Get Out Some

I am wake up so sad feel for the big wind blow away my whole everything on above ground of my house. I guess is better than the wreck of my so good kitchen or my undersand house get ruint so ok. But I am miss some things like my windchime was make good tink sounds in them winds. I am still anger feel at them winds for take my stuff though. 

I was think about make a shed for cover the door of my undersand house so keep all them ghoul out mostly except friend ghoul I guess. Marko then come see all the nothing left of my place and him help make a shed is strong. Marko is the so strong man big like some tree and make them giant rocks move with him big leaver stick. I am not know what is the mean of leaver stick it was stay right there help him lift them rocks so I don't know why is leaver. Marko is the so nice man for help Sam always when I am need some help. We have a talk about things go on too and I was feel like get out from my house so me and Marko walk to where is the house of Marko and Kaya and Nick in the Slow. So many words are sound funny in my hear like Slow is not even seem like a place but my friends live there so ok. Marko was laugh him deep laugh say about we all is Slow Children at Play. I was not know the mean of him say it but him laugh sound is make me feel some ok feel I was need it then too. Then Marko was run for get him tiny geetar and play him song for me I was clap and listen. I was not even know about Marko play songs the times of we be slaves is never him get a tiny geetar. Marko make a nice face when him play too. Him new beard is look scruffy though. Grammy was say about show me the man in him beard and I am show you what was him have for lunch.

All It Blow Away

In night time was the so wind I have the hear of it so hard blow and blow. I take Curry goat to where is the big barn for him be safe then me and Jack and Honeypie too all go down to my undersand place for get out them winds. All night was it blow and too was big crack boom sounds give me the fear. 

So much sand fall down my door on my kitchen is take forever scoop it out. Then was I hear rumble like earthshake and Jack was bark him worry bark up the ladder. I get the so fear my legs shake like cold but was not cold. I have the worry of my friends be in them so winds maybe blow them down in Fissure.

When was early morning I have the hear of them winds go away some and I climb up my ladder for have a look. But was nothing only to see. In them so winds was blow away all my yard and things like was they never there. I was walk around my so good yard yesterday then today is just some sand there. 

When was the fire of mean Dan Seawwconds burnt my house still was them metal boxes I make my first house of so I was make the new house from them old parts. But them old parts was blow away now too. I have a think of maybe is a so bad dream but I pinch my own arm for test it I was not dream it. 

I have a think of all them lost things in the place above my undersand house like the good barrel for burn things and my nice windchime of wood too. My so funny poster of Hang In There Baby is blow away and even them big walls where was folks put they own write on it. How even is a so big wall blow away in some wind I just am not know.  

I have the think of why. I am try be good and make good soup for feed my friends and my aminals all eat good and be my friends too. I am try for be always nice and help folks around. I am try for do no bad things but still is all my place blow away like I dream it all inside my scramblehead. I get the feel of shake then in my body and tight feel in the all of my own self. 

I seen where was across Fissure them big tower and some them house of folks there too and theys all was not broke or gone from them big wind. Just was the place of Sam got blow away and all gone. Why is Sam always the one get burnt and wrecked and blow away I don't know. Is give me the feel of be dumb for not know the why of it. The think of it was make a facebomb explode and I so hard cry about it. Is hurt my face always them facebomb give me the feel of need go hide but now is nowhere a place for hide in it just some sand. 

When was my place get wrecked before everybody say about Sam you make a house again is just the way life is hard so oh well. And I was build a place again and work so hard on it. Then was it get burnt and broke too. Then I work for make the so good place again and something come wreck it again. Is like every day I am push the big rock up some hill push it push it all day for get on the hilltop but almost there is then my rock slip fall back on me squish me flat again.

Then my cry was stop and my face get hard like some metal was in it. I have the look at that sky where them winds live and maybe them clouds is work with mean wind too I don't know. I get the so anger feel at all the whole sky and spit for the mad of it all. I am anger of waste my time and feel the sad of lose every thing again then again then again. I was know then nobody is wreck the place of Sam no more ever. 

I get so anger at them sky and wind my mad come out my face like hot from some fire and make so tight my fist I cut both of hands by my own fingernails. I shake my fist at them sky and wind then so scream at they unvisible mean. I yell too about Sam is still here why are you not blow me away too with all my stuff. I yell at mean sky like it was be scared of get me I was dare wind come get me too. I yell tell the sky and wind about Sam is not play you dumb game no more. All I am do now is nothing because nobody is never take nothing away. My yell so loud at them sky make all day my talk sound like scratchy broken. I was have so many feels at one times I just sit in some sand and have the think of nothing is all I have.

