Ammo and Drinks

Early before sun comes up I was go to the Pigman Trader again. Him is always there for trade any time I don't know why but I give him the things I had like some buckles and a magnet and stuff and Pigman then offer me some pipes who cares and a bag of gunpowder. I was try to keep from happy yell at him about the need of gunpowder but I was quiet like a mouse and say yes please and thank you.

One of my first friends when I became here I am not tell her name was say at me about make gunpowder. I had the other parts of make it so I run right to Masheen with gunpowder and I was glad of it. The Masheens also my friend tell me about how it is make good things from things you give to it so I give the gunpowder and other bits and I get a box of ammo. Now I can load the rifle I find one time so I can shoot Brutes if they are come at me. Now they better not or get a big loud surprise of hurt in they head.

I load my rifle when I get home and practice aim and pretend shoot it. Then I had a think about how ammo is for the hurt of things and I get the sad feel about it. So then I decide to make something better for folks to balance the hurt from the ammo I make. So I take some water from the cave and bring it up to my yard where is Curry. I was fill with my water the big stone jug is bury half in sand. Then I put some stone cups I found in some cave in Cormac for the drink of water by anybody who is walk by and have a thirst. Maybe is the nice thing for someone I guess I. I hope nobody is steal my cups.

New Rat Sticker

Since I was stay inside then I look around for some thing to make. For the one thing is need a smarter way to get a rat so I find a long pole and some rope. I got a busted knife from trade the Pigman but the blade is mostly ok so I split a pole end and stick the blade in the wood split and wrap it together in duck tape. Inside the wrap tape I put sharp teeth from I don't know the animal and also feathers and a big pig tusk that is sharp too. Then I final wrap the end with wet rope for make it stay strong when is dry.

All I was need then is the rat to try it on so I get my gear together for the long trail. When I was get ready for go to war about the mutant I made a smart pack of so important things for carry in the war but I am use it now for long trips. Is a heavy pack but also good for have the thing I need just when I need it. I went to Cormac for the find of hill rats they get fat and lazy in the sun so is worth the long walk there. My scarfs and hood are good for stop the cold that is last so long now but they are do nothing about sand in the cold wind ouch.

I never seen a hill rat the whole day. I seen once maybe they nasty pills but I don't know where them are go now. I wait until dark even and still nothing to stick with my new rat sticker so I was just have the look of moon so bright and then run home.

Inside Day

Today I am feel funny like sad but maybe I don't know so I decide to stay inside for keep away from Brutes too. I am think about Grammy say sometimes a girl needs a bath and Sam is the girl now. So much is happen at me and I am need a break from all of it. So I go down to my undersand place and into the cave where the glowbugs live in they web houses. There is a leak from the roof I don't know why and the water have a murk look and funny smell but is ok for a bath. I put a trough under the drip for a tub it is cold but also so nice for the soak in it. I hear about people say take a bath is make you sick but I like one bath every moon for scrub away my grime. I seen where some slimy bug with a round house on him back was crawl around my tub I think he like the wet. Him is slow move and leave a shiny trail I don't know why. I am wonder if he is taste good in soup.


The Trader Pigman give me something I never even heard of before they is called piston. They are metal and I don't know what they even are for but Pigman was talk about them are rare and somebody is need them so I said ok to his trade. I trade a lot of buckles I was not need for a new thing I am not know about so maybe Pigman is pull one over on Sam. At least he is not cross and nasty mouth at me like the Food Trader.


Today I meet a dirty little girl called Flo who is live near my house. I seen where they were build they house from a bus it look safe too with a big fence for keep mean men out. But I was not know about they be brats there she is so young and she was tell about she older brother but I am think he is brat too. Also lives there I guess is a lady I seen once who has a big rusty birdthing in a metal house next to where Flo is live in a bus. Flo was say it is fly like a bird too but I think it is probably just story time because so heavy. Flo was also show me in they house about a geminator machine she say is make the trizitty. Flo was say about trizitty come from in wires and is like the food of machines but I don't know what it means. It seems like more people I meet now are short brats and they are more smart than Sam was as a brat too. Food for machines is the so funny thing anyway I am not think it is true. Sam was not born on a turnip cart. But I am like Flo so much and I will take them soup tomorrow for they welcome here gift.

