Fog Think

I seen them fogs again and go to where is the broke bridge in Rot and have the look of nothing. All around is just fogs and the look of nothing every where even is no ground under my feets. I get the feel of be in them clouds and float up so  high I am hear some skies say they secrets. I have a think about live in them clouds of nothing all the times I am feel calm for be in them nice fogs. My self was get wet from fogs too and make some mud on my face from me be dirty I guess. I stay there the long time and was like the slow bath of my face is get clean from just stand there in nothing. Them fogs is nice to my face.  

Worry Of A Note

Them fogs was all over and I like the run around in it so I go run around. When I come back home I was find a note from my friend Apo is give me the fear some.

I am write the say of she note here I am not know the mean of some and she spell is funny with them little marks maybe she hand slip when was she make the spell of it I don't know. 

"Sam - Met a fella in Cormac today and I got a bad feeling about him. Called hisself Ned Tinker, and I wonder if he might not be that Jeff Tinker instead. Or maybe someone still else. Maybe from your old place. Was a big blubberous guy on a little grey... horselet or sommin; I never seen one afore. And he seemed like he'd not been seeing any hard times for a long while. That just don't smell right to me. I hope to hell it ain't nobody else who kept the Herd, and it's not like there cain't be moren one rich fat guy in the world, but... you come see me. I think we gotta figure out who this guy is and what he's after -- because he might be trading in moren he claims. - Apo"

What is the mean of tinker and horselet I am so confuse about it. I am not even know what is she say about and I get the fear for just the wonder about what is it. The last thing I am need now is the nother bad man come for hurt everybody and Sam. 

Girl From Them Swamps

The so fog was every where when was I wake up and I think about the good feels on my shoulders from it. I was look around and find some tape and some nother tape and then I seen in my far away look a girl on some swing. 

She was so be alone on a swing and in my hear was she sing some I don't know what song. But most was the look of sad on she face so I walk to get the close see of her. 

I say at the girl hi my name is Sam so you can call me Sam are you sit alone for nobody be with you. She face was look fear but also want some help was she eyes say at me. The girl say hi Sam my name is Nia and I been lost for run away from them ghoul. 

Nia have a say at me about a bad yellow ghoul name of Spider was chase and chase so far from where is she live. Nia say about run so fast and hide and Spider be dumb and dead and him head is flop on him neck from be broke. I was so sorry feel of her tell about run so far and be lost and I say Nia I will help you find where is you live. She smile is nice and I smile at her too.

I ask about where is you mama and papa and Nia was get the sad look say about they be dead. She tell about live with some kids in some hole and them kids was all be a family but some them kids was get eat by some ghoul and then they kid hole place was get wrecked in the night from some mean folks maybe was Seawwconds I don't know. Nia was talk so fast I am have the hard time of understand she say at me. But she hair is cute and I think her self is a nice person like Sam. I say Nia where is you live now and Nia say about live in the swamp where is some nice folks let some them kids live in they treehouse. 

Was seem so glamour life in a tree I clap at she say it. But Nia was get the sad feel then about maybe never see the treehouse now because of be so lost. I say Nia who is you friends in the swamp and her say was so surprise it make me laugh. She swamp friends is Kaya and Marko and Nick they my own friends too. I take the hand of Nia and start a walk to where is the swamp and I say Nia I am take you there and you be ok in you treehouse. She was smile then and sing a song for we walk back but I am not know the song is maybe something she cook up in she own head.

Broke Road In Some Sky

I was feel like jump around in my inside so I decide for run and look for some good thing some place. I mostly find nothing but get the good feel for the run of it anyway. Them skies was heavy feel like some thing hide in them I don't know what is it. And them clouds hang around like wait for something big is happen. I run out to where is the so big broke road go up in them skies and have in my look all them so many broke places under. 

