More Rot Think

I am wake up before sun come up and have a think of Rot again so I sneak out go for a walk there. Marko even Jack was not hear me go. I am know the way to Rot with not even my look for help me I am find in the so dark even. Too I was have the think of them old times when was I first become here and the only all left in my brains was so hurt and not member nothing. I was member nothing in my head for help me live in the world alone but I was not even know nothing like that anyways so forget it is not hard I guess. Learn fast or be dead I was know that good.

I member about one night I climb the hill for have the look of all of it Rot. I seen how Rot was like somebody carve them cliffs with they own mind and put a bridge there too like make a whole world and Sam was just the bitty thing in the edge of it. My heart was pound but not from climb the hill was for the glamor look of them broke houses and shine on them water too. I member then I was sit and cry on the hill for a so pretty look of where I sit and also the alone sad of have to sit there at all. When is two different feels at once in my brains is so confuse and give Sam the crazy look I guess. When I was first become here my headpains and crazy think make me shy and broke feel inside but now who is even care about be crazy so what. I look at them nother folks around and my feel is Sam is mostly normal for here. So ok. 

So Member Of It

Most all them dream of mine is happen when am I sleep but I guess too is it happen when I am not sleep just walk around. I was make nice my kitchen and clean them bowls for the make of more soup and in my think was mostly nothing there. Then was a something in my smell like them plastic burn was funny sharp smell I was not know where is it come from but it make in my head the member of when I was first become here because them stinks then was the same.

My member of them first days of become here is put the sad feel on me for just me think of it. I crawl up from a hole I fall in and was have them dirts in my mouth and so headpains and my nose run was blood too. I was bonk my head and not have the know of nothing from it except my name is Sam and Grammy is gone. I was not know where was I at and never seen no outside places before and I have the so fear feel of everything all round. Is funny how a fast smell of burnt plastics make a member in my think of the old theater in Rot where I was hide the most. My think was become so real and my feel was stand there in theater and have the first see of it again. I find some wires and also some yellow mold and I eat the mold. Was taste like mold but I stay live from eat molds so ok. My think of them horror days of first become here so lost and hurt in my brain then give me the think of how much is change from then times. I decide for go to see theater in Rot today so me and Jack go there for the look of them old places I know. Something was make they nasty in my theater I am never know why is somebody so mean and gross do that in the nice place of theater is just the so rude. I am still have the feel of Rot is where Sam was born.

Dream Of Happy For Once

I am not know for what is the do about my dream I had just now is like so up is down. I was go asleep my face the so cry hurt was give me headpains again but I sleep so fast. Then in my dream think was not any ghoul of nobody horror was like the nother world where is only all them glad things of life and the nother world open up for Sam and they sun and moon was sing at me too. I was not have the fears or sad feels or headpains or worry too was all just gone from my head. I have a wonder it was what regular folks are be like in they heads maybe. I was have a dance on some so green grass and sing a song too was my voice so glamour then I don't know why. It was the feel only where was my sad used to be like lose them bad baby teef and have a hole there and is you tongue feel like something gone. I was so amaze feel like have them brain cracks fix with glu for even just the while of my dream. 

I am tell it now about the I am not know what for do about it part and is so crazy even for the head of Sam is nuts. Grammy always say folks be scramble in they heads is called nuts but nuts is so yum for eat them and hard to find too I was not know the why of give them nuts to crazy folks but I don't know is just what she say about so ok. But my dream was nuts and the why is my so nice flower in my hair was talk at me. I was say about it be nuts. My hair flower voice was soft like whisper at me from special wires say the only one thing is it say at me. Flower say about Sam keep you happy feels safe. I promise my flower ok for keep safe them so good feels but what is the mean of it I don't know how am I put my happy in a box for bury it maybe is the sound of nuts folks talk. I have the think of my happy feel be like a shadow of them scares and always is the glad shadow just under where is the foot of fear. I was never before have the think of how them shadow be always walk around with you like the so good fiend. I am thank my shadow when is in my look next for always be there and never let go of my feets. I am really need some sleep where no dreams is in my think they make me so more nuts than normal. 

