Bar Is Broke

So horrible feel is on me about a so big storm in the night. Them wind was bad at my house in Fissure but I hear some people say about even worse at The Cape. My friends are there and Jordy too and it give me the worry feel so I run down and even at the road where look down at Harvey's Bar I was start to cry. The bar of Harvey is all broke and in a wet pile from so big waves in the storm and when I run up for have a look I seen Harvey there.
Harvey was look broke too. I say Harvey oh no you bar is broke and he say Sam it is all gone in one night. I member so good times in him bar where was dancing and friends who are make me so laugh and that place is in the sea now. I was cry and cry and Harvey was wander around and pick up something then put it down like not know what to do. Harvey was nice and help Sam when them Brutes were be mean at me and I can not help Harvey now when him is need it. I will bring some soup tomorrow.
Harvey and me were walk around for the long time just have a look at it all broke. Mostly we were say nothing. I ask Harvey about are you rebuild it like Digger when him camp was broke by them mean ghoul but Harvey was not say anything. Then I say about the cave near my house and you can stay in it or in my other undersand place too but Harvey was say about stay with somebody I don't know so ok. I am too sad for run around and look for things so I go home and pet Jack. Jack was give a paw at me like sorry Sam and I say thank you Jack. I was have the think of my house in the so bad wind and maybe everything I am have now is gone in one night sometime.

More See It

I was run around and see my new friend Bridget at she new house. I am the so glad feel to meet nice people who are live near Fissure like me. Bridget is live in a old house with only three walls I hope she is make it safe from ghoul soon. Then I was say goodbye at Bridget and go out to run around again I seen on her outside wall was the spell about Seawwconds Unite again. I am so wonder why them is unite and what is the mean of Seawwconds. Whatever them is them is all over the place now. I am get some worry feel from it.

Trade and Fear

I have the so funny idea when I wake up today and then I was decide just go do it. The cold season is come soon so I go visit nasty mouth Food Trader Man at bottom of Fissure and trade things I find around for some yellow mold and bacon and also a funny orange gourd. Maybe I can make a soup from gourd and also him trade me a candy bug. Eat a bug is so throwup so I don't know. After him trade me then was I do the funny thing.
I never say nothing but I put down on him table the doll I got that look ugly like him. Trader Man is always say nasty at me when I trade with him but now he was just shut up for a change. Him was stare and I was stare for a little while and then I take my doll and go and him still was say nothing at me. I get the smirky feel and I was laugh too.
Then I was go to Trader Pigman even though he is always try to screw me at trade with him. I was offer so good things I find and so rare too and him was say about leather bits and some tire I don't even know what tire is. He is maybe think I am the dumb girl but I know a raw deal when I am see it. Also he is talk so funny I am guess at the mean of him talk all the time. He is so frustrate I wisht I had a ugly pig doll to show at him.
I was get home late because I seen Flit and Apiz and Harvey in Cormac so I stop and talk and talk. I show at them the gourd I get and they were say about a holiday were the thing is scare everyone and candy. I am think it is a just around here holiday because we never had scare everyone day at the fort of Honcho Uno. But I am want to have the same holiday as my friends so when I get home I make a scare thing on my table and put throwup candy bug on it too. Flit was tell me about cut a face in a gourd but also the fuel can was part of it and I need those so bad for the make of foods. I try for make the feel of fear with my gourd and knife and also tip the chair back because sit like that is so danger Grammy say.

Grow Now In Water

Today I was go to Trader with the nasty mouth for get some food. It is feel more cold in air now and is time for store up food so I go try the trade for food. When I careful crawl down side of Fissure and get to bottom water I seen the so funny thing there it was a red sticker heal plant grow there in the water. I never seen one grow under some water maybe they are different now I don't know. Nasty mouth Food Trader was make me more sucker deal so I say no thank you and bye at him horrible face. I was climb back up the side of Fissure for go to my house and there I seen more of where somebody spell on the rock about SEAWWCONDS DESTROY. I am see that all over now and I am so wonder what is the mean of it. Why them want to destroy I don't know and why spell about it on rocks I wonder.

