Nice Walk Arounds


Marko meet me at the up ladder when I try to go outside. Him ask about are you go to the bog now for find and eat some them purple mushrooms again and I say no Marko I am just move my legs some. Him give the I don’t know look but then move over from the ladder and say about not stop me from me be me but also you be careful. Don’t let me catch you with stains on you tongue was him yell at me when I climb up to the ground.

Not so far from where is my house is the fall over building where Itch and Mel live. Marko say they was gone a while but when I walk around I seen them there and I so grin about it. Someone was decorate they house with so so many trophies I get very impressed of it.

Sam we thought you gone forever in them sands was Itch say at me and be so suprise. Mel always is not say nothing so her was say nothing but also smile about me be back. I get the good feel from people miss me when was I gone. Maybe when you been shot twice you get the idea of them simple things like see you friends make for a good feel in you heart. 

Itch and Mel is nice people in the bones and they like me. I get a lucky feel of it. Itch say about them just get back from the long walk around and was unpack now but also they got some fresh meats and good orh-ghans and say about come over for eat them later Sam so I say ok thank you I will. Then was in my hear a shout of my name behind me.

I say goodbye at Itch and Mel then go to where was the voice say my name. I get so surprise about it be the mutant name of Irk I met when I was walk back home. Him say about Sam is good to see you and funny about live so close to my house. I am not sure how was him move a big metal box down by the edge of Fissure for live inside but it was a good spot for make a house and him welcome and smile at me.

Irk talk about make him metal cave camp here four moons ago. Him say about from here is good to watch The King of Fire walk across the sky every day. And him get the good feel from the look of light on them Fissure rocks at sun go down just like I do. Also him say about Rustmouth is make people sick again so watch out so I say I will watch out. 

I guess him house is nice for a boy house. There was not much inside but him say about a old shelf on the wall was a special mutant spirit alter. I seen there some leafs and small animal bones but I was not know why was they important so I just serious nod and say nothing. 

I was so long away from this place I forget the glad feel of be here. Also my brain was scream at me about go eat some purples right now. My teeth was squeak from my jaw so tight.

Back In My House

Marko take me down to my undersand house it is so long since I been home. I hang on him neck and him climb down the ladder because I still feel throwup from them so many fresh purple mushrooms. I forgot how strong is Marko and big like a tree.

I keep all them woods stock up and fresh water too for you kitchen Marko say at me. The house was look good like I member it with fresh leafs on the ground and candles for give it the nice look. Even I seen him get some blood potatoes for make a soup. I stand there and almost cry for see my kitchen again. 

Marko grin and look all around then look at me and grin more. I think him proud of keep my house nice when I was away and done a good job. Maybe him just do nice things because want me to make some lunch but probably more true is Marko got a big heart bigger than him stomach even.

Then I seen what Marko make for me it was a nice new hammock with blanket and pillows so dreamy. Marko say about make a new hammock because you old one was so garbage. I was so amaze I only stare and say thank you Marko.

Marko just smile and watch me and say nothing. Anyone else do that and I want to hit they nose but Marko only watch with him kind eyes and feel good about do good things. The look of him happy make me forget every thing bad.

The hammock was so nice with good ropes and net. I ask Marko where you get them so good blanket and pillows and him say from the blind trader so I know them must be expensive. 

I guess it was the so long time since some body done a nice thing for Sam I was shock about it. I run my fingers on the ropes and blanket and say oh is so soft and Marko nod and smile. And then I member what pillows is for.

I lay down and go right asleep I am still so tired and sore from every thing go on. The new hammock does not make a irritate squeak like the old one and is so much soft too. The last thing I member was Marko ask about make some lunch after you get up Sam. I knew it was all about get some lunch. 

Standing Up

“I turn my back for a second and you’re up on your feet! 
You better not be trying to sneak off to the mushroom bog. 
I’m on to you, little sister.”

“You know, Itch and Mel return in a few days and 
they will want this place back. Maybe we’ll get you 
down the ladder to your house today, if you think 
you’re up to it. You doin’ alright?”

“I am cold.”

“Thank you.”

“I forgot to mention before, Apo left a note for you. 
She’s a good egg. I put it downstairs with all your gear. 
There’s also wood for the fire and fresh water, even some
 bacon and flatbread I got in a trade. You know, in case
 you want to make me lunch.”