Bryan and Glenna

Today is the so sad feel. I was run around and look for useful things and I seen my friend Glenna who is wife of my friend Bryan so I stop for say hello. Always I seen them run together like in the far way is one dot is Bryan and the nother dot right behind him is Glenna. Is the kind of get married Sam would want.

Glenna tell me Sam I have to tell you the sad news that Bryan is pass away. She say Bryan was cure from Rust Mouth but was sick from something else and sometimes even what we expect is happen suddenly. I sit with Glenna the long time and talk about Bryan and we cry. Last week I was give the tour of my understand places to Bryan and Glenna and we have so much fun. Glenna tell me Bryan was always like you spellings Sam and it make me feel so glad of it. Bryan tell me one time about the Big Man in the Sky he pray to and he was warm and like care about life when he say about it. I think the Big Man will like Bryan very much and I am miss him here.

Goat Fort

Tonight I was think of Curry and the Brutes come get him. I was worry about ghoul eat him too for a while but I am think Curry is too cross to be get eaten. But I don't know so I get some scrap I find and make the goat fort for him live in at night.

I put a bucket with water and some twigs for a bed. I think it is make him calm down some maybe him was cross because of the fear. I make the gate from a pallet and I make a lock too for keep Brutes out. I will let Curry out for play when I am watch out for him.

After the build of goat fort I sit by the fire and have the look of Fissure at night. Is clear sky and I seen Cormac and watch them mean buzzard too high up to shoot at. I am have the good feel about make my house but then I member Brutes and decide to go see my undersand bunker.

I eat a little candy and write here in my spelling papers. I am look at all the spellings I done since I became here and Sam is so change now. I was run and hide so much but now I am hunt and kill more. Is not the life I was think about have as a brat but is good sometimes too like have my friend Curry so ok.


Again I am make sharp my machete. I was think that is over after we set the mutant free but now Brutes are keep me at war. I am not like war but I will fight it if mean is come at me. But then I think maybe I should go at the mean first and fight them before they are fight at me. So I am right away think of KittyKat.

I find Kitty and tell her about Brutes and how they are say I trash they place but I never did it. I tell Kitty about how Brutes are say they come back for Sam and maybe hurt me to death like Loonella and Lajka. Kitty was tell about how Frank is a bad fighter and Madeye is worser and don't get the fear Sam so I was try and calm down but never did it much. Kitty then say Sam if them Brutes are come and get you I will help break they face for you. I was still the fear but had the good feel about Kitty fight with me. I am almost feel sorry for them Brutes if Kitty is hunt them. Kitty was only say about she had history with Brutes but was not say about what.

Then I was run to The Cape and to the Bar of Harveys. Harvey is know a lot of people and I was want to ask if Brutes had the weakness about something. It is empty in the Bar but Harvey was there for some chores so we sit down and I was tell again about Brutes come to hurt me and explain it all again. Harvey was listen and think at the tell of it all. When I say all there is Harvey was look down and have a think so I look at the cracks in the floor. Then Harvey say Sam I know Frank and him is own me a favor so I am tell him to not hurt you Sam. I was have the so relieve feel when he say it too and I say thank you Harvey and he say is ok Sam. I ask Harvey what is the own a favor about and him think on it a little and say Frank and me were do business sometimes and I can just say we have history together. But he was not say about what.

I was run back to my house after see Harvey and I member I have some things in my bag for try to trade the Trader Pigman. I go to see him and try for trade my lectric motor and get some gunpowder for make the ammo and shoot Brutes like buzzards. But Pigman was not want to trade gunpowder but say I will give you some tape and I was say no thank you. Then him was ask in he funny squeal talk about why are you need gunpowder Sam and I say about maybe I am have to kill the Brutes. Pigman was blink around and him bristle was tall on him back. I say what is it about Pigman and he say I am know the Brutes and probably kill them is good. Then he tell about Pigman and Brutes have history but he was not say about what. I then had the think of maybe Sam was about to have history with Brutes too.

Then I was finally run home for maybe a nice soup but I was so amaze at what I seen just there in the sand it was a so pretty horsey. She was big and rust color and had the so pretty eyes and hair. I was love the horseys that had to work for Honco Uno but them horseys were mostly beat up and sad so I was give them hay and pet them nose sometimes. But the horsey I seen was so glamour and toss she head around like princess pony. I was talk nice at her and then I was give her some sharktooth candy I hide in my pouch. She was sniff the candy and then slow come up to Sam. I keep talk and talk at her about nice pretty horsey and in a while she was lick my hand and I was pet she nose. I was tell her about she should go hide before is dark or ghoul will eat her dead. I was not say it to her but I was think on how here I only ever see a horsey on a menu. I was almost ask horsey to come stay with Sam and be the friend of me and Curry but before I ask it she was smell something in the air and run away so fast I was hold my breathe. I sniff and look around too but I don't know what was make her run away. Maybe she was have history with Brutes too but was not want to say about what.


