Get You Sammich Here

I was have the so proud feels of make a good soup and then member about my shop of BUY IT GOOD and the place where I make foods for nice folks was the name of MAGIC BEAK. I member the so good feels when was somebody trade me good things for some them sammiches I make with flatbreads like Grammy teach me. Mean Dan Seawwconds burnt down all them good places of mine but I have a think of maybe I can make again some good thing for people get they lunch.

I get a old shelf and some bags I was find around and I look in my kitchen for good things you put in a sammich. I get some them bacons and nice fungus too and put inside them flatbreads for the so good taste of it. Also on the shelf I put some so good savory grubs I make of spice I get from the Pigman trader. I wisht my Grammy was here for taste some them savory grub I make and I have the think of maybe her like them so much.

I make a sign on some old woods and put the words of GET YOU SAMMICH HERE for folks know about get they sammich here. Some them letters get wrong and some paint drips too but I have the look of it be done and say ok about it so ok. Me and Jack wait then for some hungry folks come by and trade me good things for good sammich. When I am start a new thing I have the so glad feel of it so I decide for now and ever I am do more of things that make me the good feels. Maybe tomorrow I get the knife of Dan Seawwconds cut through my belly and die from it so today I am go have them glad feels because be alive is not last long and is the so dumb thing to miss it.

Friend Soup

I get the so good feel today about I make some soup for my new friend Itch and him sister Mel too. I was try for make it the so good taste for they eat it and be so glad in they bellys. Give you friends some soup is what my Grammy teach me for how is you be nice. I was wonder what am I put in some special soup for surprise they moufs.

I make the base of some soup with them yellow molds for they smokey taste and also a onion I growed in my garden box. Then for the so special of it I put in some them big green bugs I got from them swamps around here. They bug backs and legs shine in them soup broths and make the look of so umusual in the pot. 

The smell of them broths was mmm nice and I add too some green fungus chops and some nother meats I don't know what was it but ok. Them chunks and smells was cook together and be nice in my nose and my taste of it give me the glad feel. My so good friend Marko say at me one time about Sam you soups is taste so good just like was you Grammys soup so good. I member then I almost have happy cry about him say it and I am always want my Grammy be proud of them soups I make.

I look at my give them soup and have a think of when I was first become here. My belly was yell at me about eat something Sam and my think was maybe I am be dead soon but then I meet my friend Psycho Baroque was give me some flatbreads just for say hello. I was live from the flatbreads and Psycho is the so nice man for it. Now I am help them folks I meet with give them flatbreads like nice Psycho done for me. Even if them are not starve in they belly I have the know of Itch and Mel is like my soup for them. Some times I have a think of give the whole world of folks some nice warm soup for they all eat it and feel good and have a nap together. But is maybe the unpossible thing for really do it is a lot of soups for one thing.

Mel In The Basement

Again today I go for see my new fiend Mister Itch. Him say about is look ok for trust you Sam and Mister Itch then was show me where was him secret house. All I am say is him house is undersand like the house of mine and the place where is the door of him house is I am never tell it. 

In Miter Itch house was also live him sister name of Mel and a so big nice dog name of Roland. They house is a so big cave hole where some old stone building was sink in some sand. Itch say about him dig out places for make them new room of they funny undersand house. Roland was lick my hand and I say hi Roland and him wink like say hi back.

Mel and Itch say Sam is ok for you have the look around so I climb around some. I seen where was they house go so down and down in them sands and every place was like some room for some body live there. Itch say about them call they house Basement for it be low in the sands. Basement was feel like a house for a family live there was the nice feel too. 

I crawl so way low down in they Basement and have the look of up. Some drips was make a bitty lake at the low low part was only brown a little and Itch say about can drink it after some boil of it. I seen under Roland paws too was the so funny up look of a dog I clap about it.

The sister of Itch name of Mel was maybe have the fear of stranger folks. She was ask some about where was I live and her listen when was I tell about good dog Jack live with me. But also was she so quiet and in she eye I seen her was have the think about something in she brains but what was it I don't know. I am bring some soup for her soon is always so good when is folks get some soup. 

Mister Itch is be my friend now and I tell him about my nother friends Marko and Kaya and Nick and Ztar and tell about all the folks I know around. Itch and Mel was know not much folks around them say about stay in they Basement a lot for be safe. Them tell about some nother folks live in Basement too sometimes even the ratman name of Gnawbert is stay there when him is crawl around here. Me and Itch and sometimes Mel was talk and talk so much.

Then was the one thing I have the hear of it and get the fear in my skins. Itch was say about him have the look of a so funny name wrote on a wall at the camp of Digger. I say Mister Itch make a spell of it in some sand and the name he seen was not there when last I seen that place. The name of him write it was SEAWWCONS and the nother part was ARE WATCHING. I guess is mean Dan Seawwconds come back now and still is not know the right spell of him own name. I am glad of not have a wood house for him burn it down again. I tell Itch and Mell about the mean of Seawwconds and say about please please shoot him head off if you are have him in you look. 

Good Rats Of Itch

I go again for see my new friend Mister Itch and him take me to him safe place him live and fix lunch for me of them so good rats on him grill and green fungus too. Mister Itch say about him sister Mel make some grill sauce of savory spice for the good taste of it and it was taste good. Mel was not be around I don't now why. Mister Itch was tell about live there with Mel and some nother folks in the safe of a big hole were was a old stone house sink in some sand. It lay sidedown like asleep on and bury in the ground and all them folks of Itch live there even the ratman I seen crawl sometimes around is live there. Itch was make me promise I am never tell about where is him family live and I say Mister Itch I am keep your secret forever not even write about it here.