“You been talkin’ some pretty strange stuff in your sleep, Peanut. 
And Apo told me about the healed up bullet holes they found on you 
when they brought you in. Sounds like there are some stories to tell, 
and when you want to tell them I want to hear. 
I sort of think you need to talk.”

“But first come downstairs and see what I made for you…”

As A Friend

“I am maybe stand up now.”

“Slow down there, one thing at a time, Peanut. 
Why don’t you keep sitting for awhile and see how 
that goes. We have all day to get on your feet.”

“I was never feel so bad as this since I have Rustmouth.”

“Yeah, and you need a bath. I’m just sayin’ as a friend.”

“I have no bath in forever. I got nothing for be clean about.”

“Well, it’s like this. You can choose to take a bath in some nice warm water and
have a relaxing soak, or I can throw a bucket of not so warm water on you.
 Either way, you’re getting clean.”

Hurt Morning

“Ooooh… my brains…”

“Well, look who is among the living.”

“Oh Marko I am not feel so good my head and guts 
been in a fight. What are you widdle?”

“Not sure yet.”

“The bright is so stab at my eyes. The widdle is so loud in my brains. 
Every thing of my self is hurt.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Ooooh… Only one do about it the hair of a dog. When I am stand up ok 
I go to the swamp and find more purples for feel better.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

“Why is my head like a sand hippo stand on it and my belly feel so in side out? 
Why my skin all bruise and feel like bugs crawl around on me? Why is my tongue like a old sock?”

“You act like a fool, you suffer like one.”

Melty Returns

I find three more purples in them swamps and eat two save one for later. Then I just lay down and soon was start them boom booms in my brains. I look up at the wobble sky and feel the shine and wonderment. Also was I throwup some.

Then I hear sniff sniff and my blur eyes get the look of Jack my dog friend come lick my face. Him rough tongue feel so funny on me I laugh and laugh but not move I don’t know why. Jack put him dog hand on my shoulder like wake up Sam but I was still not move my arms like they stuck down with glu. I just curve my back some and laugh at him tickle tongue.

I say Jack so good dog you face is all smeary right now because them booms melt things in my see it. But I know the smell of him like corn and ears so I know is my friend Jack for sure. Him regular face so cute.

Jack start to melt off him bones some and I have the hear of some body say my name from the far away. The sands under me feel like water again and I am just some boat bob around on it. With my dog friend. And my arms not move.

Then a big man come kneel down by me and ask why does him have to hear about me be back from a mutant who was wander by. My brains so scramble from them purples I just say I am back here I am. I lift my head a little and have the look of my friend Marko see down at me with him worry face. I tell him is nothing I am just sleepy and my arms not move.

Marko have him back pack like been away the long time. Him say about go with Jack to look for me because I been gone too long. Him tell about keep my house nice and safe when I was go away. Also was him say some nother things but the true is I am not know what my brains get melty and bob around. Marko have the look of be sad I don’t know why. Also him beard was snakes.

I start to feel my think drift away like some body untie the rope of my boat. I have the look of my friends Jack and Marko and smile and close my eyes. I say at Marko my arms are not move. Him say yeah I see that.

Then I guess was I just fall asleep because I am not member any more.

Look For Them

I am still anger about my friends take my purples. So I walk down to where is the bog I seen mushrooms grow there. I know them shrooms want a place near some waters so I search around every where was wet. I find some blacks and some reds too but none of them inky good ones make you brains go boom boom.

I look and look in all the places but not find nothing. I get the frustrate feel about it and cuss at them bog waters for not give me what I want. If I find out who took my nice bag of purples I am get up in they face and give a big yell at them. I was find nothing and nothing for the long time. But I decide about not go home without find what I want.

Then was lucky and I seen some purples grow right up from bog muds. Them was fat too I get so amaze about it and bend down for the close look. I have the think of pick them take them home but what if thems get stoled by some friend again. I have the worry feel over what is the do. 

Then I know there was no nother do about it. I only ever ate them purples been dried out make them chewy but these I have to eat right now while I got a chance. So I lean down and munch they soft caps right where them grow. I eat the most of them and take two small ones for hide in my shirt for later. The fresh purples make my belly do flips and squeak but pretty soon I was just lay in some bog and look way up at the wobble sky. 


