with a name of UNSTABLE CONCOCTION it say on the jar and also say NO FLAME. I think I know the mean of it because concoction was expose and make the fire so more bad. It was so hot my skin get red and my eyes were full with smoke even my eyelash and brow get burnt off. I was panic run around but I was not save my house then. I run out the only door not burn and all I was grab is two Twonkie. I run out of my house with them Twonkie and in my sleep clothes. I cry and run and cry. I let Curry out of him house incase of fire go there and him run away somewhere I don't know. I member Jack then him still underground and I get worry think about him but no way to get back in then.
People seen the smoke and start to come around my burn house. I was cry and run around so much the Witch make me sit and she hold down my shoulders. Apiz and Flit were there and they try to save from fire my things but they could not. Then we seen where a black rag flag was on a post outside my house and on it was a note. I have the look at note up close and read the spelling there it was bad spell like the last note I find so I am copy it here with him bad spell. This one say
I hav desided to show you mizerable dirt scrachers sum mercy and warn you all of mi coming. Thez flams are just a taste of the sufring that will desend on ane fool who stands in mi way. I have clamed for mi own this Fizure and all around it as far as iez can see. My Raiders will bring slawter in the nit to those who refuse to accept that you belong to me. Mi army will soon shah you the truth. You will bay me or I will hunt you for sport and fed your meat to mi dog and men. Thez flame are the last warning. - Dan Seawwconds
Dan Seawwconds burn my house for make example of it and show him mean. For no reason like I was bad to him or Jack make nasty on him yard. I never even seen a Seawwconds. He was just burn me because mean and now my whole house is gone for only because him want to scare people away. I was cry and cry and pound at sand too.
Flit was get she guns out and go try to find Dan Seawwconds but is hard to hunt someone that is unvisible. Seawwconds is everywhere and nowhere and nobody ever seen him. Flit was so cross she maybe kill everybody because Seawwconds would be include in the kill for sure. It was start to get dark and Apo come too and say Sam this is so horror on you and I say I know and thank you Apo. Masaka and Laeilah too were say about sorry Sam and Apiz say anything I can do and I say thanks Apiz. Ztar pet my head and give me a buzzard leg for dinner but I was not eat it because sad. I was amaze at my friends I have with me it make me cry for glad then but nobody could tell from sad cry I think.
My house still just burn and burn and everyone talk about rebuild you house Sam but mostly I was just stare at it. How is someone get so mean or dumb they burn the house of someone they are not even know. My house burn all night and was smoke and so hot some places. I climb close to the tunnel where is go down to undersand place and I yell hi Jack and him bark up at me like say I am here Sam. I can not get to him maybe for a day because hot but I am get the relieve feel because I leave some bacon on my table now Jack can have him dinner down there at least.
What am I do now. All my good things are gone and I am make soup for nobody for the long time. What was give me the good feel like safe and home is just black stinky piles now. And gone too is feel safe anywhere Seawwconds can burn anybody house next. And too it is Withering Season so the cold is colder and colder. Already plants are stop they grow and hide in the sand. Most of my foods is keep undersand so I can live ok there but the metal rooms will be the cold den.
Yesterday I was think about maybe make stew with lots of green fungus I had in a basket and add bacon too. Now the fungus and bacon and even stew pot too is gone. When I am have the terrible headpains it is inside hurt but this hurt is outside all around me poke at me and there is no get away of it. I know bad will come and this is maybe the start of so bad times in Fissure like ill wind blow. Somebody should put they machete in Dan Seawwconds neck is one thing. I am sleep in the rusty car tonight by my house again like when I was the so sick. I am done with spell about it so I will try asleep. I wisht it was a bad dream but that is not come true.