Dream Of Flit Ghoul

Sometimes is my head give me the so bad dreams for nothing reason like I don't know what just nothing. Then too sometimes I am get the so bad dream from a thing is true and real. I have a dream of Flit be ghoul and she body was dead and bugs all over the everywheres too. She hand was just some bone stick out she arm and where was the nice face of Flit my friend now was like meat gone off and so stink. Flit ghoul was show she teeths at me and growl like a mamimal too. She swing she nother hand like claw at me and she yell some yells but I was not know the words of she say. I am think of she nice friend Dyl and they baby too is maybe all ghoul now I guess I don't know. Maybe everybody is ghoul now and only Sam is left as a live person. Maybe I am ghoul too and not know it even. When I wake up was I cry so hard my back meat get tight and I am now not walk so good. I am make this spell on my floor where I am lay flat mostly. 

Everyone Is Ghoul

I am have the so sad feel for my friend Flit. She house is in them wet parts of Junkyard and even tunnels right in them wet parts where is she live. I been for see she house some times but Junkyard is give me the so fear I stay away mostly. I am not seen Flit in the long time but then someone I am not know him name come say Sam you be the friend of Flit and her was tell me come find you say about Flit is ghoul now. But I was never have the look of him before so I was I don't know about it. 

Then today I seen in the far away was Marko come home from after him look around for the useful things. Marko was talk to somebody in my look and them stand far back at each other I don't know why. I decide for have the near peak look of they talk so I sneak down under where is some junk and I was cry and cry. Marko was talk at Flit and Flit is so ghoul now I seen she rot body and is not have a hand too. I squisht my hands on my mouth for keep my cry shut and bump so hard my head for be nervous at the look of she dead body.

I was get the so fear from the look at my friend Flit all ghoul now and ghoul is dead. I am even have the think of is my friend be mean now I don't know a lot of them ghoul is mean. She whole hand too is gone I member when was that hand hit at Curry goat for him kick she bottom and we laugh but now is she hand just gone see them bones too on the end I don't know why. I was get the throwup feel for see them bugs on she dead body and run home to my house and cry. I have the hear of Marko come home but only was say hi is you ok Peanut and I say I am ok Marko but was a lie. I wisht was all some bad crazyhead Sam dream of everything is ghoul but I pinch my own self for test and I was not sleep. 

Dream Of Fall On Me

My dream of just now was the sky be sick and something fall out from it like when you old sock is get thin and you toe is fall through it. But was all the whole sky get thin and smell so bad like chemical and swamp and fall through from them thin sky was a man just fall and fall. I have the look of him like swim in some water but was not swim because just sky was around. Them clouds was black too like sky when is night but nowhere was a star I seen just black. Fall out the sky man was all wrap on him everywheres too in them bandages like hurt so bad and them wrap was flap in them sky for him fall and fall. I wonder then was him ever find some ground or just fall and fall for ever. I have a think of how is I be stand still and also see him keep fall and fall down too I don't know how. But was then I seen fall man get some bigger like fall closer and I have the fear look of him drop down on the top of me. I was scream awake and scream yell after awake too for the thing I seen when was fall man fall on me. It got eyes dark inside like inky fish black like tar. No light inside them eyes was only dead look. Is the look of Ozgram eyes. But him lines on him face I know was not Ozgram and him one glass look too I member from the so horror of him. There was the so mean inside him eyes like when was him be alive but now them eyes have mean look and be dead too.  

Dream Of Unvisible House

I was have the so worry feel all day so not go outside for even feed Curry goat and Honeypie hen. Marko say is ok Peanut you stay I am feed them aminals so I lay down by Jack for have a nap. I was try for think of the nice things like my house and my kitchen so I was not have the bad think of Mister Callow be ghoul. 

I have a dream then of be in my house but was the so funny thing about my house I was not even know what but was just funny somehow. I was look around for what is maybe change about my undersand house but all the things of mine was in they places so I was not know. 

Then I was seen down at my cave under my house and where them glow bug is make they hole house in some sand and also was a new mouse I never seen down there in where is my soak tub. Everything was look normal about in my cave so I was wonder what is the problem about.

Then I was look at my desk of where I am make my spells like this I am sit at my desk now when I am spell this right now. But in my dream think I stand and look at my old desk and all them things on walls I like the look of for when I am make my spells on pages help me have my thinks. But then I was have the look of what was the funny thing of my house and it was I am not have the look of my house it is all gone unvisible. 

So I was have them looks all around at all my things in everywhere of my house was just float in some air by theyselfs because was no walls for hang them on. And too was my chairs and my couch where is they go but them was not sit on no floor because my whole metal undersand house was unvisible was give me the so amaze feel of it.