Grammy was say when things are get worser it was off the cook stick and into the fire. That is what Sam just got. I was in my house and plan the make soup and I hear a voice outside yell at me are you the one who trash our place. I was peek out for the sneaky look and I member him face so much. Him is the mean helper of Ozgram ghoul and him also was part of the kidnap Loonella and hurt her to death. I have the think he name is maybe Madeye or maybe Frank I don't know because so confuse that day when I kilt Ozgram in the neck. But he was there and fight for Ozgram ghoul and so must be the very bad man. I was get the fear and hide in my own house. Then I hear from outside him say we are be back for you and he sound like have the think of mean fun at me too. I was stay hide the long time after he go away then I make sure all my gate is lock. I was never trash they place. I was member they mean men club was call The Brutes.

Say Goodbye

Today I am so think of them dead girls. I was wonder how are they ever get mix up with Ozgram ghoul and they mean strange Mother. But I am never know because all dead now and the big mutant is swim away where I can not ask it how. Maybe is just bad luck I guess. But some good luck for they free mutant friend I hope it is sing and dance around now in the undersea. I was have in my think the look of the funny draw we seen in the cave that look like brats draw it. Them face was so happy in the draw and even the mutant was like have a nice time. So I get the paints I found one day and I make another draw of it on my front wall. It is close to what I member I seen there and I spell out they girls name and also spell goodbye above it. Is like a rock for on top of the bury body when you die I guess because it is something for member about them girls with. When I get done with the draw on my wall I have the feel of is over now. I try to tell Curry the goat about everything that was happen to Sam but him make nasty and walk away so I don't know.

I Am Tell It All Now

I have been so sleep almost the whole time since we make free the mutant. I was have dream in it was the mountain fall on me again but was not get out this time and so dead squish on Sam. But somehow kilt is not what was happen to Sam I don't know why but ok. So now I am tell it here and all what happened and who was put they self in trouble for try and do the good thing. Everything is want freedom. I wonder when they time comes how many folks will risk they selfs for the free of others. Grammy was say about the good thing is sometimes the hard thing. But is still the good thing so do it. I was not understand until the morning I leave my nice house and go out and maybe die about a funny key around my neck and some mutant I never seen who might eat me I don't know. But is the right thing so do it.

I was get to the camp of Digger first before anybody. Then people we tell about come with us were get there and we all are funny quite about what we are do. I was not even want some of Digger bacon that is so good my belly was say not now. It was that funny a feel for everyone I think.

Tralala who is so glamour was there and say about what are we do if the mutant is not want out of him cage and nobody was have the answer just look at sand. Is the good question too. Tralala is one of Sam's first friends when I became here and I was glad of her be here today.

Also was my friend Tsu who is Rotling like is Sam and we are like sisters too. Tsu was fight with me for protect Lajka before she die and we were fight together good. She was say about her raised by woofs so she track things real good and how she was never see a mutant cave or lock or door anywhere in the Rot. Is a mystery for us then too.

Digger is the so smart man I like him as like a Papa I would pick if I could. He was say nice things at me when I was sad about Sam become the cold blood killer and him give me the Key too. He was tell me about he would bury the Key for him choose but he was see how Lajka and me were friends. Lajka tell Sam is important to make free the mutant and Digger is understand the important to Sam. Like I was say so smart is on Digger.

I am always wonder when I see mutant Witch Ccindy about who face is it on she back but I am not ask because I am like my face just how it is and she is the so grumpus. But she is have the Stones that folks say will make mutant in the cage be calm and ok. For the Stones I am glad Ccindy is come along also she is maybe speak mutant talk at it is good for us. Also she little arms are funny wiggle sometimes.

My friend Apo was there and I was so glad of it. Apo is make spelling too like Sam and she is report about Loonella and Lakja and Couriers and all what people guess is the mean of it. Apo was at the start of they whole Courier mess and she is know so much about it I know her smart will help put it right. Plus she is always make me laugh when she is talk big funny words I don't know them.