Mean Seawwconds

I have the sick feel in my belly tight like a knot. I am only shake my head at what I find today and get some chill from the fear on my skin. I come back home after run around and there was a big paper up on a rock post. On it was the spell of SEAWWCONDS ALREADY HAS YOU and some blood I don't know who blood. But the so bad part was below in very bad spell but still I am get the mean of it. Seawwconds is a terrible man. This is what him note say I copy just like it is stupid spell.
I hav ben waching you from shadohs and panting yer walls with advise and warningz. But soon yer iez will see wut waits for thoz who do not neel or run. To shoh you all wut hell I bring I will destory one of you az the xampel. I will give 2 daze for you to hid or run but befor yer nex stoopid batle gamez you will see. You will see! For mi own lands I clame Fizure! Stijeen! Cormac! Kornbelt! Thoz are my lands now. All yer place are belong to us. You have 2 daze. Then at bottom of the paper was the name of Dan Seawwconds. Now I know what is the mean of it and only bad things is it. Now is get so cold and the sun is hide more too. Maybe we have the ill wind like Grammy say it mean something is come at you that is so bad. Seawwconds is the so ill wind.

Still I Don't Know

Everywhere now is the write of SEAWWCONDS. Nobody I talk about with know what the mean of it is either and sometimes they write is have a mean sound. But nobody ever seen a seawwconds and nobody knows nobody that ever heard of seawwconds so I don't know. Somebody is make the write on the wall I am read it so there it is. But who and what is seawwconds I wonder so much. If all them do is make bad spell and mean on everywhere walls maybe they are just no big deal. But I still have the bad feel about something like a tooth is loose and I know is going to fall out soon but worse even. I wisht the Trade Gather of Digger was soon for the talk about it with everyone. I am make ammo today too.

The Spell Of It

I was just see something today and I am not know how ever I was not see it. I was run home after look for things and I seen on my wall again was someone in the night spell on my wall. When I get near for the close look of it I seen the spell was different from what I seen before the spell is not the same. Some are say SEAWWCONDS and some are SEAWWCONS. Also is where I seen DESTROY is bad spell of DESTORY on one of them wall spells I seen around. I don't know what is the mean of it other than maybe someone is not pay enough attention sometimes. Lots of people around are not know about spell and read so ok they never notice. But I am wonder about why someone is write on walls and spell a thing one way and then the nother way a later time. Is either dumb or crazy I guess or just try for confuse everyone maybe.

More Worry

More and more is seawwconds on the walls around. I seen it on the big rusty tube car where is nice kitty live inside but outside is say about SEAWWCONDS ARE WATCHING. I was run by yesterday and was not see it there so I guess seawwconds are come in the night.
They spell is more now than just UNITE now is DESTROY too but they are spell it wrong so not smart. I am so wonder about it because I am not see them seawwconds anywhere just they write on walls. What is destroy about write on walls I don't know.
I was go to see the house of my friend Apiz in Bridgetown and seawwconds write was there too. What the mean of it is still I don't know. I have the feel of they be everywhere and nowhere too. Apiz was say about hard to get inside Bridgetown and maybe them wall writer is live near him in the Bridgetown. I was get the falling fear just walk around there I do not know how is anyone live so high. I run back home then and find wires on my way. All of it is give me the freakout fear.

Flit Seen It

I was trade chemicals today with my friend Flit and she was say about some funny seawwconds write on a bridge near she house in Junkyard. I say I seen that too on other places around and she say about what is the mean of it and I say I don't know. I am so amaze Flit is live in Junkyard I always get chase by ghoul when I am at Junkyard so I stay away mostly. I was want to see what Flit was say about though so I walk back to the house of Flit and Dyl for get the look of they bridge.
There it was too on the bridge like Flit say it was SEAWWCONDS UNITE like them other ones. What are they unite about I say and Flit say about break they face off if they are come to she house and that is my one laugh all today. We are not even know what is seawwconds and Flit is want to kill it already.
I was want to have the up close look at it for see what is write made of so Flit was give a boost and I was sit on she shoulders. I could see where the write was maybe paint not charcoal and then I was fall off Flit so that was all I know. A mystery thing on all the walls around is not help me shake the bad feel I still have. In my think is like see the huge black cloud in the far away and is come my way too. I am not even know how get ready for it. I hope seawwconds is just a club for play hopscotch or something.