Dream Of Buzzard Be Dead

I am so relieve feel about no ghoul in my dream for once. Oh am I get tired of them ghoul dream. Grammy was always say oh when was she have the important say it like oh them flatbreads been stole and oh Sam don't name puppy him is for soup. I name him Mr. Warmbelly anyways.

My dream was of stand in some sand by where is my house and look up in them so thick skys. I have the look at them dark cloud and get the look too of buzzard fly low over Fissure. I was not seen no buzzard in the long time so I was excite feel and get a pistol for eat them roasted legs. Also is they body make a good soup Grammy show me the make of it with green fungus in too. Him bitty buzzard eye was look at me too from up in them skys and we was watch each other some. Maybe buzzard was think about eat the legs of Sam I don't know. I like him glamour feathers too and him funny head color. I wist so much for me could fly .

I decide for run after buzzard I don't know why. I member I yell at him wait I am come with you and fly in them skys too but buzzard was not turn or wait. I follow him fly out to Cormac but then fly out from my look. I walk around Cormac and seen where was all them places I know from I first became here. All them sand was have a so sick look and I was itch my whole self like walk in some fleas. I member too was I get nose bloods and my face was pinch from worry about it. 

I was so itch and sneeze blood too like when is them new grass make my face hurt so much. The sun was go down in a wrong place was all funny like I know it but is all scramble too. I itch and itch then I seen where was the buzzard stretch him wings like rest so I go for the close look of it. I seen him buzzard head was gone and him body lay in some sand. I look at buzzard be dead for the long time and have a think about maybe when is you can fly also is you head is come off sometimes and then you be just in some sand like every body else around. I was run away from him dead bird body then because my all around was give me bumps of itch. When I wake up I was even itch from the think of it. 

Dream Of Him Horror

I have a dream of mean Mister Callow stand on where was my old shop of BUY IT GOOD got burnt by mean Dan Seawwconds. Why is all them mean men do they mean at the shop of mine I don't know. My look was funny and I seen where even them flower is not they right good color. Then I seen a man was stand have a look at me. Him robe was wet and rip up and him knee be tie in some rope. I seen too where was a bone stick out from him leg maybe where Nick shoot him knee. Him eyes was black and skins so sick color was just stare and I stand and shake like in some snow. I think I seen bugs on him crawl inside him body. Was just mean smile but not have a say at me. Mister Callow ghoul is come for me I know is true and him bring umpossible horror too.

Some Rains

I have the hear of so big storm is come make so much rains fall. Them flash of sky light and boom of they thunders is make me feel inside funny like have a fear but also be excite about it I don't know why. I have a think then about I am do nothing about the rain is just do what is it do and fall on Sam. What am I do about stop the rain nothing is what. I stick my tongue out for catch them sky drops but the taste was like burns some. Then I walk out to where is the rain and stand under them sky drops and put my arms out too and face up. I was have the feel of get clean even in them smoke taste drops like the fear is wash away and my stomach is let go them knots. I stand and stand in the rain with the glad feel of it then go have hopscotch in them rains too. Jack was look at me like Sam got crazy in she brains. I guess is true some Jack is the so smart dog. 

Marko Think About It

My friend Marko is not be around so much at my house. Sometimes him is go for work at The N of Apo and also is help Nick and Kaya with the build of they houses. I seen too where was him grow some man hairs on him chin is give the look of be older some. Today I seen Marko be so funny him climb up a old tower in them swamps and have a sit on the top like was him big chair in some sky. Him smoke the pipe is smell so good and just sit and have think about it. Marko seen where I was have the look at him too and wave him big hand at Sam for say hello and I wave too for hello back. I am so wonder what is go on in him head for him climb up in the sky for smoke him pipe. At least most them crazy of Sam is happen in my dreams.  

Dream Of Kaya Ghoul

I am so fear of my dream.

My dream was be under them waters but have air ok for breathe it I don't know why. I have the far away look of my own self stand in some old ship bones was sink there I guess. I have the look around for a body of mean dead Mister Callow but him was not float around there. Also was no fishes in them waters was so alone feel. 

Then was I look in front of me was the nother girl stand there in some waters too. She skin was sick dead look and she mouth was rot and I know true she be ghoul. I get the feel of run away but just stand and look then I seen who was the ghoul from she face it was my friend Kaya. 

I say Kaya why are you in some water and be ghoul is you feel ok or die sometime when I was not know it and Kaya ghoul just look at something was not me. Like she was have the long think of something and forget the talk to Sam. 

I have the look of she skin was spots of sick and yellow on she body every wheres. She was hunch some like carry the heavy things but she face was look empty like no feel inside she heart. I say Kaya are you feel ok you look maybe you got some ghoul now and Kaya just stand look at something was not me.

