Melty Returns

I find three more purples in them swamps and eat two save one for later. Then I just lay down and soon was start them boom booms in my brains. I look up at the wobble sky and feel the shine and wonderment. Also was I throwup some.

Then I hear sniff sniff and my blur eyes get the look of Jack my dog friend come lick my face. Him rough tongue feel so funny on me I laugh and laugh but not move I don’t know why. Jack put him dog hand on my shoulder like wake up Sam but I was still not move my arms like they stuck down with glu. I just curve my back some and laugh at him tickle tongue.

I say Jack so good dog you face is all smeary right now because them booms melt things in my see it. But I know the smell of him like corn and ears so I know is my friend Jack for sure. Him regular face so cute.

Jack start to melt off him bones some and I have the hear of some body say my name from the far away. The sands under me feel like water again and I am just some boat bob around on it. With my dog friend. And my arms not move.

Then a big man come kneel down by me and ask why does him have to hear about me be back from a mutant who was wander by. My brains so scramble from them purples I just say I am back here I am. I lift my head a little and have the look of my friend Marko see down at me with him worry face. I tell him is nothing I am just sleepy and my arms not move.

Marko have him back pack like been away the long time. Him say about go with Jack to look for me because I been gone too long. Him tell about keep my house nice and safe when I was go away. Also was him say some nother things but the true is I am not know what my brains get melty and bob around. Marko have the look of be sad I don’t know why. Also him beard was snakes.

I start to feel my think drift away like some body untie the rope of my boat. I have the look of my friends Jack and Marko and smile and close my eyes. I say at Marko my arms are not move. Him say yeah I see that.

Then I guess was I just fall asleep because I am not member any more.

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