I was have the look of down under where is my kitchen and seen all them big rock legs is hold up my house and make the cave. I seen where was all them taste funny water drips come from too was make me feel throwup for the look of it but always I am boil first so ok. I even have the look of where was my good straw hat I lost it the so long time ago but was fall behind where is the wall got a crack. What is the mean of only see my house things but not have any look of my house is crazy. I was just walk around where is my house used to be and see all them sands around them metal boxes make my whole house. I have the think of Sam is really just live in a big hole with some stuffs of mine around. Also I seen where was I not clean under my hammock I was so glad feel nobody was seen it when was they over for some bug soup. 

Soup And Horror

Is the day of today when my friends are come for eat my new soup I was so glad feel about it. I make them soups fresh and also fix them special things never been in no soup ever was big bugs from the tree. I am call it the name of Beetle Bisque of Sam.

I use them fresh cut grass and onion and cream milk for some base of soup and in it put some them nice fungus and also grub paste for thicker. And for top of it like the so special prize you get was one big beetle bug I fast fry in savory spice and oil so is crispy and yum.

I give them new soups at Marko and Kaya they so nice not eat fast but wait for everybody get they bowls. Kaya was try not have the look of soup much maybe green color soup is make she feel throwup I don't know. Marko smell him soup and make a yum sound of it but I never seen him eat some soup just was his bowl more empty when I come back from my kitchen each time. 

Nick was have the look of maybe get the fear at my new soup but him smile say about hey Sam is a bug in my soup and I say Nick them bug is you soup. So Nick smell him bowl and taste the green and nibble at some bug leg too. Then was not look fear and more like the look of hungry. 

Marko say about him so full of one bowl so not want the nother bowl and Kaya say about take she time for enjoy she soup so was not want more now thank you. Nick ask for the nother bowl and too for extra bug so I give him two fat beetle bug in him nother bowl. Nick is so funny blow on him soup like him breathe at it make the cool down of soup. I am never understand a boy maybe.

Nick was have three bowls and six bugs and sit in him chair after like stuffed with straw is what Grammy say when the feel of sleep is in you after eat so a lot. We talk some like friends are have them good times. I was so inside happy feel for me be there then.

But Marko was say then about hey Peanut we are talk about a thing with you ok so I say ok Marko. Marko wear him new hat and see from under like hide in him own hat I don't know why and then say Sam we come for tell you Mister Callow is dead. Kaya say is the true of it Sam and I seen him be dead my own self. 

I was so amaze at they story of mean Mister Callow be dead and they say about Harvey kilt him too because of some informations him want from Mister Callow. I guess was important informations so Harvey kilt him and I was cry for Harvey be so mean. I was cry at they story ask about how is happen tell me what is happen and Kaya turn at Marko then Marko turn at Nick and Nick was sit there turn at nobody. Marko say Nick you was there for it happen you are tell Sam what was happen. I say please Nick tell me and cry and cry at the think of Harvey be so mean. Harvey was always help Sam and make them Brutes not kill me too. But even kill a mean man for just some informations is the so bad thing I am only call it be mean and I am not like mean from nobody even Harvey my friend.

Nick get the fear look again say about Sam stop you cry face I am tell all of the what happen so stop you cry ok please stop cry so I try for stop. Then Nick was look at my floor under him chair and start a soft talk story like so confuse and sad feel. 

I am not know the mean of some him say about but I am tell all of him say here in my spell of it. Nick say about keep Mister Callow in the cave jail under the Bar of Harvey where is Nick work for Harvey too. Harvey was not want for Nick kill the mean man yet but they shoot him one knee off and was give me the glad feel for hear of it then. 

Nick talk about Harvey be act funny like when is Mao kitty get cross and put she back hairs up then hiss but I am not think Harvey was really hiss so I don't know. Him was walk up then back at the cage and ask and ask Mister Callow about some informations maybe him know. Nick say about get the worry feel of Harvey then some.

Nick say about Mister Callow sing a song but not answer about the informations and Harvey was get the so anger. Mister Callow was sing him mean song about when you wist up on a star make no difference who you is. Is just what Nick say was him sing so I know know. But him mean mouth only was sing not say about some informations. 

Then was Harvey get the mean look in him eye Nick say about Harvey ask Mister Callow if him know about somebody call the name of Crimeboss is a funny name I know but was what Nick say them was say so ok. Harvey ask about you know Crimeboss and how him was kilt and Mister Callow stop him sing song and start get the fear about it. Harvey was smile say about yes you are know what was happen to Crimeboss how somebody was cut off him small parts one then the nother then the nother until was twenty five boxes with him small parts of him body in them. 