Then she move she hand but still was not look or say at me. She hand was come up slow like lift the heavy bucket from a well and she slow put she hand above she head and hold it in the air water. Then was fast bring down she flat hand on she nother wrist and chop at the meat of she own self. She was not say about nothing but I have a know then she chop she hand off like Flit ghoul. 

And she rot mouth was them same rots of Ozgram ghoul. Kaya was be all them ghoul together. She far away eyes look still at something was not me and she chop off hand float away in them waters was no blood for she be dead. 

I was only stand there have the sad feel about my nother friend be dead and ghoul now. Maybe all my friends turn ghoul now and Sam only left is the so alone girl alive in the entire world. I have a wonder about is Jack ghoul now too. Maybe is Curry and Honeypie aminal ghoul I am not even have the surprise feel about it if is true.

Then I was so jump at the sound of Kaya have a say at Sam. She was whisper it too like only in the world am I hear she say it. I was feel cold at them words and I member my skin hairs was poke up with them scare bumps too. She dead eyes was look at Sam then and she dead mouth was not much move even for she say it. She whisper ask Sam you are not look like you are feel so good is you sick or dead maybe. Then I look down at my hand and I seen where my fingers on they ends was yellow and sick spots start on my hand and arm too. Then I feel the so pain in my wrist like someone cut my hand off. Then I scream wake up in my sweat and shake from all the fear of it. I am try for stay awake forever all my dreams be too much make me crazy now.

Big Bog Bug

Today I decide for go down in them swamps near where is my house I never go there so why not. Is so slime wet in them swamps too and stinks like rotty things. But I go in there to have the look of it and I was so amaze at some things I seen. 

I was walk around look at them shacks fall down and I seen some red in them waters was move around. I go for have the close see of it them was big red bugs walk right in them waters too. Them big bug walk in they lie like have a parade and they hard body is so see them on the swamp ground I was wonder how was they hide from anything I don't know. 

I hide some behind a bush for they not have the look of me have the look of them and they line was keep walk and walk out them waters and down to I don't know where. I was have a think about maybe eat them and how many big swamp bug is go in a soup maybe only one. But they shells is so glamour I am not want to eat they pretty bug body.

I go away from them bugs and see more them swamps. I was think about the make of a nice house here and get maybe some fish for eat them out the waters if theys not sick fish. It was the nice think of it. Them swamps is so close near my house I am wonder why I never been down there much. 

Man Talk About It

I was run home from the find of useful things and seen in my far look was Nick and Marko sit have a talk about it. I am so glad feel for the times of have a talk about it with Marko because him be so silly make me laugh and we talk and talk about every what evers. Also the talk to Nick is good but sometimes hard for him not have no shirt on him self. I seen Nick and Marko have some talk before was always the look of good time talk about it. But when I just seen they sit and talk I am not think they words was maybe so fun. Them mens have they serious feel face.

Marko was puff him pipe smoke smell so good and cross him arms like worry about it. Some them talks at Nick make the move of him hands too like for say about some thing real portant. But most times was him cross arms try for not be worry about it but was still worry look to me. Nick was hang him head shake it too and just stare at some sand I don't know why. They eyes was not have the look at each other just both look away when was they talk about it. When is me and Kaya have a talk about it also is brush out all us hairs and eat candy and so giggle. Marko is not giggle and got no hairs even for brush them and Nick is maybe not let Marko brush him hair I don't know. I am just not never know about why is boys so weird from girls.

Bazaar Of Ghoul

I am so need a nap after go to the trader camp today for the time of moon of folks around meet each other for trade them stuff they gots. My friend Nick come with me there and my friends Tsu and Apo was there too. Then I seen a ghoul him face all dead and folks was call him the name of Malice. Also was Witch mutant there I am not put my look at she mean face the whole time. Also was she have some mutant brother too him wear a loincloth but not wear it so good was give me embarrass feel for see him sit on a bench. 

Sun was come up make all of sands and everything so glamour sky color. Some new folks was there and also was the nice trader mamimal lady she name of  Dass. She want my arrowwses I have for trade them but I get upset mixup and forget about trade them. I get the panic too much and pass out on some sand even. I get the panic about everyone is ghoul. So much was happen where am I start I don't know.

I was watch Witch mutant make some mutant snack for she brother make she little wiggle arms move funny. I was talk at my friends about them swamps and thems say how ghoul is come from bad waters in them places. I was be quiet about ghoul. I wisht there was no ghoul never is give me the fear of it all anyway. But my so fear was get more big for when my friend Flit walk in the trader camp. I was scream a little I was not help it I guess. I was cry too and hide behind Dass some. Apo get the hear of my scream and come for see if Sam get hurt again but I was whisper cry at her about everyone is ghoul now and she look confuse at me.

