The Hunt Of Bird

My friends Psycho and Tra and Ztar tell me about they kilt some buzzard I get so excite about it. I get my rifle and put in them slugs then run to Cormac and get the look of all open skies. I love the hunt of bird I don't know why.

I stand and wait for one fly in my look and I say things for make it come to me like come here bird and get a slug from Sam. I am not think the bird is hear me but I like the talk of tough at it. Some times I growl like a dog want him dinner.

Them buzzards been gone for so long I was think no body is ever see them again. I am so glad feel for they be back and me shoot them again. Come here for my dinner was my yell at them birds. I wait and wait then I seen one so high up. I was so glad of it I bark a little.

I aim at him fat buzzard body and shoot eight times for hit him once. I was not know I even hit him but then him fall down dead so I know. My friends were say about them birds attack so fast but this one was dead of my slug without no fight. 

I take him one leg for eat it later but the nother leg was shot off I guess. I get some more of him meats for take back and make a good soup. 

I wait and wait for the nother buzzard but there was no more. When I get home I am dig up all them slug ammos I bury because there was nothing for shoot at. We got food that flies again. 

Dream Pony

I have a dream about a so glamour pony come to where is my house. She was sit like a dog I don't know why. I say hi pony I like you pretty spots and the pony was blink at me like thank you. 

I get close for the good smell of pony and I hold some sharktoof candy out for maybe she like a sweet. She eat them candy right from out my hand and she pony lips tickle on my fingers. We were smile at each other the long time then. 

Then I was get on she back and ride so fast around everywhere. We go so fast things around was blur. I hold she mane for stay on and feel she strong body under me. When I was slave work in the kitchen of Honcho Uno some times I see a pony but was usually that night them slave drivers have a big feast.

My dream then was just walk around with a nice pony friend I get the so good feel of it. I wisht the pony was real for be my so good friend and I give it taffy and daisy for eat them. But dream pony is not eat much I think.