I wake up in the day time and tell my friends is ok for leave me now. They were not want to but I told them thank you and go away so they go away. I have the throwup feel so bad I just want to be alone. I sit and look at the Fissure and have a smoke. Like Marko say one time you have them smokes and you cough up small holy relics. He was right. I wonder where is Marko and Jack. Every thing was have the so empty feel.

I have a look in my bags and seen that my friends took my purple mushrooms. Some friends. They done stealing and I am not like that much but I don’t know who was take them. I am find out and get my nice purples back and maybe punch they face off too. They mine mushrooms and I want them. I was glad for have a little bite of one still tucked in my sock so I chew it up and smoke more. Was not enough to make my brains boom much but it was help me have the normal feel. 

It was just not a good day for make some soup. My head was empty and my body just sit there like a stack of wood. I guess I was throwup in the night and my lips got stains from all them purples I had yesterday. I think about walk down to the bog and look for some purps grow there but I was so foggy feel I just sit and stare and smoke. 

Carry Me Home

I lay there in some junk and sands. I nibble on them purples for I don’t know how long. I have the hear of funny ding sounds and some crunchy things and like people whisper some where near. The sky was wobble a little too. My brains was open like a can of Dinki Di and them think meats inside smell like dinner. I am not really know the mean of that but that was the feel of it.

I look down and see the so good pile of purples on my belly and eat the nother piece of it. My eyes get fuzzy from stare down at my own self and the blur make me laugh. I guess then is when I feel all the sands under me start to move like is waters and I am some boat. I have the think of maybe just float away in the sea of sand forever.

I lay there and not feel past the colors. My head was heavy like some brick and I get the feel of every thing be so big and was all the same thing. Like how bugs are bugs but also people are bugs only bigger. And how a dune is just a slow wave in some sand. A lot of things was make sense to me just then. I forget them now mostly. 

I was hear things all day so it was nothing to hear voices walk by the junk pile. I laugh because I hear them call my name of Sam but that was unpossible because no body even know where I was. I start to make a bird sound then of loo loo loo I don’t know why I just did. I think maybe them voices just hear a bird and walk on by. But I guess there is no loo loo bird because some people come over and find me. 

For the long time I was not even know who them folks was I just loo loo and smoke. They give me some nice water and talk about be out of she mind. Then the big wobble of sky slow down a little and I seen they faces. It was folks I know from when I live around here. It was friends I get so amaze of it. I ask what are you all do out here on a junk pile and they say we are look for you Sam. 

I sit up a little but them purples give me the feel of lay back down. My bones was warm from lay in the sun and I worry about them bend from the heat. I guess they just pick me up like some sack of onion and carry me away with all my stuff. I seen they weapons and wonder if they go to a fight next. 

I listen to the folks talk but not sure what was they say because so jumble in my boom boom brains. I think they say about a monster live in them dunes and poison folks but I was not see no monsters only wobble sky. 

They carry me to where is the fall down building next to my house. I seen on the wall where was some trophies for win them arena fights and wonder who was get so tough since I been gone. They carry me to a cot inside and I lay down on it.

I think I was sleep a little but I have the hear of they talk of what to do about Sam. I think they search in my bags and when I tried to eat a purple I was save in my belt they took it away I don’t know why. Some of they talk was anger and some was worry. I have the sorry feel for them fret over me. I also heard some sand talk at me and a face was in the blankets for some reason.

One voice I know was Kaya she give me the water and talk nice about glad you home Sam. I hear she say about take turns watch over me and maybe I will be sick for a while. Except for some sand talk at me I was feel ok just sleepy. But it was nice to know I got friends that care.

Then I have the hear of the nother person was my friend Apo. She worry about some monster in the dunes and say about Sam is lucky she not get ate by it. I hear in she voice the worry of her think and she be so strong about protect folks from it. 

Also I hear the voice of Nick with him big arms carry me home. Him have a frustrate face at me and talk about him friend get a brain of purple mush. Him yell at Apo and Kaya some then walk off like disgust about things. I am never understand boys.

I just lay on the cot and listen to voices from my friends and some sand. I get the glad feel for folks care enough to come find me. Then for the first time since I left I get the feel of want to make some soup. I think about nice red beans and fatroot and decide tomorrow I eat some purples in the morning and get back in my kitchen.