Look For Them

I am still anger about my friends take my purples. So I walk down to where is the bog I seen mushrooms grow there. I know them shrooms want a place near some waters so I search around every where was wet. I find some blacks and some reds too but none of them inky good ones make you brains go boom boom.

I look and look in all the places but not find nothing. I get the frustrate feel about it and cuss at them bog waters for not give me what I want. If I find out who took my nice bag of purples I am get up in they face and give a big yell at them. I was find nothing and nothing for the long time. But I decide about not go home without find what I want.

Then was lucky and I seen some purples grow right up from bog muds. Them was fat too I get so amaze about it and bend down for the close look. I have the think of pick them take them home but what if thems get stoled by some friend again. I have the worry feel over what is the do. 

Then I know there was no nother do about it. I only ever ate them purples been dried out make them chewy but these I have to eat right now while I got a chance. So I lean down and munch they soft caps right where them grow. I eat the most of them and take two small ones for hide in my shirt for later. The fresh purples make my belly do flips and squeak but pretty soon I was just lay in some bog and look way up at the wobble sky. 

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