Standing Up

“I turn my back for a second and you’re up on your feet! 
You better not be trying to sneak off to the mushroom bog. 
I’m on to you, little sister.”

“You know, Itch and Mel return in a few days and 
they will want this place back. Maybe we’ll get you 
down the ladder to your house today, if you think 
you’re up to it. You doin’ alright?”

“I am cold.”

“Thank you.”

“I forgot to mention before, Apo left a note for you. 
She’s a good egg. I put it downstairs with all your gear. 
There’s also wood for the fire and fresh water, even some
 bacon and flatbread I got in a trade. You know, in case
 you want to make me lunch.”

“You been talkin’ some pretty strange stuff in your sleep, Peanut. 
And Apo told me about the healed up bullet holes they found on you 
when they brought you in. Sounds like there are some stories to tell, 
and when you want to tell them I want to hear. 
I sort of think you need to talk.”

“But first come downstairs and see what I made for you…”

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