Then was KittyKat show up and sit outside the camp so she hear us and just watch. I am no trust Kitty for far as throw her and that is not much. I am watch my back with Kitty because Grammy would say she is all over the map and the mean is she first is one thing then switch for something new and then change about she friends and then change back and again again again. She is for the one thing ghoul. But for the nother thing she is the so good fighter and good for our side if she is not swing at us in the middle of the fight.

Also there was a lady with so red hair name Masaka I don't know her much. She is have just one eye like Lajka before she had no eyes and the think of it was make me sad. I was wonder if Ozgram did the hurt of her eye too but I was not know how to ask. She was there and I was glad of it because my friends are trust her and I am trust my friends so ok.

I seen Jordy shoot Smokey in the cheek one time. It didn't hurt Smokey he just laugh because ghoul but it was the look of Jordy do it that stick in my think. I bet Jordy would sell him mommy for some candy. I bet too Jordy is find trouble in a stack of pillows. I am not even know who was tell him about this. Him helmet say nasty words on it too. Grammy would spank him all day.

We were all wait for I don't know and the Witch was pick up sand and whisper at it but I don't hear what she say. I was hear about mutant are not like to be under the ground so I was think about how is she go in a cave. But then I was hear she and Digger talk about how the mutant in the cage is maybe the oldest mutant ever was. I think the Witch was want to meet him because of it and she was maybe say a pray about it at the sand. I was almost poke her tiny arm once when she was look away but then I stop because grumpus.

Then Kitty stand up and yell about what are we wait for and nobody knows why so we get up and ready for go. I was get the fear again and sweat in my hands but too I was glad to be do what Lajka want and make free the mutant. Also maybe the Witch and old cage mutant are eat Jordy.

We were run and run then to the Rot where is everything start for Sam. Is like go home again to see my friend the bridge and Burning Mountain and all the place I know and was live there. When we are at the Rot is when Digger say show me where is you find Lajka all hurt and Apo and Tsu and me say is under the bridge here and we run there. Digger say Lajka tell him before she dead about where is the mutant cave and she was say it there where she got found. Digger was the so smart to give the Key but not tell Sam where is the cave because what if Sam is kidnap and they hurt me for what I know but I don't know it so can not tell it.

When we get to under the bridge we all look around for something like a door or a lock. Tralala say then about if we find the lock where is the Key for open it and Digger look at me and say the Key is already here. I was know it is ok now so I was take off my cloak and scarf that hide my chain where is hang the Key. Everyone was amaze at the Key and Tralala say Sam you are just the tiny surprise and we were all laugh about little scramblehead Sam has the Key. So I hold the Key up and walk around the place like maybe Key will say here is the door in a little voice but it never talk because just a Key I guess. Then was we all get the fear because the ground and mountain was start to shake and moan for the long time. We go to run away from the fall rocks that hurt us but then the side of mountain fall away some and we see it then and are so amaze at it.

The door was in the side of mountain where nobody even Tsu could see it ever. When the rocks are stop fall on us I was go closer to the door and seen there was a lock on it too. I was so glad of it be real at last.

I look at Digger to be sure and him say Sam is the time now to do what we are do here so I was shake in my hand some but I put the Key at the lock and give a turn. I was turn the wrong way first so I turn the other way and that was work better because I hear metal move inside then a creak like old bones and then the door was open at us. We were all say the ooo and ahhh then about it.

Inside was a round room and a round wood floor. I was close so I look in and is dark but I am see some draw on the wall like brats have colors and write pictures there. Them draw has the old look and I see it is two small girls and something else and with a big funny snake hand but I am not know the mean of it then. So then is the argument when the Witch say is empty room now I am take my Stones and go home. Digger and Apo was tell her she Stones are need for calm the mutant and she has to go inside. I was think about show Witch is ok so I gentle walk inside the round room. But then the floor was sink and I start go down with it but stop when my belt is at the ground outside. Is so the funny feel but I stand still and just wonder some. I hear them yell about go in and not go in and then somehow Jordy is climb in with me and the floor is sink some more. I say Jordy why are you here inside and I poke him cheek hard where him shoot Smokey. He just look back and say candy. Some brats are so only want the candy and Twonkies.