 Apo say about Sam don't worry for them ghoul is just someone who be dead but still is walk around now. I am not see how that is make a better feel about ghoul. Her say was them folks are dead come back be ghoul is just the same person when was they alive and maybe more they selfs even. Then Apo take my hand and walk me close to where was Malice ghoul and I cry. Apo so strong too she pull my hand and make it touch Malice ghoul hand I think him was laugh at me be so fear of him. Apo move us hands down and up like just meet nice and say about Sam this is Malice ghoul is a nice dead man and Malice this is Sam she got too much fears but she nice too. I was scream and try for run away but friend and ghoul was not let me run. Malice ghoul say about I am hold you hand until you stop you scream about fear the ghoul and I was scream. Then was I so throwup feel for Malice laugh at me then pull me close for give me a hug. I was scream and scream and then all of it was go black and I pass out in some sand. Apo was have the look at my face when was I wake up ask about is you be ok Sam and I say yes Apo I was get too much fear of ghoul. Malice was go back to trader fires was laugh still at Sam but not mean laugh. Apo help me up and then I seen where Flit ghoul was watch all my screams and sit feel sad.

I am so umbelieve at Flit is ghoul now. She so glamour skin was soft nice when was she live but now is rotty and her got flies too. She teefs was show from some skin not be at she lips no more and the one hand of her was all gone and put there was a crowbar. How is a crowbar even make for a hand I don't know. 

Flit was have the look down at some sand and she sad way of sit there make me stare some. She stink was remind of them mystery meats go spoilt and even no dog is want the eat of it then. Flit seen me have the stare of her say about Sam I am not hurt you because of be ghoul now and is make me sad you be scared of me is you frand. I am spell she word funny here because is how Flit say the word of friend like frand. I was have the sad feel for my frand too and ask at Flit is you feel ok you got flies. Flit say about feel stronger since she got dead and is hard to be ghoul but she say about is just one of them things so I don't know. We talk some and I seen how she self was still my frand Flit but she body just was dead Flit. I am have the hard time about look at she gross no hand is make me throwup but also is still Flit and I am so care about Flit. After was we talk I decide for not have the fear just because someone be dead but still walk around. Flit give at me a flower and I blow on if for make sure was not spores on it give me the ghoul too. Then I put she flower in my hair and we was frands again. I was so glad feel of it. 

Sun was get up tall in them skys and folks was go on they ways to they homes and Nick was go say about come to The Cape after and I say ok Nick. Flit say about come see you later Sam for some that beetle soup and I say ok Flit I am make it for you eat it. I get my pack and tell Mr. Dirty about go home now give Jack some bacons and then I seen Malice ghoul was look around like not know where him go now. I have a sorry feel for yell and pass out at him hug me so I walk over say hi Malice and him say hello little girl. I say at him my name is Sam so you can call me Sam and Malice ghoul look at me like I was a chicken was talk at him say Sam you is so talk funny. I am not know even why is him say it in my hear is him be talk funny so I don't know. But we smile at each other so ok. 

Malice say about get him water jug fill at them swap waters so we walk some the same way of where is my house. Him say about be a ghoul is hard because folks is have them scare feels about stuff is be different from them. We talk about things then like normal be alive folks is talk about. Ozgram was the ghoul so mean but maybe him was just mean before be dead so is still mean when him is be dead too. I guess too Malice was the nice man before be dead. Him say goodbye for go the nother way to the swamp and I say goodbye Malice ghoul and also one thing more too him say what Sam. I promise at him I am not be so fear of ghoul if him is promise never hug Sam again I will scream you ears out if you try. Malice laugh him dead mouth laugh say about ok Sam is a good deal for me and walk to him swamp waters. So much ghoul day make me tired feel I am have a nap right now. 

Hear Of Pony Mutant

I am think maybe is my friends make a joke at me. Nick and Kaya and Marko come to my house after look around in them swamps is near my house and they story was so funny amaze I am think they are fake it at me for fun or they been drink the hootch. 

They tell about in them swamp water was they seen a pony but was like raw meat  on him outside not skin and have too many leg and hoof. Also they say about pony mutant have long meat vines use like him nose and fingers too and Marko was think meat pony is not see even at all. Them say about meat pony mutant lay in them waters and listen at they say things to it. I am not know maybe my freinds have a think I am be dumb but meat pony is just crazy nut talk so I don't know.