I stand at the broke end of the road and feel them nice airs on my shoulder make the so good feel in my own self. I put up my hands at them skies and whisper some things I am not say it here even but was good things in my say. I watch them clouds move in they winds and make the shape of so funny things I wonder how is they do it. Clouds I guess are keep they secrets and maybe just whisper one at you some time so is good to always be listen for them. I wisht for get the know of some cloud secret is maybe help Sam some. 

Them clouds and skies was so nice in my look I stay on the broke road for the long time just have a think about all of it. My head is feel so spin around some times and them cool good winds help rest all them too many thinks crash around and break things in my brains. I member then about some hopscotch words Grammy teach me the say of them when was I a brat. I jump and say them words and go back down the broke road and hop and say until I was all the way back in my house. I am spell the hopscotch say here but I was never know the mean of them words just the nice sound of it in my brains I still like it too.

one two buckle for you
three for at the door
five six play them tricks
nine ten do it some more

Yell At Some Sky

So fog was when I wake up and first in my think is I am love The Rot in some fog. I decide for go there so I go there and the fog was so glamour give me the good feels for just be in it. All them places of Rot in my look was make me warm feel like be at home. 

I am not sure when was it happen but in my think is change some. Before when when was folks ask about Sam where is you from I was say about be a slave of Honcho Uno and work in him kitchen and stay there for so long of my life. I was say too about all them horror I seen in the Herd of Honcho Uno and all them dead folks was I know them before they get dead from mean men own them. When was folks ask about where you be from Sam I was say at them that story.

But if now folks ask I am only have the say of I am from The Rot. Is easier than the long say of slave and horror. I like the feel too of be from The Rot is like be of a special family maybe the bridge is papa and theater is mama and all them funny fish in them murk water is just they kids like Sam. I was yell at some sky then about hey sky give Sam a help and make some shine on me because I am just the nother rotling and not much good still about know what is the right do of things. If them skies have my say in they hear they answer was just say nothing at Sam but I guess ask them skies for shine is not take nothing away for the try of it so why not.  

Happy Rat Place

I was find the so good place for get them rats for some soup. I seen where was they live in some sand by some junks in a hole and they so fat and yum look I was go home for get my hunt them gear. Jack was go somewhere I don't know but him face is be so surprise when is him see the place of rats.

I member Grammy teach me the way of cut they rat body for the make of soup for feed all them slaves. I am wonder how is even a rat live anywheres after all them rat body I chop up when was I be in the kitchen. Grammy have she say about even a rat is taste so good when is you belly yell at you. She tell me them secrets of make savory them rat body but I am not tell it even here is so secret Grammy make me take the oat. She say was Sammy you are take the oat about never say them secrets of the make of so good foods and I say yes Grammy I am take the oat and be true of it too. I still do not know why is oat I am think sometimes Grammy was be old in she brains. 

I climb where is a rusty bridge for you get from one pile of some sands to the nother pile of sands. Them rats was crawl under me and was easy for just poke they backs with a pokey stick and fill the bag. I am have Nick and Kaya and Marko and Asbin and Nia and Apo and Flit and need for get more friends my soup pot is be so full of them savory meats for all them so good folks.

After was my bag full of them yum rat body I have a sit and think about all of nothing I guess. My think most was about Jack and him nice smile and the moon is sweet face too and them flowers even grow in some nasty is all give me a warm of inside my own self. I hold my breathe for not change any things because I have the know then of it was the feel of be happy. Was a so crazy place for the feel of it finally but ok.

Broke Bridge

I go to where is the broke bridge in Rot and have the so good look of it. Them fogs was come in by them waters and just was the hear of waves not no nother sound. I was stare at the broke bridge and have a think about when was the bridge not broke and every body was walk on it ok without they fall and die. I am so wonder what was Rot like when was all them broke places not broke. I guess the whole world was work ok and not fall apart once but now not much is unbroke I guess. The theater where was I hide when I first become here is broke and also is the big rust boat at them waters and also the bridge too. So is Sam broke in she head just like all the broke world. When was the time of everything stop working I don't know. 