Then I hear KittyKat yell about I make you go in if you don't and then I look up and see Kitty is run and push at the Witch and they are both fall down on me and Jordy. But the floor was crack then with all we four on it and we are fall down and down. The land was a crash and we all were pile under sand and rock and wood with cut and hurt from it.

I was hit my face at the wall when we fall it was bleed I feel it wet in the dark. When dust then settle down I seen we are in a hole and with a tunnel there. The Witch was say cursing at Kitty for push us down the hole and Kitty was sass back at her. The Witch was look like attack at Kitty but her was rub she little arm like it hurt from falling and I guess fight each other now was silly. Jordy was look around a lot maybe for candy so when he walk by I say look at now what you done and give him ear a hard flick. I was not have the fear then. I was just wonder about where is mutant and how make him free.

It was the so all dark. Even when the Man With the Gloves was keep me in the box it was not as dark as there. Digger was make a torch for us but before the Witch fire it I was go down a bad tunnel and get lost in dark. Always is Sam doing the dumb thing at the important time. I was try and try to see and feel the wall but they voices get far away. I was start to get the fear again but then something was make a sound in my think ear. I was listen and listen and it was sound like Grammy's voice from the dark. Maybe Sam is sound more crazy for say it here but Grammy voice was tell me then Sammy go back the nother way. So when I did they voices got louder but there was no more Grammy voice just then.

Then I hear grumpus Witch is talk about where is go that crazy girl run off to now and I see the light of torch in my look. I was say here I am go to now and then I seen the Witch where a lumber was across the deep hole. Witch was cross at me but it was hard to know the words because she teeth. I was careful walk across the board and only look forward at tiny arms wiggle instead of deep drop in a black hole. When I get across we hear KittyKat yell about here is it so we were go to her sound. Jordy say Kitty was go down in a hole here it look like the one I was just walk across so deep. But Kitty was yell from down in it about come down and something is in here.

So I was crawl down in the black of it and was think I am fall and die. But instead I seen a light dim then more and then I was so amaze where Kitty find. The place was so big room of rock and metal wall and funny machines are rust and break from be old I guess. It was big and empty and I was think how was I live in the Rot so long and never know it here. Is the so mystery and I was think about Tsu big eyes when she hears of it be here.

But the so funny thing about the big room was a lake in it. We were all see around and when I have the look at the water is not look still. Kitty was point to the under lake and say something is in there and then I squint and see it too. I was try to kneel down and look in the water but there was hurt in the water and my eyes were so sting just to be near it even with goggles. But something was move around below was we all see it.

The sting is make me get away from the lake so I walk away and see a hall. Everyone was look at they own thing and I seen where they had boxes with spell about supplies and survival things inside. Also was more machines in the room but they seem all dead with no buzz and light. I was walk around the room for the see of it and in my look was a paper note on a table. I was not think too much about it and pick up it and then I see the top spell. It say My Dear Oz. I was not move or have my breath for the long time after the read of it and I so fast put note in my pocket like it was burn my hand somehow.

I walk back to the big lake room and there was funny noise from the sting water now. I hold my machete with both hands and wait for something try to kill me. Then I hear a low voice sound and the Witch is make pray noise I think at the water. She maybe say about it is the old mutant from she stories but I don't know what is the mean of it. Just then I seen Jordy stuff a tiny box of something in him shorts like steal it but I seen it happen. I was almost go flick him ear again but the water was start to bubble and splash and the Witch was watch like amaze.

In the dark I seen a shape come from the water it look like a funny tree and with branches that move like octopus arms. I was think about the octopus garden song we sing when I was a brat and how maybe this is him garden below the storm. But it was not sing and dance around so I don't know.

Then the funny tree was get out more from the water and go near the Witch and I seen it was like a tree but is made from meat. It was have bumps in all places and him one arm was like a buzzard foot and him nother arm was the octopus one. Him legs look like normal legs but still made from funny tree meat. How is it even live in the sting water I don't know.

The Witch was bend down at the mutant now and say words I don't know about maybe they are sisters. Mutant was make moan sound and wave him arm things like say something but what is it. I was hope the Witch was talk mutant talk at it but mostly it look like she get kilt soon.

Then the Witch stand and look up at meat tree mutant. I was watch them have the look of each other and they seem like dance together and have the same eyes and stare. Ccindy was have the fear look but also excite like Giftmas Time. Maybe the other mutant was have the same feel but hard to know. It was make horrible sound.