Places I Lived

I like my house now it is a good safe place for stay and make a home too. For most my whole life I was live in the fort of Honcho Uno and be him slave just because I got born there. All I was know about then is a musty cabin where we had for sleeping and also work in the kitchen to keep the army of Honcho Uno fed and loyal. Sometimes Grammy was talk about before she got slaved and how hard it was when she was a brat they had to eat a lot of bug she say. I think eat a bug is throwup but when you hungry them keep you from starve to death. I am like bacon more. After we escape when fort got sacked the Man with the Gloves keep me in a box for a long time so that was where I lived then I guess. Him was horrible and I am not like to spell about it. But when I get away from him in the night I run and run until I find The Rot and there is my first home after be free. I had to learn so much for stay alive and The Rot was keep me safe when I was learn things. I was always talk to my friend the bridge there and also swim too is so good there. I am still love The Rot but there I was sleep in a stinky tunnel and never have a place for make a home. I was get the most sad about no home when I was have the so sick Rust Mouth. I was sick and wander around with fever then I seen some old broken walls and metal boxes big like rooms in the sand and I had to hide and stay there because so sick. I got better after the long time and the place of metal boxes was give me the good feel by then so I stay there and now is my home. Here in Fissure is my most best home of all because is safe and I can have the nice fire and make soup and even have my dog and goat and mouse friends too in my house. I am like to be free and decide things for my own self. I think if I was slaved again after know what free is about I would get the so sad feel and die from it or just want to. Nothing is better than decide for myself my own life and anyone who try take that from me is get a machete in him neck.

So Hurry For What

I was wake up before sun come up and had the feel of late for something I don't know what. I walk around in my house and try for think of what I am be late about but think and think and nothing. Maybe it was go to Harvey's Bar for something or maybe something I am need to do at home or something about Curry. I was get cross at myself for not member what. I was rush around because late and hit my toe on the fire hearth it was so hurt me. Jack was give a funny look at me and go back to sleep like don't bother me. I hurry and take the so fast bath and then have a think of no time for braid my hair so I tie it up both sides and run outside still wet hair. I have a look around but nothing is wait for me to get there. Then I was just stand outside my house and wonder where to go but I don't know still so I sit and have a look at Fissure. In the morning Fissure is so glamour sky color and I watch them buzzard swoop around. Maybe I am not late and my brian is just play a game on me. This is not the first time my brain is make me crazy.

Everywhere Plants

When everybody was have the so sick Rust Mouth them plants for make the cure was hard to find. Now most of so sick is over and them plants are find them everywhere. I have some in a hide place enough for cures if the so sick is come back and I could get more but I am not have a chemical to make them useful and not wither after the cut of them. The world is get cold soon and maybe them heal plants will not grow in cold I don't know. I wisht I could get all them so many plants I see now for hoard them and give to my friends. Maybe them plants are taste good in soup I never try that yet.

Glamour Surprise

Today I was on the run around look for things and I seen one of them red pokey flowers for the cure of so sick Rust Mouth. I think nobody is have the so sick now but get the flowers still is the good idea if so sick come back. The red pokey flower was by where the nice kitty live and where is some old walls across Fissure from my house. It was grow in a place where a rock was close to the old wall and I have the look of red flower from one way only. I was try to get it with my machete because I know how put a chemical on for make the plant useful. I try and try with my machete but in the little place it is grow I can not reach it for cut it. I was get cross about it and say nasty words too Grammy would swat me for it if she hear it. But I was want the flower and it was not want to be got. I crouch and look down and try get it for so long and get more mad so I just stand up fast and get dizzy in my head a little.
Then was I had the so amaze feel. I had look at Fissure and my house across it and the sand was warm and so nice clouds are float above. I hear them lurky crows caw some and the wind is sharp on my face. Everything was in the place it is belong and I almost start to cry about amaze glamour in front of me. Even the flower I never get was in the good place and maybe Sam was too. Then I member bacon and run home.

Not A Mistake

Again I find where on a wall somebody is spell about SEAWWCONDS. It is the so funny word and I am not know the mean of it but now is two times I seen it so is for sure not a mistake. I was think it sound like the name for a bird in a nice lake but why is a bird make a spell on the wall I don't know. Maybe is a gang name but I never heard of them yet and maybe the name is not have the tough enough sound for a gang. The one W next to the nother W is make my head feel funny. Double and double is four yews but what is the mean of that then. As long as I stare at it I never get the know about it. Maybe is like make an army for go to war because UNITE is mean about get together and do something. Maybe is just somebody dumb joke. I think though the real mean of it is I don't know what yet. I am ask around about seawwconds and see what folks maybe talk about. But when I try to say it my mouth gets funny I don't know I am say it right. I am wonder if Seawwconds is the last name of Dan.

My Wall

Out in front of my house where I live is a so big cement wall. I think is from the old times when this place was a big concrete house you can see parts of it stick in the sand all over by my house where I live. In one part I make a nice fire sometimes for have a look at Fissure at night. Also sometimes on the wall is where people make they marks and draw on it too. Lots of people are add to the wall and I am have the glad feel when they do it.
But also I am so confuse about some of they spelling because I don't know the mean of it. I think if you are write on the wall of someone at least get the spell of it right. Unless maybe is a new gang with a so funny name or something I don't know.

