I wake up in the day time and tell my friends is ok for leave me now. They were not want to but I told them thank you and go away so they go away. I have the throwup feel so bad I just want to be alone. I sit and look at the Fissure and have a smoke. Like Marko say one time you have them smokes and you cough up small holy relics. He was right. I wonder where is Marko and Jack. Every thing was have the so empty feel.

I have a look in my bags and seen that my friends took my purple mushrooms. Some friends. They done stealing and I am not like that much but I don’t know who was take them. I am find out and get my nice purples back and maybe punch they face off too. They mine mushrooms and I want them. I was glad for have a little bite of one still tucked in my sock so I chew it up and smoke more. Was not enough to make my brains boom much but it was help me have the normal feel. 

It was just not a good day for make some soup. My head was empty and my body just sit there like a stack of wood. I guess I was throwup in the night and my lips got stains from all them purples I had yesterday. I think about walk down to the bog and look for some purps grow there but I was so foggy feel I just sit and stare and smoke. 

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