My hands are turn white from hold my machete so hard and I think I was never breath the whole time. I was watch they mutant dance and be ready for fight then I seen over where Kitty was stand there far away from danger. She was walk here then there and sometimes swing she club a little but not help for the Witch just wait for somebody get kilt. Also in the safe from danger was Jordy still try to hide what him steal in him pants. Who is ever whistle and look up when they are not hide something.

The mutant was all out of the water then and swing him meat branch around. Then I hear it say a word I know and the word is NAME. It was say name more times and moan like hurting. I was feel sorry for it hurt so I step some closer and say hullo my name is Sam so you can call me Sam. But it was wave the buzzard arm at me and roar like mean angry. Grumpus the Witch was look at me like I make nasty in her soup so I step back again.

Then the Witch take out she special mutant Stones and lay them down for give to the old mutant. But Mutant was just say name name and look at us and get more cross. Witch was so close and even touch him meat arm. I was see Witch was so respect of the mutant like it was she god. Is a funny god but I don't know.

The big mutant was say name name name and get cross about it too. Then Jordy pull from him pants the box he was steal and open it for the have a look. Jordy look in the box and see inside was two so glamour earrings that sparkle even in a dark cave. Jordy say them pretties have a name scratch on them and the name he say loud for the mutant hear it good. Jordy say it must be name MARIA.

The mutant was just growl at Jordy when he call it Maria. I was think it sound the pretty name but mutant was not like it I think. Jordy then slide the box to Witch like she try to give them so mutant calm down some but Witch was ignore them. I bet Jordy was wisht he keep it in him pants now. Then mutant was point at Witch and say name name and so she was say to it CCINDY. I seen mutant then pick up them Stones and get the look of them and then crush they rocks in him claw hand and make sand of them. Witch was touch the sand and say at mutant follow no one but you and mutant look like just give him candy. Him say with him meat mouth yes and then look at Witch. It say to her like ask free free and Witch was nod and say go go free you self. I guess I am not know what mutant talk is mean but they seem like talk to each other so ok. Then so fast it was run away down the hall I did not know a meat tree was move so fast.

We all were run after it like we are together finally. I was start to think we are almost set the mutant free we just need the door now. Mutant then was at the far hall end but it was closed up and mutant was first just stand there at the wall. I was see where the rock in the wall is broke from before some time but they fix the cracks with hard white mud. Then I was fear jump when mutant wave him arm things around then start hit on the walls.

Mutant was so pound and pound at the wall and the dust and rocks were start to fall. Even Kitty was get the fear look and Jordy had the face of cry soon. The Witch was try to tell it mutant things again but him was just pound on the wall and rocks start to break and fall. It was slam one wall then the nother wall so hard we were back away. KittyKat was say him make a tunnel and we can follow to get out but also maybe get squish dead in him tunnel so I was not know what to do. Then the whole mountain start to rumble and the sound of crunch rock and everything shake us. I member I was think whelp Sam this is it and maybe Tsu will look after my goat Curry. Then was the sound of big waterfall and the loud was so hurt and then water explode the wall and was fill the room so fast. But then I hear a voice again in my think ear. This time Grammy just say Sammy hold you breath. Then I don't know but I think the water was too heavy on the floor and it was break and fall with us and all the water fall with it. I member ghoulcat Kitty was scream about not like the wet and Jordy was make a glug glug sound. The last thing I seen was the Witch try to swim and use she little arms so funny. Then I think I was smash in my head.

Tsu was tell me after they could feel the mountain shake outside too. They feel so much rumble and see things fall they were decide to get away from the bridge for the just in case. The wait for friends to come out from in the mountain would be so worry. It is the good friends who are wait to see if you are dead yet.

Digger was think the beach was a safe place maybe so Tralala and Tsu and Apo and Digger were go to the dock and think on what is happen to us inside. I was wonder later about if the mutant shake the mountain is the way the bridge got cracked at the middle. I guess we are never know for sure but I am think it is true. Also I never know it real name so I like call it Maria but is probably not right. I will just think it is Maria then.

The next thing I member was a terrible headpain and water in my nose. Somehow I was in water on a rock and more somehow I was still hold my machete. I almost hear voices but I was hurt and not move at all. I think Tsu yell about there is Sam on the rock but I don't member for sure what was happen then. I roll my head once and look up and see my friend the bridge still so tall and I was glad of it then I was pass out.