Harvey give him mean eye at Mister Callow and Mister Callow give him mean eye back but then get the fear of Harvey say about you are the man was so cut up Crimeboss and then him shake in the fear was Nick say. Mister Callow was nervous laugh then about if him was know that about Harvey him would ask for Harvey hire him. Nick say Mister Callow was like him admire the mean of Harvey. You have a think of you are know somebody and then some day you are find out them was a so mean man the whole time was be nice at you it is make me so wonder. 

Then Nick say Harvey snap in him head and say Nick go make this basserd dead and Nick go inside and hack on Mister Callow with him toothy club. Then when Nick was almost kilt him Harvey come say about wait and Nick was wait not kilt him. Mister Callow was bleed on them gross sick floor of cave jail and Nick say him was sing him song about whist up on a star again. When I was know Mister Callow him never sing a song just hurt folks every day. 

Then Nick say about Harvey get close to Mister Callow face and say whisper at him and Mister Callow was gurgle in him throat blood. Then Harvey was scream like a mamimal get a spear in him foot was the say of Nick. Harvey take him knife then and stab and stab at Mister Callow chest and keep stab and stab and yell too. 

Nick say in him low talk about then him was back away from Harvey and get the fear of maybe him boss be crazy in him head. And Harvey was the mean man who chop up somebody and also now stab somebody for some informations. I would be walk so back away from him too. 

Then Harvey was lay on them gross sick floor too and laugh crazy laugh and yell about somebody name of Rufus I am not even know who is Rufus or care too. But is the say of Nick so ok. For the true of it I am lost feel of so much about things in him story my head is like them hurt bird flap around in my skull.

Then I hear the voice of Kaya talk was make me jump some. Nick say Kaya come for the look of Mister Callow get kilt for them so mean things him done to her and cut she face too. Kaya tell about Harvey look so crazy killer and blood on all him everywheres and him say at her thank you Miss Nite I am not need you investigate no more a case is closed then walk away. My head was flap inside again about when was ever a case in the story and who is even care if a case is open or shut is just a case. Case of what is my wonder but nobody was have a say about that so I don't know.

Kaya was get the so sad eyes and too I seen she soft touch them scar on she face when she was talk. Marko get him so sad look at her for she say about Mister Callow was still gurgle him blood and not kilt yet. Kaya whisper tell about him talk mean words at her and then her take she blade and cut him mean throat for the final kill of him be dead. I was so clap about it because then was not Harvey kilt someone just for some informations it was Kaya kilt him for him own mean things him did at her. The kilt them for you get back at them is so better than you kilt them for just know something. I am think is true.

Kaya then have some say at Nick about what is Harvey go crazy about and Nick was say back about get the worry feel of him boss now. Kaya say about she is go tell Marko what happen and maybe all of thems together try for help Harvey be uncrazy. Nick say is maybe is umpossible. 

Then Nick start him say again tell about pull Mister Callow dead body out of cave jail for him body not stink up the place. Nick say also about hear Harvey was scream and throw things at him own walls. Kaya say too about try for talk at Harvey but him was just say mean at her and lock him door and cry and yell. Nick say about drag the mean body over them sharp rocks and kick at him dead face too was make me so good inside feel about Nick. 

But the next say of Nick was so give the fear feel I get the cold in my blood again and knot in my belly again like get them so bad feels again of when was Ozgram ghoul run around kilt them girls. Nick say about him drag the mean body to the big waters behind where is the Bar of Harvey and Nick tell about him throw the mean dead body in the water and him make a mean splash too.    

I am so worry about they story and my heart is so thump hard too. I was just the so happy feel of my new soup for my friends and now again I am have the fear in my whole self again. I have the look in them eyes of Marko and Kaya and Nick but I seen them was not know why is the so horror now. Then was the explode of cry bomb on my face again and Marko give me some fabric bits for my nose mess.

Marko ask why is you cry about Peanut the man was so mean is dead now and I say at him even cross in my say about yes him dead but then him body is in some water was you crazy in you head was I yell ask them. Nick was look confuse and Marko and Kaya too and I say at them about be in water is sometimes make them dead body come back be a ghoul. Everybody was have the look of everybody and I seen all them worry eyes think of the ghoul of Mister Callow walk around and kill folks.