Bad Day Again

I am sad today I am not know why. Even when I was just wake up I had the terrible headpains I was think they were gone but is not gone them is right back and hurt my head and I am feel thick and like cry all day. My breathe is gulp the air and my belly has the so tight feel again like something horrible is happen but I am not know what is it. Also the headpains are make me think about bad in the world like girls dead from mean ghoul and nice places that get all broke from a storm. Some big rat man thing is still watch at my goat Curry too and the air is get colder more and more. I go outside for look at sun come up in Fissure but just go back inside after sit there and feel bad still. Then I stay inside today mostly I wisht I had a smoke for the calm down but smoke is all gone now. Jack is give me him paw like it is ok Sam and I say thank you Jack but still I have the sad feel. My own think is work against me I am so confuse about why and hurt from it. I wisht someone would pet my head and tell me is ok and something will stop it hurting.

Mutant Party

I seen signs about a Gather of them mutant tribes today. The Mutant Witch was talk about it too one time at the Digger camp and she say only mutant is go at the Gather and anyone else is put in they soup. I like soup but not that much so I stay inside with Jack and Curry today for the just in case. I have them mutants in my hear sometimes all day when they hunt in they pack. I do not understand run around and make hurt at everything I am just not the same as mutant I guess. But then I was think about Kendo and Ztar are my mutant friends and I made them promise not put me in soup so could I go to the party of them I wonder. I think Witch would soup me though so I don't know. Finally I decide for have a look from the far away so me and Jack sneak up on the hills behind the mutant camp. It was a so funny hoop and holler I never heard something like they sound of dancing before. Them mutant like a big fire and dance at they Kingo Fire who is a god of them and maybe he ride the mutant bicycle in the sky Witch was say about it one time. Why are all religion so have the weird look from outside I wonder.
Jack was look nervous about be in mutant land because maybe they like dog soup I guess. I think I seen Witch and Ztar and Kendo and the mutant lady who was smash the bog temple but from the far away at night is hard to have the good look at it. We sneak away then and go around the hill to stay hide from mutant. On the way home Jack was find a buzzard in some sand who was not have a head and was dead too. I was wonder if the bird head was cut from it by mutant hunt pack and I was shake my head at the waste of a nice buzzard. The good legs to eat were gone from him but I put him bird body in my bag for make some soup stock with no people in it just buzzard.

Lurky Because Cold

The air is get colder now for sure. Then was Grammy always tell about a season change is make everybody change with it. Some them critters make a hole and stay in it for until is warm again but some other critters are try for find a warm place to live for the cold like maybe in you house. Grammy was always tell about chase them critter away if them try make a den near us but I was get the sad feel about send them critter away when is cold times. But today I think I know the mean of her say.
I seen a thing in the middle of Fissure today that was maybe look for a home. Him was in my far away look so I am not know all of what him is but I seen enough to have the think him is rat. But not like put in the soup rat him was big like people and I think rat was wear a hat too but I don't know. I seen pigmans and tigerpeople and so maybe also is the mamimal of rat. A soup of him would feed everybody in Fissure but him was dark oily stains like live in a stinky tunnel too much so maybe not good taste in the soup. Also was him stare and stare at my house.
I seen lots of so funny things around sometimes but none of them ever was stare and stare at my house. Maybe ratman was just think about something a while and stand there and not really look at Sam's house but maybe that is just tell myself nice stories. Sometimes him was sniff the wind like try to smell at my house from the far away it give me the creepy feel. I sneak out to my yard and bring Curry from him goat fort to inside my house for the just in case. Jack was so march around and protect and make him stern woofs I know him was smell the ratman too. I make sure all my gates are lock tight and even try to load my pipe rifle but I seen it was still have ammo in it from when I thought Brutes were come to kill me. Maybe leave the loaded gun around the house for the just in case is the good idea when things are want to take you house for the cold season.