Rot Dog

I was have a think about my old home of The Rot so I decide for take a walk and I take a walk there. The sun was make good feels on my skin and I think about when was it so cold and how is it all change all the times. I was think about them sunshines and then I was so surprise at what was in my look it was a dog. 

Her look was a she dog but I never seen a dog like she never so I don't know. She furs was sand color and she eyes was close on she face and them ears was point all around for the hear of things. She mouth was full of some meat I don't know what and also was her lick at some bloods on the ground. I am always wonder about them big bloods I seen on them roads.

She face was so sweet and I get so close and not give them fears at her I guess for her stand there with she meat mouth. I say hi dog my name is Sam so you can call me Sam and she nose was wiggle like smell me for say hi back. I am good at the know of what is a dog say from my good friend Jack talk at me all the times. 

I was sit next to the good she dog and talk at her nice say about I know where is the good place for hunt them rats and maybe her is come to my house then Jack and she can be friends too. I was not know if her was know the mean of my say then but she wag tail like happy dog so ok. 

Her lick was at them bloods and not want to talk at Sam or follow me nowhere so I just say ok goodbye dog and go for walk in The Rot. I was turn back for the look for her a lot but only was her stand and lick at them road bloods I guess she belly yell about hungry like every body.

Still Sit

In the so early morning I like when is I sit and have my think. Them good airs then give me the feel of new things like them green grow sprigs push they leaf heads out they dirts I guess I am the leaf head. Also is everything be still then and I sit so still too for be a part of it. My think is always run so fast but I try for slow my brains and breathe in the still of them mornings. I try for the relax feel of not live in fear but is sometimes hard to forget them ghoul around is every where now. I miss my bridge of The Rot so I have a think about go there for the look of it but my feets was just stay still. 

Jack come sit by me and push him nose say about go hunt some rats but I say at him no Jack today I am sit here and have a think all day maybe. Jack is not have a very long think about it so him march away for hunt them rats him own self. I am not seen my friends so much these days and not make my spells here so much too. All I am offer is the sad scramblehead of me so I don't know what is the good of it. I get so confuse on my brains they make me forget what is it I have and tell me what is it I don't have and pull at me all over all days until I am hear my own seams rip. I am not have sew in my brains but is just the feel of it. My think it is wear me out most days for the never stop of it. Where is my brain switch for off I don't know. 

So I like the sit in a morning and be still. 

Dirty Talk About It

Mister Dirty is my so good friend from the times of before I was become here. Always was Mister Dirty my talk to him friend and when was nobody else think of me Mister Dirty was always think about Sam.

In the kitchen where was I be a slave of Honcho Uno I always work so hard and be so tired feel all the times but I always do it because of them dead slaves who was not work hard. I love my Grammy was too work in the kitchen but I get the inside sad feel for not have nobody for talk at them about things. Grammy was so good at Sam she give me good feel for do good things and also teach me the spell of words and make them write marks like here. Also was the nother slave girl work in the kitchen name of Alice but her was always just work not talk. Grammy say about Alice was newt but I was think newt is them lizards sometimes we get for make the soup. But Grammy say about be newt is the mean of not have no voice for talk at you just be quiet so Alice was newt. Also was she always had the sad look in she eye. Alice got kilt the night of me and Grammy and Marko escape from the kitchen and not be slave no more.

Grammy one day surprise me say about Sammy is you birfday and I am make you the special friend then she show from behind she back was a floppy doll. Him skin was the old sack for them onions and him eyes was buttons and him smell was funny I guess. One of him eye was get lost I think a rat eat it some night. 

Mister Dirty was him name I call him it for him dirty skin make him look cute I think. We become friends right when we meet and have the so long talk about its all the times. Today I ask at him Mister Dirty why is Sam so sad all the times and him say back Sam is sad for because she be a regular girl and be sad is regular in the world so hard. I think I was never before have the think of Sam be a regular girl. I was wonder then if Sam is regular maybe the rest of everybody is more scramblehead than I was even think.