Nick was get the so nervous feel then say about I am not have all me tools in me shed is mean him is do a dumb thing about throw a body in some water. Nick run away then and Marko say about make Nick show where was him throw the mean dead body and Nick and Marko go then for have the look of the waters. Kaya was stay some whiles for ask me about the feel of when you is kilt somebody. I say about when was I kilt Ozgram ghoul it was change my inside like grow up because the so hard lesson and the feel of be a killer you whole entire life after do it. Kaya is be the so kind at Sam always and understand the ways of me think about them things that go on. Marko and Nick was not find no body in them waters. 

Kaya was go then say thank you for the soup Samma Bamma is she funny name of me. I say you are come back soon for me teach you the soups for you make them you own self sometimes and Kaya say yes Sam ok good. After I was just sit in my kitchen hold my head for keep from explode out my ears. I am know the thing is true like I am know my own name is Sam. Mister Callow is ghoul.

Secret Soup Taste It

I am think my friends are come for eat my new secret soup so I was test again the make of it. All them flavor is so yum in my belly and my special add it is so fancy for look at it. My friend Tralala say about food we are eat with them eyes first. Or maybe was we eat them eyes first I don't member. 

Still Get Ready

I wake up have a think about is my house the so clean Grammy is even say ok about it I don't know. I make a bucket and warm waters in and make clean them places where is not so much ever get clean even when I am clean my house them forget places happen. So I was wash my wall behind my hammock.

Sometimes I am so wonder about who was make the undersand place and live inside before Sam find it for a house. All them rooms is so metal cold I wisht for paint it yellow but where is all them yellows of paint around here I don't know. But at least I am make it clean metal cold so ok. Then in my side look was a thing on my wall I was not put there it was one snail. 

I wash them wall and watch him slow move across and see him so funny soft head too. I was have a think about carry a whole house around on my back is make me sore for just the think of it. I like them snail when is they crawl the cave where is my tub they like pets and give the glad feel. But maybe when is my friends come for eat a special soup them wall snails is not make them friends feel the so glad feel like Sam. I move the snail and him house too to the cave and put down him by him nother friend snail for they play together maybe. I hope them snail don't come back for when is the special dinner time of the new soup of Sam.

Cough With Nick

Nick today again come over with him shirt on say about Sam I am not work for Harvey today is you around and I say hi Nick I am around come in. We go sit on my couch and I say Nick are you come for eat my new soup tonight and Nick say about member the say of I am not work today and I say ok then smile too. We talk for some whiles I say about Marko and him new room and Nick ask for have the look of it and I say ok Nick and we climb the ladder at him room. 

Nick say about nice place for live here and I tell about try for make him room him own place for Marko is feel not like some guest in him own house. I am think of my undersand place is now we house we share the live here. Is make the good feel inside me for have somebody be around now and make a smile on Sam. Me and Nick then make fire in where is Marko have him burn barrel and talk more. But then was a thing never happen before them smokes from fires was fill the room so thick. Smoke was always go up through them pipes are make the old air go out with them smokes too. We cough for some whiles then go outside for have the look of them pipes and Nick seen down one pipe was block with sticks from them tree above it so we grab out them sticks and then smokes was do right go out it again. Them tree make the so mess some times but I am so excite feel when I am climb them so ok. 

Sharp Look Marko

Marko come home in the night of today and have in him hand a funny sack of I don't know what was it then. Marko carry him bag like was a so nice thing but maybe break if not hold it right. Then Marko was go in him own room pull him curtain too. I was so wonder about what in him funny sack so I climb some up him ladder of him room for have the peek under him curtain. Was maybe some bad for me have the look at him be alone times but ok so I done it. What I seen was Marko wear a new so glamour green jacket was the nice look of clean and new too. Grammy was say about when is a man look so good say about him is look sharp. But them mens Grammy was think have the look of sharp was not have any cut edge I seen so I don't know what is the mean of it.

On him bed was put a metal tray is so shine you are have the look of you own self in it and Marko was have the so look of him own self in it. Was look him one side down then up in the shine tray like so think about it and then turn him other side and have the same so look of him own self like was different on him other side. I am worry about him be crazy some but my look of him face was make it the ok feel too. I seen him look at him tray and make the so big smile face at it but I have the think is not the look of him own self in him glamour new jacket was make him smile. Is something else I don't know. Marko is look sharp and be so funny in him ways.