Maybe Cow

I was run in Kronbelt hills and then go down to where some old buildings are at the beach. Mostly nobody was around so I was have the look around and even find a good grip for make something. I also was walk in the wet sand and feel the sink of my feet so nice. Then I get the hear of a cow moo and follow she sound to a barn where is one cow alone. It was big and had nice hay for eat and sleep in I was think maybe Freya is have the cow because she is live down here sometimes I think. I was think about hop the fence and pet she soft ears but just then I seen too many cow legs it has and it make me not hop the fence. Maybe the cow was born with too many legs like mutant Witch has she funny extra wiggle arms or maybe someone is add more legs to a normal cow I don't know how. Or maybe is not a cow at all I think I will ask Freya what is the cow. Grammy would start the grill fire if she seen it is all I know.

Visit To My House

Today when I was just get up I hear outside my friend Harvey who is keep the bar in the Cape. He was say Sam I hear about you soup and come for taste it so I give him a bowl from last night still mostly warm. He was like the eat of my soup and I get the nice feel about friends. Then a funny man with red braids on him face come over to my house too and Harvey and him are talk some. Then I was have the look of him and think about when I met the man with no name so I called him Dan and maybe the braid man was Dan. I ask mister are you Dan I met once and he said am not Dan. I was say about give the no name man the name of Dan and we were all talk about Dan then I don't know why. It is nice to have friends come visit at my house even if they are talk funny. I am notice that everyone around is talk funny I am so confuse at what the mean of they say is sometimes.

Hungry Witch

Today was the time of the moon when traders meet at the camp of Digger for swap things they have or need and talk stories at each other. I go to them Bazzaar times and sometimes I get good trades like this time I get three cans of fuel that burns for make bacon and flatbread. But also today was the Witch want to eat me like I was Canned Frut.
The Mutant Witch was sit at the trader fire alone herself when I get there. Witch is mostly grumpus at Sam and everyone else too. Sometimes when she is crouch down for whisper at the sand she little arms are wiggle funny. Them mutants are have a big party soon I wisht I could go but only mutants are in the party and everyone else is in they soup. But today she was talk about the cold season is come soon and she was say about eat whatever things you can find and she say even eat smoothskins and Sam is a smoothskin. Other friends are show up too at the trader fire Tsu and the new ghoul Apiz and Tralala and Flit and Harvey who trade me for the cans that burn. But the whole time we were talk and trade Witch was keep say about eat people and even say about maybe eat Sam too. She was say my name for lunch right there in front of me. Grammy always was say Sam don't be mean at people even if they are mean at you and I try that really hard but then enough is too much and I was stick my tongue out at the Witch. More than once. She is deserve it for talk about eat me. When I leave the trade fire I say goodbye at all my friends and then say Witch I hope you hungry. She was look confuse at Sam but I was think about if she come to eat me some cold time I will feed her my machete in she neck. I am not play around with someone bring hurt for me even if they are have more arms than Sam. My Grammy say oatmeal stick on you ribs maybe try that instead sometime Witch.

Lurky Crows

Sun come up was so glamour today I was want to run around in it so I run around in it and find the can of fuel I need for the make of more flatbread. The sky was color so amaze and then the hot sun was all. I had the good feel about run around until I was come back home and seen some crows on a dead tree. They were near the house of Coyote a man who is live near Flo and me. I never seen crows there before.
Last time I seen a crow was in Kornbelt he sit on a shovel and say filthy mouth at me. Them two crows I seen today were not talk at all so maybe not the same crow I don't know. These crows were just stand and look down at me. I was stand and look back at them away from where they nasty could fall and just watch and they were watch me back. Then I guess we were stuck watch each other and nobody was look away and it give me the fear a little I don't know why but I was not look away because them crows are make me stubborn.
So long was the look at each other I start to sweat in the sun and too I was lucky I had my goggles with shade glass in because sun so bright at my eyes. Both them crows just look down at me and maybe shift they pointy feet a little but never look away from Sam. It was make my skin bumpy from weird.
Then was another gunshot they happen all the time in Fissure and it was make us both look away so nobody wins the look at contest. I was run home then and I hear one caaw from a crow but that was all and I don't know if it was threaten me or say goodbye. When I get home I climb up on the big tall rock in my yard and look back at if them are still lurk at me. I was not have enough look for know it but I bet is true.

Close My Look Game

I member when I was just a brat Grammy was tell about the thinking game for wisht it happens. It is the good game for when you are not know what to do or have alone feel too much or if something is happen and make you sad or cross. Is the so easy game too you can play anywhere if you are mostly safe. First is you close eyes and turn off the look at the world. Then is ask youself what is better than this just now. If you are ask about things with you eyes shut then pictures are come in you think from the black and that is the game. Like if a mean boy is glare at you and then close you look and see a spiky club or when burn down the kitchen and think of have a puppy. When Grammy first say about this game Sam was think the mean is you get what you are think about. That would be a so good game but impossible and not going to happen. In this game you win the think of anything you want and even though is maybe never really happen the possible think of it is the prize. Grammy was say she play the game when somebody ask for her make better taste in the soup. I seen her just smile and close her look then but I know she was have a spiky club.