My friends were tell about how we all got spit out under the water and float to the top like broken wood. Digger say KittyKat was jump from the water so fast him was think maybe she not get wet at all. The Kitty curl up in a corner and head shake and also wiggle she ghoul paw in she ghoul ear. Even dead cats are not like water I guess. Then Digger say they are amaze when meat mutant pop up from the water and they have the fear of it too.

Digger is tell me later about then how he was see the Witch body like drown and he grab she belt then put her on a safe rock. The Witch cough water lots and cuss at KittyKat more. Nobody outside was know if the meat mutant is try to kill them so they are not jump in the water for save us yet. Especially not Jordy.

But mutant was not try to kill any us. Apo tell later about the eyes and face of it was look like the long day is over now. Apo say mutant dive and get Jordy and put him on the beach safe I don't know why. Then it was look at each us around in the water and also on land and it was seem like thank you somehow. Tsu say about how the big mutant slide slow into the water and swim slow out and out to the far water then so small then not there.

Apo then swim out to the rock and stop Sam from drown. She is save my life and I am so thank you at her. She pull me to the beach where is the Witch and KittyKat and Jordy everyone now was in the sand mess up and bloody but still alive.
There we all sit on the beach and say about what happened inside and then hear about what happened outside so we all know it all. I seen Jordy sneak some wet candy from him pocket to him mouth and I was laugh about it because candy is all him was want in the cave and he was have some already. Then I member my pocket and careful pull out the My Dear Oz note I find. I was sit and stare at it some and then Digger say Sam what is it. I hand the wet note to him and just say I found a note that has the name of Oz on top. He is look for a while on it and scratch him chin then he start read it out loud at us all.

"My dear Oz,

If you are reading this, it means you've managed to find what you've been looking for so long. I wish I could see your face as you realize I got to it before you. And not only did I find it, I've sealed it up. Only I can control the release of the mutant now...

Ah yes, I know that smile. Right now you're thinking that you've broken my lock. But then why should I write a letter addressed to you? Yes, you've always been too eager, my sweet little ghoul. You see, right now you are just as trapped as the mutant.

As you are reading this, I have no idea how long time has gone since I wrote it. But right now as I am writing this I am the last person to exit. All men are gone. Anything of importance I've taken back to my house. I've made a key and I'm going to make sure that you get your hands on it. Because you see, my darling - I want you to see the big monster, the big wonder. So this key right here will lure you right into the trap. I guess it won't take long until you get eaten by the very thing that you were meant to master.

When I first told you about my discovery down here you went mad of joy. And you really had me fooled. I believed you. That this creature would be the very thing that will change all. But then you finally showed your true self. I should've known you just wanted to use it for evil. I loved you once. Parts of me still do.

But I have realized that you will never stop. It was two moons ago now that my men broke through the walls and found the cave. That very night I told you. We celebrated. Made love. But from that day you just got more and more greedy and a couple of weeks ago I understood who you are. And what I am doing now won't stop you. That's why I am taking this precaution with the trap.

So you're here to stay til you either die or I decide to come in and shoot you myself. Oh, but regarding that.. there are rumors of you lately. I did not believe them. But the last time I saw you I understood. That wound.. why won't it heal? And your eyes...

What have you done? I am afraid I will never know for certain. But if you actually DID ghoulify yourself... I know you must've done it for a reason.. And I am sure it was something you saw as a strategic move.. That makes me even more certain that what I am about to do is right..

Good Bye Ozgram.

Digger put the note down then everyone was quite for the think of it. Tralala jump up then and was hold she arms out crooked and walk around heavy and say in funny talk I am mutant I am mutant and ARRR like a monster. All I was think about was Mother and Ozgram doing kissy kiss I was almost throwup.

Then for a while was the something new happen. Mutant and ghoul and smoothskin and even Jordy all were sit and talk about it like a family. We are want to kill each other sometimes just for fun but right then we all were sit together and talk and laugh and I was have the good feel about it. We made the mutant free like we said we would like Lajka wanted. The mystery in the Key and Stones all over after the so long time is really satisfy. And Tsu was say about if even him kissy kiss Mother is want Ozgram dead then Sam was just do the right thing for kill him in the neck. I had the so glad feel then I was think how I would go inside a fall down mountain for help anyone there at the beach with me. Maybe even Jordy.