Carry Me Home

I lay there in some junk and sands. I nibble on them purples for I don’t know how long. I have the hear of funny ding sounds and some crunchy things and like people whisper some where near. The sky was wobble a little too. My brains was open like a can of Dinki Di and them think meats inside smell like dinner. I am not really know the mean of that but that was the feel of it.

I look down and see the so good pile of purples on my belly and eat the nother piece of it. My eyes get fuzzy from stare down at my own self and the blur make me laugh. I guess then is when I feel all the sands under me start to move like is waters and I am some boat. I have the think of maybe just float away in the sea of sand forever.

I lay there and not feel past the colors. My head was heavy like some brick and I get the feel of every thing be so big and was all the same thing. Like how bugs are bugs but also people are bugs only bigger. And how a dune is just a slow wave in some sand. A lot of things was make sense to me just then. I forget them now mostly. 

I was hear things all day so it was nothing to hear voices walk by the junk pile. I laugh because I hear them call my name of Sam but that was unpossible because no body even know where I was. I start to make a bird sound then of loo loo loo I don’t know why I just did. I think maybe them voices just hear a bird and walk on by. But I guess there is no loo loo bird because some people come over and find me. 

For the long time I was not even know who them folks was I just loo loo and smoke. They give me some nice water and talk about be out of she mind. Then the big wobble of sky slow down a little and I seen they faces. It was folks I know from when I live around here. It was friends I get so amaze of it. I ask what are you all do out here on a junk pile and they say we are look for you Sam. 

I sit up a little but them purples give me the feel of lay back down. My bones was warm from lay in the sun and I worry about them bend from the heat. I guess they just pick me up like some sack of onion and carry me away with all my stuff. I seen they weapons and wonder if they go to a fight next. 

I listen to the folks talk but not sure what was they say because so jumble in my boom boom brains. I think they say about a monster live in them dunes and poison folks but I was not see no monsters only wobble sky. 

They carry me to where is the fall down building next to my house. I seen on the wall where was some trophies for win them arena fights and wonder who was get so tough since I been gone. They carry me to a cot inside and I lay down on it.

I think I was sleep a little but I have the hear of they talk of what to do about Sam. I think they search in my bags and when I tried to eat a purple I was save in my belt they took it away I don’t know why. Some of they talk was anger and some was worry. I have the sorry feel for them fret over me. I also heard some sand talk at me and a face was in the blankets for some reason.

One voice I know was Kaya she give me the water and talk nice about glad you home Sam. I hear she say about take turns watch over me and maybe I will be sick for a while. Except for some sand talk at me I was feel ok just sleepy. But it was nice to know I got friends that care.

Then I have the hear of the nother person was my friend Apo. She worry about some monster in the dunes and say about Sam is lucky she not get ate by it. I hear in she voice the worry of her think and she be so strong about protect folks from it. 

Also I hear the voice of Nick with him big arms carry me home. Him have a frustrate face at me and talk about him friend get a brain of purple mush. Him yell at Apo and Kaya some then walk off like disgust about things. I am never understand boys.

I just lay on the cot and listen to voices from my friends and some sand. I get the glad feel for folks care enough to come find me. Then for the first time since I left I get the feel of want to make some soup. I think about nice red beans and fatroot and decide tomorrow I eat some purples in the morning and get back in my kitchen. 

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