New Eat Thems

The mutant Irk was talk and talk at me. It was good to have the hear of some body after walk alone so long. Irk enjoy him smoke so much and ask about maybe trade tobacco for some thing he got. So I say what is you got and Irk dig in him bag for things.

First him show some salvage look like lectric parts and also a magnet but I just pass on them because who cares. Him had some nice rope but I got nice rope at home so I just say sorry. But then was him pull some small things from him bag and I get the curious wonder about it.

Irk say about new things him find like some red beans. Maybe them is make a nice soup I don’t know but I was very want them right away. Also Irk say about have a cook herb name of fatroot him trade from Bartleby the old story man. I am not care so much about salvage things but new food is different.

I look at my pouch of smoke and make a face of hard to decide it. In my bag was three more pouches so I was not worry about run out for a while but I make it look like a hard decide for maybe him offer something more. I learnt the how of make a deal when I was away.

So Irk add in more of them red beans for make me say yes so I say yes. I never seen a so strange root like fatroot and I wonder what taste is it have in a soup I don’t know. I wisht for rice to make a thing good with them red beans. 

After we deal the mutant stand and get him bag for go. I say thank you Irk for the trade of them new things and him nod say about good hunting for me. After him walk away I look around at all the nothing. I put them beans and root in my basket and think about walk home now. Maybe is time I make a soup again if I member how. 

Mutant Smoke

I have a nice nap and wake up from warm sands under me. I have a smoke and stretch and then I get the look of some body come out of them dunes. I seen him green skins and funny body so probably was a mutant. I wonder if my mutant friend Ztar is still around at home. Mutants is ok but sometimes eat people so is good to be careful. 

The mutant walk closer and say about not want to scare me him just tired and look for a place for sit down a while. Him have the name of Irk and I was laugh inside but just say my name is Sam so you can call me Sam. I tell him not be mean or eat me and him can stay. Is not my ruins to say who is stay and who is go away but him say ok so ok.

We sit for a while and talk about places we both know. We talk about the clear white sky and wonder about if them rains come this year or not. Irk say him come back from the big waters edge to get shells for make spirit things. Around him neck was a charm from turtle was very nice him made it. I show my peanut charm Marko made for me and Irk smile around him fangs.

Have a look at the charm make me think of Marko and wonder about my house and dog. I guess I was not think about all that for the long time away and now I am think about it again. I miss Marko so much when I was away my heart feel good about see him again. Maybe is time for go home now. 

Irk tell about watch for bandits and how a cheater man name of Mavis stole all him things one night near where we was. I am wonder if it was Mean Mavis that I know from the long time ago but I was not say about it just nod. It was maybe another Mavis. 

I was still tired from them purples and Irk was say a lot but I was miss some of it for the fog in my brains. I just sit and have a listen of him talk about buzzards take him eye one and him drag buckets of buzzard nasty to the Mutant Witch. What am I even say about that I don’t know. 

Then Irk was sniff around some and scratch him bumpy head and say about a human trader name of Clive show about smoke tobacco and maybe can him borrow some from me. I guess if someone who maybe will eat you ask for a smoke you give it to them. Him take the pouch and roll a smoke like do it a lot then use a coal still hot from my night fire for light it up. Irk nod and pass the pouch back and say thank you Sam. Him pretty nice for someone who maybe will eat people. 

Me and mutant Irk sit and talk the long time. Is funny because him already know about the Great Fissure and even where is my house near the fall over building. We talk about some people we both know and how them mushrooms in the bog taste so good. Irk tell about him only eat mushrooms now and buzzard when him can kill one. I say I like mushroom too and just smile. 

Boom Boom Boom

Never eat them purple mushroom unless you want boom boom boom in you skull meats. I got a taste for some them shrooms since I been away. I think they help my brains be better and shut up. And the eat of them is laughing in my head for a while. I make a fire and wait until sun almost down for eat them. I like they pretty dots but the taste is throwup a little.

I wait for the feel of it to happen and have a smoke. I like a smoke since I been away too I guess I pick up a lot of bad habits out there. I start to get the little boom and lay down for they get louder.

I have the feel of sand move like water slosh around gentle under me. I have the look of stars and wonder about what is them and why hang so far away. I see some stars move around weird up there too and then the boom boom hit my brains so I smile. 

I get the feel of so amaze at stars and wonder if some body ever been to them far light points. The see of so so many stars give me the feel of be very small and also happy I don’t know why. The sand waves bobble under me again and I laugh so hard at it. 

I member the first time I eat them purples I get the so big feel of every thing was all the same thing. It is so hard describe but the feel is like the best joke I ever hear and also stand on a tall cliff with just open all around you. The man who give me them first purples call it the feel of shine and wonderment. I like them words but still not give you the whole feel of it. My brains and every thing shut up and listen and see.

Then I member there was more than just sky so I have the look all around of sands. I want to run just then so I jump on top of some dune and bark like a dog because I don’t know. I yell at them stars like friends and say I am almost home from walk so far be away so long and you lazy stars are just stay in the same place the whole time. I am not know what was the mean of it but that was my say at them. 

Every thing is so right now and amaze is make me tired but also I want to stay awake for not miss any thing. I get the feel of lift over my own self and see down at me like I was some cloud and ground me was just stand there and say wow about it all.

Then I think I see some thing in some sand. It was small and just catch my side look so I go over for have the close see of it. I was not find a thing or member much what it was but when I was down there I notice the special of sand. So so many tiny sands like them stars more than anyone can count them. I just crawl around look at the pretty of some sands for the long time. 

I bark again like a dog because crawl around on my knees I guess and laugh at my own self for do it. I think maybe I hear some thing bark back at me so I be still and listen but never was I hear it again so I don’t know. I get the fear about wander away from camp and be lost but then I member about stand up and I seen I was not so far away. 

Maybe is weird to just lay in some sands all night but I was not bored ever and my whole self was full of the shine and wonderment. I seen a black beetle pop him head out from the sands and I get so excite like the best thing that ever was happen ever. It was just a beetle but I do not think I was wrong about it.

When I get up for go back to camp the stars seem so bright like hurt my eyes. I sit at the fire and watch them flames move and jump like tell a story but I do not member the story now. It was long and complicate I think. 

For the rest of the night I sit by the warm of fire and push on my skull bumps for the good feel of it. My fingers pick out grits from my hair and rub on my scalp like scratch a dog but I am the dog. I listen to the sound of my ears under my hands and then move away my hands for the different hear. I hum a little too and feel it in my body bones. It maybe look like crazy but I was have fun so what.

When sun come up I roll another smoke and watch the sky make she colors for me. After them head booms get less I have the feel of smooth and calm like waters in no wind. The dunes reach all around and me the tiny speck of sand or light in the sky just here for have a look around at the pretty of it. I think about go home today but I might stay here for need some sleep. 

Almost Home

I am almost home. I find a new book for make my words in so here is some words. I am not even know how to explain where was I for the last year. 

I been shot twice and had some bad fever. I get a job in a kitchen for a while and make a friend there name of Bitty who was a mouse. I cut off my braids because I meet a boy who stomp on my heart and was a jerk I did not see it. I walk so far and far my legs get hard and my skin tough like leather from the hot and sands blow on me. I kilt a man but him had it coming. I had to eat raw buzzard some days is the so tough meats and taste like bitter. 

All them seasons roll by and I am come home about the same time as I left last year. And what has changed not much except my feet have thick skin and I am all out of cry. I got some tobacco and purple mushrooms so I will stay the night in some rubbles before go home I am not in a hurry. I like the quiet of them open sands.